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  1. Haha
    Pgoodwin1 reacted to OldHippieDude in Post your speed and how much you pay monthly   
    Since my connection speed is 96% slower than my local Host users' speed, shouldn't I be paying only like, $1.34 per month, accordingly?
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in JP   
    Thank you for the heads up.
    This is most likely related to the following topic and should no longer be an issue...
    I'm working on logging when there are connection issues detected during the test in a future version.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to JasonP71 in Cox Communications San Diego, Ca   
    I have Cox Gigablast and this is what I am getting:
    :::.. Internet Speed Test Result Details ..:::
    Download Connection Speed:: 258071 kbps or 258.1 Mbps 
    Download Speed Test Size:: 200 MB or 204800 kB or 209715200 bytes
    Download Binary File Transfer Speed:: 32259 kB/s or 32.3 MB/s
    Upload Connection Speed:: 14593 kbps or 14.6 Mbps 
    Upload Speed Test Size:: 12 MB or 12288 kB or 12582912 bytes
    Upload Binary File Transfer Speed:: 1824 kB/s or 1.8 MB/s
    Timed:: Download: 6.501 seconds | Upload: 6.898 seconds
    Tested At:: https://TestMy.net
    Test Time:: 2018-07-20 07:13:28 Local Time
    Client Location:: Spring Valley, CA US https://testmy.net/city/spring_valley_ca
    Target:: San Francisco, CA https://testmy.net/multithread
    Validation:: https://testmy.net/db/BvKSs1zux.AzkGFiMPm
    TiP Measurement Summary (Download):: Min 219.47 Mbps | Middle Avg 262.17 Mbps | Max 271.57 Mbps | 9% Variance
    Client Stats:: https://testmy.net/quickstats/JasonP71  https://testmy.net/compID/1601687249
    User Agent:: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/67.0.3396.103 Safari/537.36 [!]
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    Pgoodwin1 got a reaction from mudmanc4 in Wireless router - 50+ clients - devices   
    Here’s a really good site for network hardware:  https://www.smallnetbuilder.com/
    They have a lot of info, comparison charts, forums, reviews...
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to JGF in Rural Satellite Internet Help   
    Appreciate the assistance.  I tested using my cellular phone as a mobile hot spot with USB tethering.  It worked well so I bought a hot spot and will be attempting to use that now.  Thank you for responding.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to Sirwriter in Wireless router - 50+ clients - devices   
    I had a similar experience a few years back. At the time I was using Charter internet and nothing else. It was Doc sis 3.0 And I used a Motorola modem and a Netgear router, both set up for Doc sis 3.0 . I was experimenting with several Insteon products, including a handheld remote whereby I could establish several "scenes" with my stereo set up. That included dimming lights, setting up a  on the amp, choosing background (pop, rock, concert hall, outdoor stage, etc. At the time there were 4 channels download that could be linked together to give me a pretty powerful signal one the amp with built in equalizer, and two preamps  throughout the house, which was a sprawling ranch style.  At the time I had a test bed desktop which was where I loaded the software for all the Insteon products. I tried Wi-Fi extenders without much success. I was pretty much top of the line with my modem/router set up, and an engineer suggested a Net gear 5 port Gigabit Desktop powered switch. The idea was to lower the power consumption by better than half. I did that, changing the location of several control spots, including the Inspiron software control center. The difference was incredible. I was running 3 lines of  1 gig internet to TWO  inexpensive test beds, and dropped my overall consumption to a point where I had more power that I actually needed. It took a little experimentation. The Wi-Fi on the motherboards was insufficient to carry a strong enough signal from one end of the house to the other. I threw together another test bed, and split the load. I bought two PCIe Wi-Fi transmitters and the entire set up was the best thing I ever built. With Docis mating together, I often had download speeds
    in excess  of 80 t0 90 Mbps. One thing: The house was 27 years old at the time and had had Dish, DirecTV, and just plain internet. The 
    cables from the box outside looked to be about the same age. I replaced all the cable from beginning to end. There were no less than 18 splitters and plugged in antenna amps throughout the attic. Not one of them had a terminator cap on it, and before I cleaned it out my noise to signal ratio was 59%.After replacing the cable it dropped to less than 25.
    I wish you the best of luck.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in Give Reporting Include and Exclude Functions   
    I'll keep this in mind when I start on the database searching improvements.  Development on that will start shortly after the new beta is released.
    What I was planning on doing is having it aggregate the user agent information.  So it will search through your result details, group the user agents and allow you to do more detailed searches.  You'll also be able to select multiple identifiers.  So you can select "Android & iOS" for instance or select the inverse to see only desktop and laptop results.
    If you want to be part of the beta group, vote "Yes" on this topic >> 
    It's an old topic from the last beta of the version you're using today... a fresh beta is coming soon.
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    Pgoodwin1 got a reaction from PartlySunny in Compare your Download Speeds!!!   
    Screaming fast
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in Wrong result ID given   
    Looks like there was already a result in the database with the same testID.  It won't allow an overwrite of the same ID.  It's supposed to check for that, I'll look and see why it didn't.  Maybe I turned that off at some point and didn't realize... Even with that check disabled it's extremely rare to conflict with other testID's. 
    It's like 36^9 combinations, but I have seen it before and you just confirmed it again.  I'll make sure that's not an issue for you in the future. 
    1.0155996e+14 that's a lot of combinations.  1.3537087e+16 combinations if I switched to cAsE sEnSiTiVe
    Better go buy a lottery ticket.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to OldHippieDude in Post your speed and how much you pay monthly   
    YEEEEEEEEEeeHAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaW!!!  Only 97% slower than my "city average."   Flyin' high in the sky this morning!  Doggies!  It jez don't git much better n' that ..for me! .. Literally!
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to OldHippieDude in Post your speed and how much you pay monthly   
    I respectfully disagree.  ...That's 'painfully' slow!  
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to OldHippieDude in Post your speed and how much you pay monthly   
    Can you believe I'm happy, given that DSL is my only means for broadband way to Hades out here in the woods!  Haha  ..  I'm only in the lowest 94% echelon, compared to my server's average.  But, it's a helluva lot better than Windows 95 and AOL dial-up!   Well, somewhat improved. 

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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to DanielMX9111 in Vodafone UK 4G LTE-A   
    £10 per month via Vodafone Voxi

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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to shelbyted300 in Just learning   
    Hi from southern sask. Canada.Old guy here just checking this stuff out,seems to be an honest down to earth site.Looking forward to making sense of this info,late getting into tech age things.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in After upgrade from 330 to 500, testmy.net results way slower   
    You may be seeing the same thing I experienced when I tried to upgrade a while back.  I'll have to do some digging to find the topic.
    What ended up happened in my case... I reverted back to my old package.  Although the new package was faster on the top end it had such a slow ramp up after the upgrade that I favored my old package.
    The new package required a new modem (16 channel).  As with many previous cable internet speed upgrades over the years I was excited to upgrade, newer modem usually means great things.  But that's just not at all what I observed with TestMy.net.  Other tests, especially speedtest.net, will show higher results.  They don't work like TestMy.net... they combine threads to achieve the highest possible speed.  Good to know but it only shows part of the performance picture.  For a multithread comparison within TMN you should try TestMy.net's multithread speed test - make sure you disable the option when you're done to test as you normally do.
    My conclusion was that the newest, "fastest" packages from Comcast we're not what I was expecting.  Again, fast top end but really slow starting out.  It's like having a Lamborghini that can only drive in 4th-6th gear... eventually it will win a LONG race but for most stuff it just didn't stack up to the slower package with less threads.  The "slower" package jumps off the line like a Tesla.  Instantly up to speed with little ramp up at all.  By the time the 16 channel modem would ramp up my "slower" modem/package was already done with the race ...and the next one.
    Sometimes higher package speed doesn't equate to higher results on a single computer.  It might just equate to more computers and devices that can be aggressively pulling resources without affecting each others speed as much.  Personally, I favor my off the line performance more than the top end or being able to serve more devices.  Especially with how bad it was in this case.  I switched back and my results instantly fell back into line with the performance curve I expect.  By the way, I'm still easily able to serve over 20 devices on my connection.
    That was the first time a cable upgrade disappointed me and needed to be switched back to previous settings.  Hey... at least I saved money because I no longer needed a new modem and the "slower" package is cheaper.  TestMy.net saved me money by showing me that I actually performed better on a cheaper package.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to Rustcrew in What does your username mean?   
    It started out Rustycrew . At Pocono race rusty wallace signed my shirt . To my honorary crew member Rusty Wallace. Then later  I shortened it to Rustcrew. My weimeraner tore the shirt up when she was a puppy.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to silverlocke in Post your speed and how much you pay monthly   
    i live in a rural area and not much choice as to isp and i upload a lot of photos and videos, so i bit the bullet and paid for the top tier plan from a local phone cooperative which, when i joined about 4 years ago was about $170 for 30mb/s down and 8mb/s upload. they gradually improved this over the years without charging more and the uptime is astoundingly great at what has to be 99.9x percent. but a few months back i got a bill for only $110 and i thought they had degraded my service and i checked and it was about 70mb/s down and an amazing 30mb/s upload! and your test show even better. bb /s~
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to Moonwolf222 in Proof of Network Throttling   
    So, after thinking about my slow download speed that only occurred during specific times, I got to thinking. What was the common denominator? Street lights! I contacted my electric company and asked if they could disable the closet street lights to my location. Friday night, I checked my speed, but it still dropped shortly after 7pm. The next week, I had both the phone linesman and one of the electric company linesman come to my house just after my speed dropping again. The had me hook up my modem directly to a generator, and run my laptop by battery. Still no change. Then the electric company guy cut power to the area where I live. Still no change. Before they left, they discussed the option of a planned blackout further away from my house sometime that week, after getting permission from the town. Soon after they departed, I went and checked my download speed again. Lo and behold, it was back! The phone man called from his office shortly after, and I asked if he was seeing what I was. He stated that after leaving, he and the electric company guy got to a street light that wasn't operating except for a very faint glow. It was unhooked from the town power, and I got my internet back! So, if any of you have an issue like this, tell your phone company/electric company to start disconnecting street lights!
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    Pgoodwin1 got a reaction from eastav in The "My Results" graphs are misleading, they need to be fixed   
    Useless is a little strong. The results plots are very useful as is. You can select it and get dates and times. The fact that the x axis doesn't use fixed intervals isn't a big negative. It's a record, for as many days as you choose. I'm rarely interested in what happens every x minutes. Certainly an option to scale the x-axis to some user defined interval might be helpful. You do have the option to select individual TIP plots where the x-axis is scaled.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to Gympie QLD in Hello from Oz   
    Greetings from QLD Australia. I've just read through some of the FAQ's in your forum, and am impressed by your responses to the usual questions regarding different speed test results from different testing sites. Very informative. I have been using mostly ozspeedtest.com. I have just upgraded from a 25Mbps plan to a 50, and have been enthusiastically testing my new speeds (FTTN, some copper in my street). For your information, the ozspeedtest and Testmy.net results correlate very closely in multiple tests . . . they also confirm what my ISP (Telstra) said I could expect (about 46 Mbps). After reading through your forum, I have decided to use Testmy.net as my go to speed test from now on, with an occasional reference to the other site for comparison. Thank you for providing this valuable, independent service.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in How to download results for past 2 months?   
    Hi Robert,
    You can export to CSV by visiting My Results then click "Export" below your graph.  Whatever search options you have selected will be used in the export.

    Open CSV in a text editor or spreadsheet program.  In spreadsheet you can convert the data to your own charts and manipulate the data in a number of useful ways that TestMy.net's website interface isn't able to do, yet.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to kingandsona in Is There A Problem With The GB Server?   
    Tested a week ago, I was getting >90mb. In the last few days, I was getting between 5 & 25mb. I have been testing with a cabled connection & wireless switched off.
    Tried some other speedtests tonight, and the were indicating c. 90mb.
    So I switched my server to the DE server and tried again - and got 90mb!
    So it appears to me that there is an issue with the GB server. Either that or my host (VirginMedia) doesn't like it....
    Anyone else encounter this problem?
    Actually it appears that at one stage I had changed to "Global multithread" and that was where my results became inconsistent. reset to London now, and it is better - though still slower than my Dusseldorf tests. (I'm In Belfast, Northern Ireland).
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in Continuous testing   
    I don't think you should test that often on a regular basis, it's a waste of bandwidth.  Personally I would only run an automatic test every 15 minutes for only a limited amount of time.  If you need to do it over a longer period of time you should only test a few key times a day.  Getting your speed 4 times a day over a long period of time should be sufficient in proving your point to your ISP.  If you see a pattern where it's often lower at a specific time... that's when you want to run a more frequent test cycle, during that time period.  To have it just always run, it's going to intermittently degrade your performance. 
  24. Thanks
    Pgoodwin1 got a reaction from MondayQB in You can't beat my score.   
    You should win. Your 34 Kbps is slower than a 56K dial up modem.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in Kilobytes and Kilobits Abbreviation Conventions   
    Hi swantesty,

    I'm using the correct conversions, please see https://testmy.net/understand-bandwidth.
    In your details you can see next to the result in Mbps is also the result in MB/s.

    You may not be getting the same results as other tests because TestMy.net is not the other speed tests.  Other speed tests draw resources in multiple streams.  Although TestMy.net can test that way (enable the multithread speed test and test again as you normally do, keep in mind it remembers the setting next time) it does not work this way by default.  As a community we found right away that the multithread testing method that everyone uses often masks issues.  You can achieve higher results in multithread even if you have an issue affecting your bandwidth.  You should instead be tuning single thread performance, if that performs at it's full potential the multithread results will always fall in line.
    Multithread speed test results favor the ISP.  They'd rather you had 10 pipes at 10 Mbps than to draw that all down one pipe.  In that example you will appear to have 100 Mbps when you aggregate the result into one but in TMN's eyes... you have 10 Mbps.  TMN isn't here to make it easy, it's here to help you improve.  It will only call it how it sees it.
    I've seen it on my own connection and my own mother has seen it on hers.  Both times (separate instances) we knew we had an issue at the time so we went out and used a bunch of other speed tests to compare what members had been telling us for years.  speedtest.net and others reported 10X higher result when we had modem issues that were physically limiting the single thread performance.  If we had only used the other tests we could have thought, "well it must just be the websites I'm visiting."   --- The only test that gave indication to the issue was TestMy.net.  Modems were swapped and both times and instantly performance returned on TMN results.  Re-testing other speed tests had pretty much the same results as before so again, no indication.  We had many other factors that were tested outside of speed tests to prove the performance was in line with what TMN was reporting.  That was probably over 7 years ago, the same is true now.  The methodology here is the same as it has been since TMN's inception in 2001.
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