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Change / Update Display Name (2020)

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10 minutes ago, PWNichols said:

Is the process* to change one's DISPLAY NAME the same as when it was discussed in the below 2017 posting?  

* Process = you message the Admin to request your Display Name be updated. 


Yes... and no.  You still need to shoot me a PM, just say, "I'd like to change my username to ___________".


I have a program on my end that queries the database and outputs manual SQL commands that I then run against the database server.  I input two (before / after) usernames and it gives me all the commands to run to make the change... cut 'n paste from there.


It's a much quicker process than before but I'd still like to make it automated.  At most a few people a month request name changes, if I get more requests it will justify the time expense it will take me to make it fully automated.  ;) 


So shoot me a PM if you'd like your username changed.

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