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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in Someone tell me about the little black box that replaces my tower...   
    Alex Trebek, "Little black boxes maybe 4-5 in square and an inch thick."
    Me, "What is, apple tv?!"

    For reals though, it's exactly what your title says, "little black box that replaces my tower" --- it IS the tower, just smaller.
    I'd only refer to this as a node if the computer itself isn't doing the processing.  Then it would basically be just a medium for i/o (input/output... keyboard, mouse, monitor, usb).  
    Your company may be doing it like that but more likely your computer is still running the software physically.
    A notable example of this type of computer is the Intel Nuc

    They can be spec'd as low as $250 (with a Celeron J4005 - 2 threads) and go all the way up to north of $1600 with (a Xeon E-2286M - 16 threads!) -- you can also get kits that have no memory and drive for like $135. -- can make for some pretty dense computing.
    There are all kinds of mini PCs like this.  Search Amazon for "mini PC" and watch some youtube reviews to find a good one at a good price.  It's ever changing.
    In 2015 I may have said that this could replace your tower with something like this for lighter workloads like general browsing.  Today... you can get a lot done in a much smaller package.  Having said that, if you spec'd a full tower at the same price you'd have WAY more power.  ...can't really fit an RTX in one of these.   -- also I feel it's a huge waste of a processor if you aren't going to take advantage it's extra PCIe lanes.  But there's something to be said for such a nice form factor.  There are many use cases where this is a much better solution.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to jeff cogeco TORONTO in Cogeco Canada   
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in Speed limits   
    Welcome Mobycore,
    I think in the end you'll find that TestMy.net more closely represents your real world performance.
    I see that you've been testing with single thread, there's also a multithread speed test.  Other speed tests usually default to multithread. 
    In single thread mode (default) the page itself becomes the file you're downloading.  In multithread a bunch of image elements are loaded.  In either case the data is random, generated by the program.  The transfer is timed and calculated Time/Size to arrive at the throughput.
    Depends on the server and the connections between your computer and the host.  If your passing through a 1000 Mbps router/switch or if you're testing on one of my 1000 Mbps servers then that will limit you to 1000 Mbps.  I hope to have all servers upgraded to 10Gbps in the near future.
    Upload has a limitation, due to the small test sizes.  But a multithread upload test is in development that no longer has those limitations.  If your upload speed is over 300 Mbps right now, you'll peg the current upload speed test.
    Different connections handle the different sizes differently.  Sometimes larger sizes allow the connection to warm up and average out higher.  I've seen others perform better on small bursts then get throttled.  TestMy.net can help you discover odd things like this because of the odd options it has.
    Let me know what browser you're using and the specs of your computer.  I need to look closer at both sets of results too.
    What did you get on LTE?  Set and identifier on each device.  It will help us keep better track of each one.  Go to https://testmy.net/mysettings and change the identifier.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in I getting a problem with 500 errors   
    Think I found the problem.  Can you please try again for me?
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in I getting a problem with 500 errors   
    Awesome, thank you for confirming it's fixed.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to melissa.maddox in I getting a problem with 500 errors   
    I just to try out right now, and just working right now! Thank you so much too.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in Comparables view   
    Have you already seen the city results?  eg: New York, NY

    In NY I'd be looking at Verizon, RCN or Spectrum.  Keep in mind that the program automatically does all of the ranking and some smaller, less known companies who aren't ISPs may be listed.  These lists aren't human curated.  If you hover over the 2nd spectrum listing you'll also find that's for spectrum business, name is being truncated.
    I'll start logging postal codes and latitude longitude (as detected from the IP and MaxmindDB) and see if we get more interesting details.  First a database structure change would need to happen and taking into account the size of my databases it will have to be planned.  I have other proposed DB structure changes that I'd like to take care of that will really speed up certain queries.  I'll look at adding this and as well as other fields at the same time.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to mudmanc4 in Can’t stream anything   
    Reserved or special use ;
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to Lorena in Unable to Stream ANYTHING   
    Panama City, FL
    Thank you
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to mudmanc4 in Repeating download speed   
    He's on or was on a class E network, either ISP doing something or someone toying.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to pillface in Very slow download speed on ADSL copper fixed by changing DSL Modulation to Q.dmt   
    Before (DSL Modulation set to ADSL2+) https://testmy.net/db/9EYvOW8ap
    After (DSL Modulation set to G.dmt) https://testmy.net/db/wzZbGM_zC
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in My test results   
    I called HughesNet to test that and it didn't sound like they would be helpful in that situation. 
    I was saying that my relative was moving to Canada and was wondering if they'd let her out of her contract.  But if it were my own real account I was dealing with I think I'd be able to escalate the call up the ladder and get it resolved without paying any termination fee.  Especially if you've had service for a while.  ... or if you're within 30 days you definitely won't pay anything.
    Keep in mind I also connected through to a sales person, not billing or retention.  Might work better talking to the real department that handles that.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in My test results   
    Unfortunately there probably isn't much that you can do.  Have you already spoken with Hughes and they feel like everything is aligned properly and running correctly?
    If you're able to test on a computer with an ethernet connection to the router and the results are similar then the bottleneck is most likely the satellite connection itself.  If you get a higher speed directly connected then I would look to audit the systems on the network for high activity.  Maybe you have a computer on the network that's quietly sharing a torrent or something else using up bandwidth.
    Where are you located?  So I can help search for an alternative ISP for you.  ... I wish Starlink was operational, I think it would be a no brainer who to go with then.  With as many unhappy satellite customers we've seen in these forums over the years it won't surprise me if Starlink destroys them all over night.  Old direcway and hughesnet satellites doomed to silently orbit the earth for thousands of years as relics... with customers probably still stuck in contracts.  
    By the way, if you have alternative choices available... you can probably get out of any contract you have.  We'll help you find an out.  Keep in mind, even as a satellite provider... they don't service the entire world.  Find an area they don't service call them up and act like you'd like to transfer to an address there, "oh really, you don't have service there...I thought you were everywhere.  Guess you'll have to let me out of that contract then... no, I'm not ready to forward mail there yet, I'm letting the postal service handle that later."  --- I did exactly this with CenturyLink (a DSL provider) years ago.  Worked like a charm.  Just make sure you get their equipment back to them.
    How long have you had HughesNet?
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in My test results   
    Sounds like a someone with malware... but in this case Hughes has tokens.  I hadn't heard of this until just now either.

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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in connecting ethernet cuts off Internet connection   
    You may have to unplug your modem for like 10 seconds and plug it back in to get it to assign to the MAC address of the newly connected device.  Once it pairs to the new device you'll have to do it again if you want to switch it back or try a different directly connected device.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in Dennis Huff   
    What is it supposed to be?  What package do you pay for and who is your ISP?
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to mudmanc4 in Where Do You Live?   
    @OCR Montana is awesome!
    Glad to hear Montana is not being sold to Canada
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in real time graph of one speed test   
    Under "My Results" click the TestID of the result you'd like to look more closely at.
    I see that many of your download tests are multithreaded.  Keep in mind multithread and upload results currently don't have the same progress details.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to rebrecs in checkout this amazing result   
    Wow... look at this test result. I pay for 400 Down and my Avg Down is around 448. I snuck one by their speed throttle mechanism. At least now I know my neighborhood and facility wiring etc. can handle 1 gig. How this happened I don't know, but here is my theory. Based on the last thing I did, which was manipulating my so called router to grab it's Ip address from the host's DHCP but ignore everything else that comes from the Host's DHCP -- my router finally picked up DNS from
    I proved my so called router was using the new DNS server via the cool tool on this site (DNS lookup or something similar, under Misc --> tools).
    So, the very first time I ran the test without the extra DHCP baggage - my Down test hit 1 gig+, but their clever infrastructure caught on real fast. At first it over-corrected, then settled down in at the speed I usually get in my test results. So, no, benchmarking is not my hobby. I just want to be well prepared for my inevitable conversation with my dear old ISP.

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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in Need high upload speeds in SE Michigan   
    I'm calling around your area to data centers and I found one that you may want to look into.
    Specifically looking at https://www.123.net/wp-content/uploads/Data-Center-Tech-Specs-DC1-WEB.pdf
    FIXED WIRELESS • Up to 10 Gbps Speeds (99.99% SLA) • 55+ Wireless Point of Presence (PoP) Sites Across Michigan • 128-bit AES Encrypted Data Transport • Primary & Backup Connectivity for Dedicated Internet & Ethernet Services • Emergency / Short-Term Deployments • Campus Wireless Solutions • Temporary Fixed Wireless Solutions (Events / Construction Site)  
    Their HQ is in Southfield, MI.  Only about 40 miles away.  If you can't get the fixed wifi solution you may want to ask them (or other data centers near Detroit) if you could work a deal with them to upload the files for you.  You could 2 day a USB to them for really cheap and it may even get to them in 1 day.  I think $0.10 per GB is a fair price for both of you.  But they might not want to touch your files. 
    Hopefully you can get that fixed wifi solution, even at a degraded speed it may be better than your other options.  Give them a call and get some details.  I'll keep looking too.
    Even if you get just 5 Mbps upload it would make it more doable.  23 hours per 80GB.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in 100/20 connection going at way lower speeds almost everywhere?   
    So you maxed at 65 Mbps in multithread here.  You should also try manually selecting 200MB from the download test -- you'll probably be a higher result.
    And then you maxed out at about 13 Mbps using the classic single thread test.
    Yeah, your latency graphs actually look really good.  For a comparison here's what it looks like on a poor quality satellite connection.
    How is your computer connected to your connection?  Does the connection come into the DSL modem, to a router and then wired to your computer... or is it wifi to your computer... or is your modem directly connected to the computer with a cat-5 cable?
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    Pgoodwin1 got a reaction from CA3LE in mr   
    Read all the tabs here. https://testmy.net/legit-speed-test.php
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    Pgoodwin1 got a reaction from ThomasD in ViaSat Spain   
    I suggest calling them instead of emailing. Be polite but persistent. Keep calling them. If they can’t resolve it from their regular support phone people, tell them you’d like to elevate the issue and talk to a manager or supervisor.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in Will A Better Router Help?   
    A better router may help you with range and internal network speed but your wifi right now probably isn't the bottleneck... it's the connection.
    To see if you might benefit from a faster router connect your modem directly to your best computer.  Then run TestMy.net.  Connect it back up to wifi and test the same computer again.  You'll probably need to unplug the power from modem each time when you switch back and fourth, they usually need to boot up and get the MAC address of the device it's connected to.
    If you do that test and find your speed is much faster wired... then you might want to think about getting a newer router.  If the speeds are about the same... you can probably hold off unless you're having other issues with wifi.
    I personally use Netgear.  A used Nighthawk R7000 for ~$70 would blow away whatever they gave you.  I also would never use a router or modem from my ISP and prefer to have them as two separate units.  Better for future upgradability, cheaper if something fails too.  I need to upgrade routers far more often than modems so having them separate is better.  Also better for interference. 
    When I've tested even the supposed best ISP routers... they always under perform vs retail counterparts.
    When it comes to wifi, testing right on top of the router isn't optimal.  You want to be a little away from it.  Maybe like 10 ft.
    Here's an article about wireless best practices -- may help you get the most out of what you're working with. - wireless feng shui
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in Do I need to keep the page open in my browser?   
    I like this best...

    No, it's full alphanumeric which makes it more random. 
    @ramasaig does this help make it more clear?
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