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  1. Well the Hughesnet is a gonner and my hotspot modem from Millenicom is getting a full signal here and service is pretty decent.
  2. LOL, I realise this is an older thread but I figured since I got Verizon and have this pecliar thing going on I would post. I have the LG Vortex which is a great phone but I live caught between 3 w signal outskirts with the closest being a smaller tower 4.5 miles from the house and on the other side of a large hillside comparable in size to the one I live on. Outside pointed at this tower I go from no bars at 1x to 2 bars at 3G depending on where on the farm I am standing, In the house the best I can get by staning in front of a window and pointing my phone at that tower is 2 bars 3G, in the r
  3. Turn turbo page off and try it. It would seem that something has changed with the turbo page compression that is causing the problem
  4. The test seems to be dead on again for me, thanks CA3LE.
  5. Well now according to my actual download speeds, the HN test is accurate at reading my speed at an average of 200 to 350 Kb/s. My actual download speeds seem to range most of the day between 40 and 60 KB/s. This happened overnight day before yesterday so I think something has gone haywire at HN. I have had congestion slowdowns before and they have always been gradual and never anything like going from 4 Mb/s overnight to 200Kb/s the next day. I don't think the upgrades would explain this either since everyone at HN was on vacation when this happened to me. Probably need to sit tight for a few
  6. I was getting accurate tests long after my speed doubled, but my speed doubled like 3 or 4 months ago. I think they did something with their compression to counter the speed problems the new FAP system could likely cause and this is what is throwing things off. It was when they did a wide scale rollout of the new FAP rollover that my tests went wild. I am still getting actual download speeds above what the HN test is showing for line speed. I am suppose to talk to HN about this tomorrow and see if we can figure out what the problem is.
  7. Hope everyone has a great and safe evening this eveining and a great up and coming year!!
  8. I saw out on the chart that someone on HN got a result of 139 Mb/s, if only. hehehe
  9. It seems to be showing slightly inflated scores for me now as well. From the best I can tell it is consistantly showing about 1 or 2 Mb/s faster than I am running from the looks of things.
  10. Okies, just tested with the HN test, results are 247 KB/s down and 42 KB/s up, the test here shows 5.2 Mb/s down and 269 KB/s up. Now a dedicated server will give you a full speed download as fast as you can download as long as the server has an upload speed faster than your download speed. Either way for max speed you can never get an inflated result but you can get a slow result., You just have to know the quality of the service at the server you are downloading from and the amount of average congestion to make an educated guess at how much those things are slowing you down on a public serve
  11. It ,ight be accurate for you but it is way off for me.
  12. Yeah, between what I am seeing on the HN forum and the HN section of this one, it would seem the problem is widely spread. I check mine regularly against actual downloads and it is staying fairly stable for me so far but it is beginning to look to me like there isn't a dependable speedtest out there for HN atm. Speakeasy was just a hair inflted but pretty close the other day and all the rest including the HN test show I am getting speeds generall slower than what even my actual download speed runs, lol. I know this is causing alot of complaints on the HN forums but with no test running ac
  13. There has been some other reports of this. not sure what is going on. speedtest.net fell though first and even HN test seems to not be working properly. This site is still running close for me because it says I am running at 5Mb/s down atm and Imy average speed for a graphics card driver update from Nvidea is a little over 500 KB/s or 4Mb/s so if you figure in the probable server congestion on Nvidea's servers then 5Mb/s is probably fairly close to right give or take a little. there is a thread reporting this on this forum that CA3LE is watching already, here is the link to it, go and report i
  14. Same here, Hope everyone has a great Christmas and New year. Stay safe all!!
  15. Can't figure why it is doing that, I have run it several times today and every one has been between 4 and 5 MB.
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