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  1. It was a great idea, but it didn't help. I'll try what starship_troopers suggested and reinstall the graphics card drivers.
  2. No, but it was fine until the first reboot after a Windows 10 update. And if I press the button on the monitor it goes back to normal.
  3. I'll give that a try and see what happens.
  4. This one's a little better.
  5. Here ya go. I don't know why the picture loads sideways, but you can see the problem I am describing.
  6. My desktop monitor (older 19" flat panel, not widescreen) has developed a strange problem. Right after the last Windows 10 update, the screen display is jumbled. It's like you divided the picture into 4 quadrants and then rearranged them. If I press the "auto adjust" button on the monitor, it goes back to normal until the next reboot. Does this sound like a driver issue?
  7. No, mine looks just like yours because I ran system restore. It's happened twice where Microsoft Store just altered my account, changed the user name and required me to use my Hotmail account to login to my computer. I want to prevent that instead of reacting to it.
  8. Sean, You are posting very good suggestions, but I already login using a local account.
  9. That could be a problem since I haven't used a Windows account password in the last decade on any of my computers.
  10. My user account is my first name. I want to be able to download from the Windows Store without it changing my user account to my email address and requiring a password to login to my computer.
  11. I went straight from 7 to 10 because I've seen Windows 8 and wanted no part of it. I like 10 except for one Windows Store "feature". First, I haven't used a Windows login on my computers in 13 years or so. Waste of time, IMHO. But if you purchase or download free apps from the Windows Store, you have to sign in to your Microsoft account. I've had a Hotmail account for a very long time, so that's not an issue. What IS an issue is after signing in to download my purchase, I restarted my computer later only to find that it suddenly linked that account to my Windows account and wants me to login in now. In Windows 8 and later, they seem to have also taken away the ability to delete the login password option. I don't want to have to login to my own computer simply because I downloaded a free CD from Microsoft. Anyone know how to stop this?
  12. So, would it be the Comcast gateway that's a piece of crap? The desktops get low DL speeds even if nothing else is even powered on. But if I test through the D-Link router (which is hardwired to the Comcast gateway), I can have both desktops, my laptop and 2 iPhones on the network and download speeds are in the 30-32 Mbps range.
  13. Yes, all are wireless N. Good thought, though and I appreciate any suggestions. Mudman, I will see if I can follow your suggestion tonight. Not sure how to do it, but if I can't figure it out, I'll be back. BTW, would that make a difference if only one computer at a time is powered on?
  14. One desktop is in a different room and the other is across the room from the router making cable connections inconvenient. I've tried different channels. Signal strength is 85% on the Comcast and 100% on the D-Link. I wouldn't think that would make much difference especially since my laptop can be anywhere in the apartment and not show speeds as low as these 2 desktops. It just makes no sense.
  15. Here's a follow up. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the wireless adapter drivers on both desktops. Retesting showed no improvements. I pulled my D-Link router out of retirement, connected it to the Comcast router and the speed on one desktop went from 5.41 Mbps to 33.74 Mbps when connected to that router. I switched back and forth 3 times to verify it wasn't a fluke and got similar results each time. On the other desktop, I went from 14-15 Mbps to 33-35 Mbps. Normally this would point to a 3rd faulty router (yes, 3 in one week) but as noted before, my laptop has no speed problems at all. Here is this morning's test on the lappy: https://testmy.net/db/yZLEuer
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