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  1. tommie gorman

    My huges net sucks

    Amen Pgoodwin1, since as long as before 2006 hughes-net sucks.
  2. tommie gorman

    My huges net sucks

    Did you use up your FAP? Have you reset your modem and cleaned the machine? A few things back in the day that did that. Are you on a router? Is the sky clear? Best of luck.
  3. Danged eagles. Won't ever leave me alone.
  4. tommie gorman


    Thanks, and welcome aboard. Where are the smilies hiding. Did mudmanc steal them again?
  5. tommie gorman

    Hello from England

    Where is Roco when you need him. He's from England also. Before he moved he was on Hampton Hill.
  6. tommie gorman

    Sticky thread outdated.

    Which sticky, and likely it still works.
  7. tommie gorman

    Hi TMN folk

    Guess I ought to say hello also. Been a while since I was here.
  8. tommie gorman

    new isp

    Yes Florida is half way across the country alright. Nice speeds.
  9. tommie gorman

    2016 Primary

    Will trump make it? If Trump comes up just a bit short will he still make it? I say yes. Will witch Hilary be there to compete? I simply hope not. Who will win in the end. Trump for the win.
  10. tommie gorman

    F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S C-H-O-I-C-E ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    Hey somebody had to do it. Hows it going pisiepistlz. Long time no see. TRUMP for the right change for America.
  11. tommie gorman

    TMN Member Quote of the Day ;p

    Beards are easy granpa. <wink>
  12. tommie gorman

    Oh No - it's the 2016 elections :face palm:

    LOL. Trump, he's the most colorful. At least you know he's full of it. At least he is honest about it. But truthful I have a feeling he will continue to shake up the USA, I just hope like with every president elected he is honored after 8 fruitful years. He is not afraid of a fight, and he says what most americans think but are afraid to say .............. and he seems unstoppable. by the way my 16 year old daughter is a Sanders fan. LOL
  13. tommie gorman

    Windows 8.1 - what say you

    You too granpa? Weird how that works.
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