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  1. Yes, twitch.tv. Your speed test is much more reliable when choosing a proper upload speed.
  2. I really appreciate your website. Before I moved my upload speed was around 5Mb/s according to the most popular flash site and was also the speed I was paying for. When I live streamed video I had trouble with a max bitrate of 3.5Mb/s. Your speed test put my connection at a stable upload of just over 3Mb/s. When I adjusted my video upload bitrate to 3Mb/s all my issues went away. I've been recommending the website to all fellow streamers and gamers who would like to have a better idea of where their speeds really are.
  3. TunaLiK


    Haha my name is a result of slight dyslexia caused from not being sober. It's basically a misspelling of lunatik, a gamer tag I've used since I was a kid. I did some pretty good researching to find a location with these speeds. The node can be seen from outside my back sliding door, I'd say about 30ft away. I used to hate comcast but they really seem to be improving lately. I can't comprehend how road runner as a company is rated higher.
  4. TunaLiK


    Pretty accurate speeds tests this site has. I do a lot of uploading and your speed test matches what I typically see.
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