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    Pgoodwin1 got a reaction from xCON in 2gb symmetrical fiber   
    Your TestMy.net results are very good too
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in Don't trust, verify.  I'm giving you ways to verify.   
    My beta gives anyone the ability to run TMN on any computer they'd like.  Run it locally on a Docker images I've prepared for you or install it on any web sever, with or without SSL.  It only takes 2 files, a total of 1800 bytes of code on your end.  What speed will you see between two wired 1 GbE?   Exactly what you'd expect to see, watch for yourself.
    The Mac and Windows machines are fairly distant, non-direct routes.  The connection traverses 2 switches, then the router, then another switch also adding in about 100 ft of cable before it arrives.  Not lab conditions, I wanted all of those real world variables. 
    If you inspect I think you'll agree, TMN's results are pretty exact. 

    So average 916 Mbps | 904 Mbps.  Adding 6% network overhead you get to 971 Mbps | 958 Mbps.  Which is right in line with what we see coming across the interface in reality.  
    I did the same LAN testing when developing the current version (v18) you're using now, always do.  But now I'm giving the ability to do it yourself, super quick.  ... I've also done that before but not like this.  This is very different.  Cut and paste a few commands into Terminal or PowerShell and you're running local tests on all your devices in a few seconds.  You can also audit all of the code and understand the entire container in just a few seconds.
    Pretty excited to share that with you all.  Curious how people will use it.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in My uploading is not showing properly on testmy.net but on all other speedtest site my uploading and downloading is showing properly equal.   
    Looks like they're in Pakistan.
    blackcobracatcher's Speed Test Results
    If your only seeing 2-8 Mbps here at TestMy.net then chances are you don't really have 500 Mbps.  You may see great speed nearby but the internet tends to be everywhere. 🤔
    Imagine this, I'm in Pakistan and I setup a 10 Gbps network in my neighborhood and get all of my 200+ neighbors to sign up.  They're all super excited because after I get them connected I show them they're getting 10 Gbps using my speed test (testing against servers hosted over at my house... shhh, don't tell them that).  Imagine I have 4 connections out, a few 10 Gbps connections that connect me to other local/regional ISPs but I only have 1x10 Gbps that peers well internationally.  Depending on the routing, time of day and what the other neighbors are doing a customer might get 10 Gbps but may also hit the bottleneck of those connections out of the network.
    This is the same thing ISPs do all over the world.  They oversell network capacity. 
    You're always going to lose speed at distance but higher quality hosts/connections will take better, more direct routes and have higher capacity.  You definitely shouldn't drop to 2% of the connection speed.  And if that's what TestMy.net is showing you, that's what you're really getting.  At least to and from the location you have selected (Florida).
    Here's my connection speed nearby, I'm in Colorado Springs - testing Colorado Springs
    TestMy.net Test ID : 2h874_xfA.hbMDDdqXt
    And here's to my hardest to reach locale, India.
    TestMy.net Test ID : L5axksd8f.xOMgtA8Sl
    So I'm running at 28% Download and 47% Upload
    I usually get my worst connection speeds to India.  Testing against UK, still international and about 5000 miles I get better results. 
    TestMy.net Test ID : ZwxVufpxD.lJx2Jf4FV
    50% Download and 69% Upload.
    And I usually see better results than that.
    ?t=u&l=50&z=65&q=CA3LE's Speed Test Results
    This is my consumer home connection, using commercial connections gives much better results at distance.
    You're hitting a bottleneck somewhere.
    Other speed tests may paint a different picture.  You should probably stop using them.  Those other tests are often made by entities who have an interest in showing you a better result.  I don't.  I really don't care how you score.  I only care to show you the truth in the best way I know.  When you test at TestMy.net the servers are hosted under the most popular VPS hosts, currently Vultr is carrying the majority of my bandwidth (unbiased hosting).  Where other speed tests are reported to remove certain portions of the result and highlight others; which often makes things appear faster, TestMy.net always calculates your result simply and transparently using size/time = speed.
    Let me put it this way, I wish everyone could see and understand the code behind TestMy.net.  If you did you'd know that it's actually impossible for it to show you 8 Mbps unless you actually have 8 Mbps.  The test wants to run full throttle, unless it's being restricted in some way.  So it HAS to be restricted to get the results you're seeing.  My guess is a bottleneck coming out of your ISP and Pakistan but it could be a number of issues that other tests for some reason never seem to notice.  But if it's slowing down TestMy.net, you're being slowed down.  Other speed tests obviously have different goals than TestMy.net.
    As @xs1 said, try selecting different mirrors.  You may get better results on a server closer to you but you still shouldn't be getting such a poor result to Florida.  Run some tests against IN, UK and DE to see what your results look like.  Let me know when you're done and I'll post your results here in the forum for you.
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    Pgoodwin1 got a reaction from xs1 in A RECENT CHANGE? BROKEN UPLOAD REPORTING?   
    The upload test results don’t normally show a plot like download after a combined upload/download test. The two tests are different type tests.
    if you want to see plots containing download test points, go to the My Results page. The upload and download both plot on that page because it’s showing results from multiple tests over the date range selected - assuming you have test data for both for the date range you select
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in Strange limitation on upload speed measurement only with TMN   
    Currently the multithread option only works on download tests.
    The new beta multithreads upload, https://testmy.net/ipb/topic/34612-beta-testers-welcome/.  Hasn't been released yet but I'm getting it ready.
    I suspect you may get faster speed in the multithread upload test.  Other speed tests multithread by default.
    So you may be able to get > 300 Mbps upload but that's when combining multiple uploads together.  You'll probably only be able to upload a single file at the speed TMN is showing you. 
    It's all in how you look at it, I'd personally call that 52 Mbps not 300 Mbps.  My new test will help you see the difference.  Most people just want to see the big number but depending on the circumstance the same device can have a faster result either way.  I see the linear test blow away multithread on my 4G connections sometimes, other times it's the other way around or it's even.  Sometimes the extra connections help and sometimes they can hurt.  So I think it's always best to test both ways.
    52 or 300 Mbps, actually both awesome results in that test in my opinion.  You'll definitely score much higher with the new test.  Vote on that topic and I'll send you an invite when it's ready.
    I believe your ISP should deliver 300 Mbps in a single upload.  If you're showing 52 Mbps then it's safer to say that you have 52 Mbps.  You can stream up to that level, not 300 Mbps.   If you see this across all computers on your network it may be a limitation of your ISP.  Can also point to local network issues, we've even seen modem swaps fix issues like this.  People will get like 10 Mbps upload on TMN but normal speed on all other tests.... they swap out the cable modem and TMN reports normal speed again, back in line with the other tests.
    Cases like those prove that other speed tests are a waste of your time.  They've proven over and over that you really can't trust them to help you.
    My goal is to help you.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to Rocket in 10,000 Mbps Internet   
    Today, I performed a multi-thread speed test on Speedtest and received a notification. I have a 10,000 Mbps download and upload connection, and I am curious if there is a way to verify this speed. One thing I would greatly appreciate is the possibility to increase the manual test size for a more accurate assessment.
    I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the creators and contributors of this website, as it has been incredibly helpful for me. The dedication and expertise of everyone involved have made it an excellent resource for users like myself who need to test their internet speeds.
    In conclusion, I would like to extend my warmest thanks and greetings from the capital of Switzerland.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to 91Wagovanman in Where Do You Live?   
    I would be willing to contest your statement sir  My avg. Down is 4.6 Mbps and my Up is a dismal 467Kbps.
    Oh BTW I am in N.W. GA. Right smack in the middle of nothing. Some call it the Butt-crack of the Bible-belt. Anyone else from GA here?
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to 1337 in Upgraded every cable in my network   
    (2x100ft, 2x10ft) to Cat-8 blue shielded from Tinifiber (Hyperscale Data Center Cables) now Spectrum is my bitch 😂

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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in Mobile test   
    Yes, all of my tools are designed to work in any modern web browser. 
    Just open testmy.net in your phone's browser and test away.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in Automatic repeating speed test (but generated at random intervals)   
    @japlah I'm sorry I didn't see this when you posted it. I may have been programming.
    @charles leclair thank you for finding this topic.
    I think a random interval is a great idea for an automatic speed test option. I'll get that implemented and hit you back on this topic. I'll try to get to it sometime today or tomorrow. I'm going to think about it a little bit first.
    - D
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in Increase Test Size to Stress my ISP   
    Sent by TestMy.net member m1g
    m1g's Speed Test Results
    200 MB is a lot of data. It's taking you over 20 seconds to run those tests.
    If your tests are completing in a couple of seconds, then an increase in size may help.
    When running the tests using default options (e.g. go to https://testmy.net/download and select "Test My Download Speed") it's possible to exceed 200 MB of data in a test. As it runs through to determine the proper size, it's ramping your connection up for the final test... of 200 MB if needed. 
    When I ran mine just now it starts at 96 kB, then 3.1 MB, then 75.5 MB and finally 200 MB. So in reality that was a 279 MB test. A faster connection might end up running over 300 MB. But it's logged as 200 MB because that was the final test size.
    It does help to get the connection going before the test. But with your current speed you will probably end up with a smaller test size because the program knows how much it needs to see to make a determination.
    The amount of time the test runs is more important than the amount of data. TestMy.net will serve you more data if it feels like it needs more time. But it's not going to use time or bandwidth that isn't necessary, unless you tell it to.
    Your distance from Venezuela to Florida (3000 km) may play a role, depending on the connections between your ISP and the US.
    Here's my result nearby
    TestMy.net Test ID : CjBU5ycOa
    And here's my connection testing against Singapore (over 14,000 km)
    TestMy.net Test ID : u3QVZnr-z
    A similar distance for me is actually testing on the same server in Florida. (3000 km) -- you and I have very similar ping to that server ~50ms.
    TestMy.net Test ID : 0ypc_y5nf
    My speed to Florida was actually a little faster it just wasn't as clean so it ended up slower. That was testing with only 85 MB but again remember there were tests preceding that one.
    When I select 200 MB I get a lower result because it takes time to ramp up the connection. Time that's calculated in the final result. Where before that was done before the final test loads.
    TestMy.net Test ID : OnAU3G9PT
    I still hit 333 Mbps but all things considered it was slower.
    And if I enable multithread to Florida and run the same SmarTest (we haven't called it that in a long time but that's its name) I get a much higher result. And the way it ran through the test sizes my connection used over 300 MB of data to produce the 200 MB final test.
    TestMy.net Test ID : Qj0D50paR
    In other words, I think the 200 MB max is sufficient for your connection and most out there. The program can scale the test sizes to any size it's just being restricted. In the future I plan to open that up.
    Thank you, I'm happy you found us here. Unfortunately most don't. Please spread the word.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in CAT5e o CAT6   
    I almost always use Cat5e. I run 10 Gbps on Cat5e, all day every day — just short distances. And even for longer distances it will surprise you. In my testing using my existing Cat5e house wiring I was getting 5 Gbps on probably about 100 ft. Far from ideal but actually worked awesome. If you were told that 5 Gbps was all that was possible you'd never tell the difference. Not jittery or anything, just simply half the speed of ideal conditions... but still 5 Gbps.
    In my experience Cat5e is also easier to work with if you're fitting your own connections.
    In short, you probably don't actually need the extra shielding of Cat6. You're better off spending the extra money on better networking gear.   
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in When our Internet goes down, this program stops & doesn't restart? We need to see how often our internet is down.   
    I have a new program I'd like to start beta testing very soon.
    I've been running it myself nonstop for well over a year now. It's reliably been keeping track of my home connection's uptime / downtime. It's also helped me make TMN's services more reliable and redundant in the process because the server-side needs to be highly available for the program to make sense. Can't be sending false alarms because of server-side hiccups.
    I really just want to open it up to people in its current state, there are minor bugs I need to address but none of them have to do with the functionality, usefulness or stability of the program. More aesthetics. I feel like it's a new concept so it will need to find it's design along the way as I get feedback. The core functionality is pretty sweet already. I'm just unsure if people will get what it's all about at first glance.
    In your case, it does exactly what you're looking for. It passively monitors your connection every second then notifies you when your connection goes down and when it's back online. It has an interesting, unique and reliable method of operation. Designed specifically to be able to run indefinitely on unstable connections and always recover itself back into a ready state, using minimal resources.
    Give me a few days to button this new program up, I'll send you a message and update this thread.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in How do you reset   
    You should want to keep your old results to compare against. Some of the averaging tools here like My Average work best with a history.  (e.g. CA3LE's My Average)
    You can narrow your My Results search to a certain date to get the same effect as deleting results.
    If you'd really like to delete your old results you can also do this under My Results. In the results details under the graph, check the boxes next to the results you'd like to delete then hit the trashcan at the top of the table. You can toggle all with the checkbox next to the trashcan. If you have a huge number of results, alter the results/page setting to display more results per page to make the process quicker.
    Originally when I started database logging there was no client-side delete functionality. The reason it was added was to delete possible erroneous results. Wasn't ever intended on being used to totally reset results --but it can be.
    side note: In an upcoming release you'll have the ability to reset all of your logs without actually deleting anything.
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    Pgoodwin1 got a reaction from phred in Ethernet Connection Settings   
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to Zebulon_Draker in Just saying Hi   
    Checking in as requested....      89.4 Mbs Download via a wireless bridge.... 11.5 Mbs Upload..... Spectrum   100 Mbs advertised speed..
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    Pgoodwin1 got a reaction from xs1 in Different download speed in Laptop and PC   
    Why is it that you believe what Speedtest.net is telling you? Because it gives you a higher speed and makes you feel better?
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    Pgoodwin1 got a reaction from matman in Hello from Matman, yet another Hughesnet vic...., I mean customer!   
    That’s pretty bad. Stay on them. Be polite but persistent.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to AenionRex in Appreciation of testmy.net   
    I only recently found testmy.net, and I'm actually blown away that this site isn't a subscription service or running ads. Can everybody stop for a minute and appreciate this? My account is only a couple hours old so I've only really just begun to use the app, but it is very clear to me the amazing value you are providing. I'm a software/web developer by trade and have enough familiarity (far from an expert but not a babe in the woods) with whats going on under the hood here to be impressed and grateful for a diagnostic tool of this scope.
    I have some questions though. I hope you don't mind.
    1) I was reading through the FAQs about speed test inflation from other services to benefit the ISP providers. I noticed the posts are dated 2012 so I'm curious about the current state of these matters. For instance, flash is dead. Surely, people can't still be using flash for speed tests can they? This is a big broad question, but what is the current landscape for speed tests and do you still see the type of collusion between tests and ISPs describe in the FAQ?
    2) In tandem with the above: Since the time of those posts, have any other speed test tools come around that are reliable, in-depth, and don't inflate stats?
    3) How is this site funded? With so many servers offered, an active user base eating up bandwidth with tests, server space for the database and software code, and the investment in maintaining this app costs are bound to stack up.
    4) This question is a bit tangential to the above and outside of the expertise displayed by the tools here, but I'm going to throw it out there anyway. Is it theoretically possible to create a testing tool for LTE equipment (4g/5g reliant devices) that diagnoses a device's connection to cell towers in an analogous manner to testmy.net's diagnosis of internet connectivity issues? I have been working with SIM card accepting routers, CAT 12 modems, Goldenob firmware, and parabolic antennas to connect to cell towers recently and I would kill the pope's brother for a comparable tool. Diagnosing connectivity between the hardware and the cell towers can be a face-shreddingly grueling process, sometimes lasting months. Even in the best cases its decently involved.
    Judging by the forums, people aren't always happy you're telling them their connection is slower than they thought. So, thanks again for doing this sometimes thankless work.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in Thanks for the test   
    Right on!
    Thank you dude.
    Definitely a work of passion. I'm happy that it shows. My life's work and relatively, I've barely started it. Can't wait to share more with you.
    My mods and users have all helped immensely in the growth and development of TestMy.net since the beginning. I am the programmer, webmaster, admin etc behind TMN but YOU (the MY in testMY.net) are the ones building it. I aggregate information you provide in comments and even from just interacting with my service and make it part of my programs. Just by using the service you make it better in the future. Provide human feedback and you're really helping me!
    I owe my progression to YOU, 100%. I'm constantly learning because of my users, thank you. Just knowing that so many people use and rely on my tools gets me fired up to learn new programming languages and techniques, etc.
    I love that quote!
    My overall goal is and always has been to give everyone, from novice to network admin, the tools they need to understand and get the most from their internet service.
    I hope you keep visiting into the future.
    Maybe one day I'll figure out how to get more developers involved. That would be awesome.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to TheRealBeef in Thanks for the test   
    Just a rando stopping in the forums to say thanks for the speed test.
    Looking through the forums here, I can tell this is a work of passion by CA3LE and whoever else is behind the scenes, and the results here make sense and are easy to follow.
    Somehow, I had never heard of this speedtest before (although I don't speedtest very much), and as someone who falls somewhere in the huge void that is the spectrum between complete novice and network admin, I feel as though this is the benchmark by which other speedtests can be measured.
    Thanks again, and keep up the good work
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in App to download and runs in the background   
    Oh man! You're really going to love what I'm brewing. Right up your alley!!

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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to Sean in Low Bandwidth - what bitrate to use?   
    If your upload speed is very stable, such as a DSL connection, you should be able to go close to your upload speed limit without any issue.  For example, 1.5Mbps should be fine, possibly 1.6Mbps.  If it's a wireless or cellular based ISP, you may need to drop further back than this.
    I suggest doing a trial run with a continuous ping in the background, such as to Google's DNS  If there is barely any increase in the ping times compared to 1000Kbps, then that bitrate is fine.  If however, you see the pings regularly spiking up such as over 100ms, then try dropping back the bitrate by 0.1Mbps. 
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    Pgoodwin1 got a reaction from CA3LE in Incorrect speed test?   
    Also, the latency times of roughly 10mSec (Rome), and 30 mSec (Milan), indicate that the route of those tests results of 80+ Mbps weren’t done over a very long distance or complex network like you’re typically getting when you test using TestMy. 
    I’m some 700 miles from the NY server. Milan and Rome are about 300 miles apart. I get about 60 mSec latency to NY. 
    It sounds from the 9mS delay that you’re close to Rome.  Your 30 mSec lag is roughly 1/2 of what I typically get and you’re roughly 1/2 the distance from Milan than I am from New York. Your real internet performance will be worse than the 80+ Mbps as for most of your online time, you’ll be connected over much greater distances and much more complex data paths.
    The test methods you’re using are telling you what the maximum sustained performance you can ever expect over short simple data paths. TestMy is giving you a much more realistic measure of what your internet experience will be.
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    Pgoodwin1 got a reaction from Ilcress in Incorrect speed test?   
    Also, the latency times of roughly 10mSec (Rome), and 30 mSec (Milan), indicate that the route of those tests results of 80+ Mbps weren’t done over a very long distance or complex network like you’re typically getting when you test using TestMy. 
    I’m some 700 miles from the NY server. Milan and Rome are about 300 miles apart. I get about 60 mSec latency to NY. 
    It sounds from the 9mS delay that you’re close to Rome.  Your 30 mSec lag is roughly 1/2 of what I typically get and you’re roughly 1/2 the distance from Milan than I am from New York. Your real internet performance will be worse than the 80+ Mbps as for most of your online time, you’ll be connected over much greater distances and much more complex data paths.
    The test methods you’re using are telling you what the maximum sustained performance you can ever expect over short simple data paths. TestMy is giving you a much more realistic measure of what your internet experience will be.
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