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  1. Haha
    tdawnaz got a reaction from Ihateucindy55 in Post ur Mug & Come see all the friendly people at tmn...and post your mug...   
    this is the new post ur mug thread...
    post yourself first...then if u want...post ur family, pets, etc...
    we wanna see all ur friendly faces

    the other one (topic) was huge...so many cool pics of so many cool people...for now tho...sadly those were lost in the downtime last month...but ca3le may be able to recover them...if he does we'll merge...but for now...please repost 'em...here it is if anyone wants to look at the old one TestMy-The New-What do you look like-post your mug
    i'll go first...my most recent

    edit:oops forgot to attach the pic...hahaha

    edit to add url

    Visit the original thread with all the old images in tact at http://old.testmy.net/t-16947
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    tdawnaz got a reaction from Vitorio in Difference Between Speed Test Sites?   
    TJS...where are your results for tmn...not sure why you are posting speedtest results here
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    tdawnaz got a reaction from Sean in Someone tell me about the little black box that replaces my tower...   
    Hmmmm some things to think about. Thanks for all the input. Gotta get out my translator app for @CA3LE’s response LOLOL. JK. 
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    tdawnaz reacted to spudler_t in Someone tell me about the little black box that replaces my tower...   
    I think those are Nodes? I may have name wrong we had those at the fab shop i worked.
    I think the server is the main system and those are just like access points instead of running multiple computers and connecting via LAN
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    tdawnaz reacted to CA3LE in Someone tell me about the little black box that replaces my tower...   
    Alex Trebek, "Little black boxes maybe 4-5 in square and an inch thick."
    Me, "What is, apple tv?!"

    For reals though, it's exactly what your title says, "little black box that replaces my tower" --- it IS the tower, just smaller.
    I'd only refer to this as a node if the computer itself isn't doing the processing.  Then it would basically be just a medium for i/o (input/output... keyboard, mouse, monitor, usb).  
    Your company may be doing it like that but more likely your computer is still running the software physically.
    A notable example of this type of computer is the Intel Nuc

    They can be spec'd as low as $250 (with a Celeron J4005 - 2 threads) and go all the way up to north of $1600 with (a Xeon E-2286M - 16 threads!) -- you can also get kits that have no memory and drive for like $135. -- can make for some pretty dense computing.
    There are all kinds of mini PCs like this.  Search Amazon for "mini PC" and watch some youtube reviews to find a good one at a good price.  It's ever changing.
    In 2015 I may have said that this could replace your tower with something like this for lighter workloads like general browsing.  Today... you can get a lot done in a much smaller package.  Having said that, if you spec'd a full tower at the same price you'd have WAY more power.  ...can't really fit an RTX in one of these.   -- also I feel it's a huge waste of a processor if you aren't going to take advantage it's extra PCIe lanes.  But there's something to be said for such a nice form factor.  There are many use cases where this is a much better solution.
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    tdawnaz reacted to spudler_t in Someone tell me about the little black box that replaces my tower...   
    oh ya tour right I remember that now it was just like you said , it was much smaller more like my Creative  X-fi 5.0 Pro usb sound card  about the size of 1-1/2 credit cards  and 1/2 thick had the Monitor out, keyboard and mouse connection, this here is much larger, 
    Sorry to have be incorrect about your setup.
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    tdawnaz reacted to Sean in Someone tell me about the little black box that replaces my tower...   
    Would it be something this, shown against a business card, connected to our living room TV? :

    This is a full Windows 10 PC, however, the specs the one we have are very basic, i.e. Atom CPU, 2GB RAM and 32GB storage.  This cost £50 (about $65) on an Amazon lightning deal at the time (May 2016) and I wasn't sure how we would get on with having a "PC channel" on the TV.  However, when I saw the lightning deal, it became an impulse purchase.  My parents barely used the Android TV stick we had before it, however, this Windows stick has been a success and in constant use for streaming.  It barely uses any power (powered with a USB cable), so we leave it running 24/7. 
    With this running Windows 10, it is as functional as an entry level Atom powered Windows 10 laptop.  While I wouldn't try any type of photo editing on it, it has no problem streaming up to 1080p and can run desktop applications such as Word, Excel, etc.   It does however struggle with multimedia heavy websites, but we generally don't use it for web browsing other than to head to a website like the BBC, NBC, etc. (with a VPN) to stream shows.   There are higher end sticks also, for example, Intel has similar size stick with a Core i5 CPU, 128GB SSD, 4GB RAM, etc.  Whenever we decide to upgrade ours, I'll certainly get something more capable, seeing how much use we got out of ours. 
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    tdawnaz reacted to CA3LE in TestMy Latency... to anywhere.   
    I opened up TestMy Latency for public testing about 2 weeks ago.  Thousands of tests have been performed daily, thank you for the data and insight.  It's really helped to button down the program.  It wouldn't be able to test the way it does today without you just simply running those early tests and logging that information to my database.
    Today I was in the shower and thought, "Why not make it able to test anywhere..." --- cut myself shaving because I wanted to get to my computer so fast.
    So I added an ability that's hidden right now and I would love for you to test it.
    ... any address you want.
    It's going to show as "My Network" right now because it's barely built in there.  If you query TML like this and it returns a result then you're testing against the host at addr=.  From what I've seen it doesn't matter if the host is behind a CDN like cloudflare, it will punch right through that and get the real time to the host.
    For instance, a website I know is hosted in Australia, who's users have linked to TMN for decades >> forums.whirlpool.net.au
    I ping that using ICMP ping and I get 
    Damons-5K-iMac:~ CA3LE$ ping forums.whirlpool.net.au PING forums.whirlpool.net.au ( 56 data bytes 64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=57 time=9.928 ms 64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=57 time=9.410 ms 64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=57 time=9.819 ms 64 bytes from icmp_seq=3 ttl=57 time=9.808 ms 64 bytes from icmp_seq=4 ttl=57 time=11.445 ms 64 bytes from icmp_seq=5 ttl=57 time=9.191 ms 64 bytes from icmp_seq=6 ttl=57 time=9.319 ms 64 bytes from icmp_seq=7 ttl=57 time=9.396 ms 64 bytes from icmp_seq=8 ttl=57 time=9.357 ms ^C --- forums.whirlpool.net.au ping statistics --- 9 packets transmitted, 9 packets received, 0.0% packet loss round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 9.191/9.741/11.445/0.650 ms Damons-5K-iMac:~ CA3LE$ (I can tell by the 104. address, don't even have to look it up, most likely cloudflare)
    That's the ping to the cloudflare proxy... not the actual forums.whirlpool.net.au server.
    but then I run that address with TML and get about 1 second delay.
    (sorry, can't share this like normal because it's not logging it to the database... again, this is a hidden function and I have to develop it further.  There are blocks in the program preventing certain actions when it's outside of the scope it expects to see.  Screenshots will have to do.)

    I do the same test to domains known to resolve in the US...

    Oops, I realize now that you need to add the &https=1 if the website is https.  However, most will resolve both.
    by the way, facebook started responding slower on http also, wasn't just https.  It's like it switched me to a different location.

    Actually, sharing does work as long as the address has less than 3 parts to it.  "forums.whirlpool.net.au" won't save just because it has 4 parts to the address... I'll fix that.
    example embedded share
    Help me understand what this can do, I'm figuring it out with you.  Please run more tests and let me know what you find.
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    tdawnaz reacted to Roco in Hi TMN folk   
    My internet has a problem lol , my ISP is BT , (Brit Telecom )
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    tdawnaz got a reaction from tommie gorman in PISS-OFF! - the official piss off thread   
    this kid is making bank 
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    tdawnaz reacted to Roco in Hi TMN folk   
    heck,has another year flown by  ? ,  thakfully, as 2018  wasnt my finest year , good to see tdawnaz  posting  again ?‍❤️‍?, 
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    tdawnaz got a reaction from Sean in Hi TMN folk   
    SUPER SUPER late Happy New Year!! ???? I seem to have missed 2. I’ve become quite reclusive. Just work work work. @CA3LE @Roco @tommie gorman And all
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    tdawnaz got a reaction from CA3LE in Hi TMN folk   
    SUPER SUPER late Happy New Year!! ???? I seem to have missed 2. I’ve become quite reclusive. Just work work work. @CA3LE @Roco @tommie gorman And all
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    tdawnaz reacted to Roco in Hi TMN folk   
    don't post much these days  I have regressed back into historic cars , and letting computer tech past me by in the fast lane  , indeed going back to my roots inn my old age
    but logged in to say Happy Peaceful NEW YEAR in 2017 it's already arrived in the UK ,
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    tdawnaz reacted to x_6985381 in Anddddd I'm back   
    CA3LE I'm still alive, been forever! Of course I'm still testing. Only reliable test I trust, still do.
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    tdawnaz reacted to CA3LE in Anddddd I'm back   
    Wow, I never saw this topic until now. 
    Looks like x_6985381 might still be testing... or someone else with the same IP
    434421742943's Speed Test Results

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    tdawnaz reacted to mudmanc4 in PISS-OFF! - the official piss off thread   
    What, you long haired hippie freak I get a like but no comment ? WTF ?
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    tdawnaz reacted to CA3LE in Maintenance Window   
    Heads up, I will be performing master database maintenance tonight.
    Should start in about an hour 11PM my time GMT -7.  06:00 GMT this will extend for 3-4 hours.  I'm expecting zero downtime during the procedure.
    You may notice during this time that you're missing the last 24 hours results, these results will appear back in the results once the process is complete.
    Thank you for your patience.
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    tdawnaz reacted to CA3LE in Maintenance Window   
    Multithread settings weren't sticking, thank you Sean for reporting this in PM.  This has been resolved.
    May not look like it but lot changed on the backend.  Queries are much faster.  Especially for members with 10's of thousands or hundreds of thousands of results.
    Please let me know if you experience any issues or oddities. 
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    tdawnaz got a reaction from alfaworks in Difference Between Speed Test Sites?   
    yeh just tested at speedtest and they have me at 25 dn and 3 up...bahahahaha i wish!!...but no...not even close...i pay for 12/2...and what i get here is...

    which is great for me...i prefer to know the truth...and the truth is...i'm not gonna get 25 dn without paying for it
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    tdawnaz reacted to Roco in Post ur Mug & Come see all the friendly people at tmn...and post your mug...   
    Yeah still around , just waiting for the resurrection , or any sort of re-erection ,seems like the old pic's are  long gone , so manyyears later my latest pic

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    tdawnaz reacted to mudmanc4 in Just stopping by to say howdy... :-)   
    Great to hear from you MamaT
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    tdawnaz got a reaction from mudmanc4 in Just stopping by to say howdy... :-)   
    I've been busy busy busy...had a work accident in April...I'll be back to work in a week or so...been on light duty for 2 months. I can only imagine how much y'all have missed me
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    tdawnaz got a reaction from Pgoodwin1 in Why Do My Results Differ From Speedtest.net / Ookla Speed Tests?   
    my results there are always out of this world...great numbers...like vanity sizing...but if i really wanna know if these jeans make my butt big tmn is the looking glass i believe...not always the numbers i wanna see...but hey sometimes the truth hurts...

    like right now i'm having an issue that began in early april...most likely my modem...testing here toldl me something is wrong...i called cox and they wanted me to do a test using speedtest inside their network...i said i wouldn't go by that (first off i don't go to any websites or dl anything off their network that i know of)..i told her .that i could already tell her that what it was gonna say...25+...here lately i'm getting 8 or so...so just for the hell of it i took a test there...yep...34...if i went by them i'd never know i have a problem at all...so yes these jeans right now do make my butt look big...but they lied to me

    i love tmn

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    tdawnaz reacted to CA3LE in TIP SUMARY   
    TiP Summary only shows on single thread download test results.  My Results, below that, shows up on both upload and download.  What you're seeing is the absence of the TiP graph on the upload test, normal because the upload test doesn't have that capability yet.
    Maybe I'll change the color of the TiP graph in the future to make it less confusing.
    The TiP graph shows the detail of how the download flowed.  TiP is like a result within a result, gives you higher resolution.  The graph below that is showing previous results, either your own or compared to others (depending on what you've selected).
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