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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in Kilobytes and Kilobits Abbreviation Conventions   
    Hi swantesty,

    I'm using the correct conversions, please see https://testmy.net/understand-bandwidth.
    In your details you can see next to the result in Mbps is also the result in MB/s.

    You may not be getting the same results as other tests because TestMy.net is not the other speed tests.  Other speed tests draw resources in multiple streams.  Although TestMy.net can test that way (enable the multithread speed test and test again as you normally do, keep in mind it remembers the setting next time) it does not work this way by default.  As a community we found right away that the multithread testing method that everyone uses often masks issues.  You can achieve higher results in multithread even if you have an issue affecting your bandwidth.  You should instead be tuning single thread performance, if that performs at it's full potential the multithread results will always fall in line.
    Multithread speed test results favor the ISP.  They'd rather you had 10 pipes at 10 Mbps than to draw that all down one pipe.  In that example you will appear to have 100 Mbps when you aggregate the result into one but in TMN's eyes... you have 10 Mbps.  TMN isn't here to make it easy, it's here to help you improve.  It will only call it how it sees it.
    I've seen it on my own connection and my own mother has seen it on hers.  Both times (separate instances) we knew we had an issue at the time so we went out and used a bunch of other speed tests to compare what members had been telling us for years.  speedtest.net and others reported 10X higher result when we had modem issues that were physically limiting the single thread performance.  If we had only used the other tests we could have thought, "well it must just be the websites I'm visiting."   --- The only test that gave indication to the issue was TestMy.net.  Modems were swapped and both times and instantly performance returned on TMN results.  Re-testing other speed tests had pretty much the same results as before so again, no indication.  We had many other factors that were tested outside of speed tests to prove the performance was in line with what TMN was reporting.  That was probably over 7 years ago, the same is true now.  The methodology here is the same as it has been since TMN's inception in 2001.
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    Pgoodwin1 got a reaction from CA3LE in Logs   
    On the Home page there’s an Identifier button just above the Test My Internet button. Set the Identifier to something different for each computer. Then later you can filter results on those Identifiers
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to markw in Down & Up Combined Score   
    Or... better yet... use a 10G adapter on my Mac Pro...

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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in My speed test...help!   
    You get 25 Mbps with HughesNet right now.  Your average of 17.6 is about 70% of what they quote.  I don't think it's alarming, especially for satellite.
    Satellite has a slow response time, you can see this reflected in that part of your testing here.  https://testmy.net/rt/Zanild ... about 800 milliseconds, we'll call it 1 second for the example.  Might as well be 1 second at that point anyway.
    When your computer says, "Hey TestMy.net!" ... it takes 1 second for TestMy.net to get that response, it then takes 1 second for TestMy.net's response, "Hey Zanild!" to get back to your computer.  This is what makes a 25 Mbps satellite connection lame compared to a 25 Mbps cable internet or dsl connection.  The latency of the ground based connections crush satellite internet connections because satellite has to travel all the way into space and make a much longer round trip.
    I would love to order up some HughesNet for testing but they want to lock in a 2 year contract.  I just want to get it and test with it so I can better help their customers so I don't want to commit to a contract.  HughesNet, send me a dish without a commitment!


    2 year price lock, sorry HughesNet... that's a joke.  You better lock the price in when you put someone under a contract. 
    I was curious what the speeds are after the data cap is hit.  Been told before but I had forgotten.  Did a quick google search and found 

    So it looks like you'll see a max of 1 Mbps if/when you hit your data cap.  At least they don't just start charging you.  And side note, the TestMy.net score was the correct one, even the author of that post hinted that he felt that way by saying "we are actually at a whopping..."    ... basically saying "in reality"  
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to mudmanc4 in Virgin media   
    Over the years reading posts, we could find more statements such as yours than not. Tech comes out, everything is awesome, tech leaves, soon thereafter, connection stinks on ice.
    Aside that, tech was likely testing on the ISP level network, never touching the 'internet' , or anything outside of their control.
    Also, check out the mirrors testmy.net uses, find one closer to you and run some testing
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in Two different test results? B/S going on?   
    When I look at your results I see that when you're signed in you have selected the United Kingdom locale.  This sticks to your sign in, it also remembers this setting when you're not signed in.  And these settings are separate.  The way the program sees it, when you're not sign in your ID is you "COMP_ID" this is a mathematical computation on your IP address.  If you share that IP address, you'll share the comp ID.  When you sign in this switches over to using your username as the primary key.  You're still stored by comp_id but primarily stored by username.
    In future versions I may make it share the settings or import the settings.  For now, keep in mind that your sign in has separate settings.  Once you sign in your settings change to the settings you had set last time you signed in.

    See the UK flag next to the faster result.  Your results will vary based on the selected mirror.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to mudmanc4 in Poor Uploading Speed   
    @Avneez , !dea is a large cellular provider in India, over 38 million subscribers.  I would check upload speeds at different times of the day, as the network might be very congested when you are trying to upload something.
    Work to find the best times the content can be transferred.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to Zulublue in Post your speed and how much you pay monthly   
       £29.99pm  :::.. Internet Speed Test Result Details ..:::
    Download Connection Speed:: 74373 kbps or 74.4 Mbps 
    Download Speed Test Size:: 60.6 MB or 62080 kB or 63569920 bytes
    Download Binary File Transfer Speed:: 9297 kB/s or 9.3 MB/s
    Upload Connection Speed:: 16866 kbps or 16.9 Mbps 
    Upload Speed Test Size:: 11.6 MB or 11840 kB or 12124160 bytes
    Upload Binary File Transfer Speed:: 2108 kB/s or 2.1 MB/s
    Timed:: Download: 6.838 seconds | Upload: 5.751 seconds
    Tested At:: https://TestMy.net
    Test Time:: 2018-01-04 04:10:43 Local Time
    Client Location:: 
    Target:: London, GB https://testmy.net/multithread
    Validation:: https://testmy.net/db/gJD67iT3b.yYetGgbZD
    TiP Measurement Summary (Download):: Min 68.96 Mbps | Middle Avg 74.16 Mbps | Max 80.52 Mbps | 15% Variance
    TiP Data Points:: 76.9 Mbps, 74.18 Mbps, 74.54 Mbps, 73.58 Mbps, 74.3 Mbps, 68.96 Mbps, 73.82 Mbps, 80.52 Mbps, 74.3 Mbps, 73.7 Mbps, 74.06 Mbps, 74.66 Mbps, 73.58 Mbps, 74.18 Mbps, 74.66 Mbps, 73.94 Mbps, 73.7 Mbps, 74.06 Mbps, 74.66 Mbps
    Client Stats:: https://testmy.net/quickstats/Zulublue https://testmy.net/compID/23222654895526
    User Agent:: Mozilla/5.0 (iPad; CPU OS 11_2_1 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/604.4.7 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/11.0 Mobile/15C153 Safari/604.1 [!]
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to netmammal in The Majestic Yosemite Hotel...beats Cuba!   
    It is ironic that you can only get 1990's era speeds at a luxury $400/night hotel, that is a short days drive from silicon valley.
    The only place I've had worse internet recently was in Cuba. (The food is just as overpriced and substandard as well BTW)

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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to manky in Post your speed and how much you pay monthly   
    Location : India
    100Mbps Up and Down for $20 (₹1295)

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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to VinceEdwards in Post your speed and how much you pay monthly   

    I pay Virgin Media £140 a month for TV VIP , including 2 X V6 boxes; land line and Broadband.  My headline download speed is 300Mb but I always get well over that.  With Speedtest.net I get 380Mb.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to LionBill in Post your speed and how much you pay monthly   
    Wow! Those are the almost exact speeds I was getting with AT&T here in Florida paying $46 a month. Pretty slow & pretty expensive. I switched to Comcast & now pay $49 a month and have been getting 66.9/5.6 consistently with spikes of 75(depending on time of day). Hopefully the merger you speak of will make a big difference. Good Luck! 
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to silenec in Post your speed and how much you pay monthly   


    I pay 680 czk (= 32 usd  = £24 ) 
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to Sean in cleaning a pc with air compressor   
    As ridiculous as it sounds, most computer components such as the motherboard, PSU and certain expansion cards can survive a full dishwasher cycle.  Obviously that's not how I recommend cleaning a PC.
    The following 8-year old video is an example.  The internals were covered in cigarette smoke residue, so he decided to dismantle the components and put them through the dish washer, with the exception of the case, battery and the hard disk. 
    I also enjoy watching videos on old hardware such as restoration videos.  I have come ones where such hobbyists put components through a dishwasher cycle to clean extensive debris build-up from being left for 10+ years in storage such as a dusty shed.
    As long as no moisture remains when the PC is powered up, it should be fine.  I generally clean my PC with an air duster, which is basically an aerosol can filled with propellant gas.  Here in Ireland, humidity is usually on the high side, e.g. I run a dehumidifier to keep the indoor level below 60%.
    The only component I may wash is the keyboard.  I have a Corsair Cherry Red Mechanical keyboard that I accidentally knocked a glass of cider on.  I immediately unplugged it, tried wiping off what I could and let it dry.  Once dry, many of the letters were sticking.  When I started removing the keys to try cleaning below, I realised the mechanical switches were jamming.
    With what appeared to be a ruined keyboard that I only purchased a few months before the incident, I figured I'll try giving it a bath as we don't have a dishwasher.  I partially filled a wide container with water from our dehumidifier (since it's effectively distilled), soaked the keyboard and pushed each key multiples times to force water through the switches.  I left it to dry for about a week.  It's fully functional again, all keys work and no sticking or other issue since. 
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to sikkar in Post your speed and how much you pay monthly   

    Comcast Blast - 45.00 (promo)
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    Pgoodwin1 got a reaction from CA3LE in No .csv Results   
    mine doesnt work either - on an iPad or a Mac.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to iamdw in Speed test wrong?   
    Great to hear, Cheers to the owner!
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to mudmanc4 in Intermittent Drop Out   
    @Hypopyon, If this were myself, I would run the auto test, example for a two hour movie scenario:

    This test will run for 125 minutes, once every five minutes, testing upload and download minimum 1MB per test run, 'nfw' is selected to reserve bandwidth as were simply getting as close to a connectivity test as we can. (This means the tests will not forward to a larger test size until the test takes seven seconds.  
    Although I'm not up on the TTL (how long the test server will wait for a response before giving up) therefore the two hour test every five minutes, if your getting eight droputs per movie, you should catch several, in theory.
    Though in your case, I might be running wireshark , (packet capture) to view the responses during the loss, which can be a bit overwhelming to learn.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in Australian Servers?   
    TestMy.net is based in the USA but has servers across the globe.  You've been automatically testing against an array of servers closer to you in Sidney, AU. 

    See the little flag in your result details.  You can also hover over that for more details.
    The number of hops to display the results in irrelevant.  By the time that's happening... the test is already completed and the result is only waiting for final calculations.  Results are only sent back to TestMy.net's home for processing and logging to databases.  Switch to a US speed test mirror and you'll see the difference.
    Bottomline, your ISP is either blowing smoke or they're just ignorant.  In our experience here... most ISPs would love for you to dismiss TMN results.
    For 100 Mbps, you're not doing bad at all. 
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to mudmanc4 in Australian Servers?   
    @barney79, Welcome to testmy.net forum.
    If your testing to a specific server such as the testmy.net Australian server, and the test is originated from the same continent,  that is where the test is run. Full stop.
    The reporting server has no bearing on the test results. The test has already been completed before results are sent anywhere, the Australian test server simply reports findings to the main testmy.net server, records them into the database, and reports back to you, after the test has been taken.
    If you were to run the multi threaded test ( selecting more than one server, then yes there would obviously be more variables involved) but that is not your question or case it seems.
    Not sure where the provider is getting this information, but generally speaking, that theory would not be viable in any test environment. As you may well already be aware of.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to ramkris in testmy.net http response do not have "no-transform"   
    Thank you!!
    Now I see the download test packets payload with alphanumeric characters and no-transform directive in the http response.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in testmy.net http response do not have "no-transform"   
    Very good point.
    When I was having issues a little while back I had commented out a few lines and never reverted.  Can you please confirm that it's working properly for you now?
    ... that would definitely explain some other emails I've recently received.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to Sam Pender in Yet another idea: Time of day/day of week/date on graphs.   
    Very useful site. Good to hear time/date is being thought about.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in results   
    Go to My Results .Then click 'Export' below the graph.

    let me know if this helps
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in clear all present data   
    Instead of deleting you can also change the "Date / Days" fields so that it doesn't show your old results.

    In your case most of your older results are taken before you registered, so you could also hide those by scrolling down below the result list (details).  There's an option at the bottom, you'll see that mine is already toggled to only show the results I logged under my username.

    Hope this helps.  I personally prefer altering the query to display what you want vs deleting because I like to look back at my old results over time.  Will especially be true in the future.
    The program deletes the result across all databases, the next major release it will instead hide the result, allowing it to be recoverable.
    For those who have thousands of results or just want help clearing old results I'm happy to do this on request.  Just shoot me a PM.
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