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  1. BTW Where is WATER she hasn’t been on in 10 yrs. C’mon don’t make me track y’all down!! But I will cuz that’s what da momma does. 💗🥰
  2. @mudmanc4 Muddy all I know is that it was sudden and not Covid. I was getting worried about you too cuz you never answer me!! Grrrr. Glad you’re still among those still kicking. How are you doing? How’s your family? 😻😽
  3. Sad news!! I’ve put off posting this…but for those that knew him…please join me in wishing him Peaceful Rest in Paradise. He passed over in December 2021. 😢🙏🏻 It’s been quite awhile now but I realized I hadn’t seen any of his smart mouth responses to my FB posts. He always cracked me up and posed me off at the same time…a special talent only Tommie had. Not many can be a sweetie and a jerk at the same time and pull it off with people coming back for more. Please post your “Tommie Stories”
  4. @chollahe had off and on health issues. Probably worse than he let on. He was my buddy from across the pond.
  5. Rest in Paradise ROCO Movin on to greener pastures. Your presence will be missed. So sad to see you go my friend from across the pond! ??
  6. For those that remember him. He passed away last Saturday!! He became a good friend off TMN. I’m really sad about it. We were just talking about my upcoming eye surgery literally 2wks ago. Such a good man…funny man. He’ll be sorely missed by many. ???? @CA3LE I’ll understand if you need to remove this…but can you leave it for a bit for those that aren’t mods but have fond memories of his sassy funny ways?
  7. Just wanted to say HI and welcome all the new members. ??
  8. Hmmmm some things to think about. Thanks for all the input. Gotta get out my translator app for @CA3LE’s response LOLOL. JK.
  9. My work has them. Little black boxes maybe 4-5 in square and an inch thick. Replaced the whole shebang. ?????
  10. Dang it @CA3LE where’s my “go to top” button?? It’s so helpful...some of these topics are loooong. ???
  11. Good to see you posting too @Roco ??
  12. SUPER SUPER late Happy New Year!! ???? I seem to have missed 2. I’ve become quite reclusive. Just work work work. @CA3LE @Roco @tommie gorman And all
  13. I've been busy busy busy...had a work accident in April...I'll be back to work in a week or so...been on light duty for 2 months. I can only imagine how much y'all have missed me
  14. Maybe you should write Google @CA3LE Try your icon that is associated with your username here...it's just a little different. I can't do it cuz I don't have chrome
  15. If I type @CA3LE here at tmn does that alert him to come see? Just curious
  16. From me and mine to you and yours...
  17. Do ya mind if I borrow it muddy??
  18. Welcome to TMN. I don't have the answer for you myself...but I'm sure ca3le or one of the other moderators will reply soon. I'm thinking that it has to do with more users being online at that time slows you down. How is it in the middle of the night??...like now? Can you post up a couple of your tests?
  19. I can't believe ony 6 members voted...I thought at the time back when this topic was put up. Maybe we should revive this topic and find out what everyones opinion is.
  20. Well I guess I had my holidays mixed up I just wanted to come in and say hi. To see if you all were on your toes yeh that's it... that's why I asked that question really that's the truth lol On Roco... on Richard ...on Tommy... to the top of the porch to the top of the wall Dash away dash away dash away all Mary happy holidays to all of you
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