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Hello from Matman, yet another Hughesnet vic...., I mean customer!


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I'm not gonna bore you'all with the same ole problems I'm getting with the service. But when I was averaging below 1Mb download speed, I felt they were not holding

up their end of the agreement, (contract). I WAS doing alot of my work at home until I purchased a home in the country about 2 miles from town and  realized the only

2 options for internet service was the phone company and Hughesnet. I tried the phone company and for 2 months I didn't get a signal at all!  Finally, a technician found

a problem out in the pedestal on the corner of the a county road and a small highway where I live. But, after getting a signal and setting everything up, it was extremely too

slow. I had nightmares of the dial up days.. Anyone remember that?  eeewww!  So, I decided Hughesnet HAD to be better than that. Well, now I've had them for approx the

one year mark and it's not a whole lot better. Like one gentleman posted, late at night, I can get a fair speed, 6 - 8 Mbs.   But, as I still see the commercial on TV all the time

guaranteeing 25Mbs speed anywhere, I still feel they are not holding up their end of the agreement, (contract). Did I sign a contract?  I don't remember physically signing

a contract. Must be a 'given' when you call to order.  When it gets far too slow for me, I always call and start talking about dropping my end of the agreement due to the speed

and they do something on their end and my speed suddenly shoots up quite a bit. At least I am able to watch a video without constant buffering until the next day and it's

usually back to the norm.. 

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