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    Dude111 got a reaction from P0w33LamAh in Music from your monitor   
    Check here for a very strange app..

    Basic idea is that it uses the radiation from your monitor to transmit music that you pickup with a reg radio

    This is 1 time i would like to have LINUX just to try stuff like this i find!
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    Dude111 reacted to CA3LE in No Ads   
    I might just make this an option for registered users.  Most people aren't registered... if someone really wants to turn the ads off, they can anyway.  I actually think it would be cool and totally unique if I just made it an option for my registered members.
    ... what do you guys think about that?  Screw donations... I don't want your money.  I'd rather be supported through my advertisers.
    I don't think offering that would hurt my revenue.  Any small loss in revenue would be out weighted by making my users happy.  Happy users tell people... most of those people that subsequently visit will see the ads and possibly see something they like.
    See how I just sold myself on the idea.
    Make sure you signup for the new beta program.  This option will first be made available and announced to beta testers.
    I don't mind the ads, I tune them out most of the time. But the site does look much cleaner with them off.  I'll make it an option to turn them off, as long as your logged in.  Just do me a favor, if you like what I'm doing... spread the word.  I have very expensive servers and TMN requires A LOT of bandwidth, support of my ads is what pays those bills.  If your going to disable that, at least tell people about the site.  If you're using the site enough to want to disable the ads... then you must like it.
    ... I also think that people that want to disable the ads probably wouldn't click them anyway. So let's just save everyone the bandwidth and make it an option. lol.
    Look for that soon  
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    Dude111 got a reaction from CA3LE in TestMy.net Beta program   
    I dont think i visit here enough to try and help CA3LE,but i think the site is excellent now....

    If you wanna add me to the beta please do but I dont think I could offer much as I think this is fine now

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    Dude111 reacted to TriRan in Test your browser....   
    My Web servers don't allow any more then 20 connections per ip to prevent ddosinf
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    Dude111 got a reaction from mudmanc4 in What router are you currently using?   
    I have an SMC router and I'd prefer to have my TOSHIBA STILL! (It was much better)

    It only supports up to DOCSIS 1.1 but i dont care about getting faster speeds... 1.1 can give you up to 10 megs I THINK which is fine

    Heres info on my PCX5000: http://web.archive.org/web/20050930195247/http://www.toshiba.com/taisnpd/products/pcx5000.html
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    Dude111 got a reaction from CA3LE in Excuse the forum look for a little bit   
    I just changed my user agent to look like an Iphone and im looking at the site thru this skin.... Looks quite good! (Quite fast also)
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    Dude111 reacted to peepnklown in OMG EVERYONE READ The 2038 bug   
    Just like the
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    Dude111 reacted to moonlord in Make ISPs Read YOUR Fine Print Rogers customer creates his own EUA   

    "By taking this payment" the user's fine-print insists, "Rogers agrees to forfeit the right to cap/throttle my Internet Service."

    lmao i know most of u know where this came from but its funny none the less
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    Dude111 reacted to netmasta in can you pass the test??   
    The magic of javascript
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    Dude111 reacted to moonlancer in can you pass the test??   
    i could not pass lol <<<<the (gay test)
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    Dude111 reacted to tommie gorman in What browser is the fastest?   
    IE6 was the fastest ever for me.

    As time goes by all the new ones get more and bloated.
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    Dude111 reacted to Shug7272 in Conspiracy Theory Nuts?   

    So if any of you are into conspiracies check out this site, if your not then you might as well steer clear as you wont believe a word of it. But I gotta ask what the hell is on that plane?
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    Dude111 reacted to Swimmer in Good movie...   
    I have another one for you all... The Terminal with Tom Hanks... Check out the trailer and a bunch of other stuff... http://www.theterminal-themovie.com/trailer.html
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    Dude111 reacted to Dude111 in Windows phones send user location to Microsoft   
    Yes its best to NOT HAVE ANY OF THIS NEW GARBAGE!!

    Wouldnt ya agree?
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    Dude111 reacted to CA3LE in Excellent!   
    Glad you like it... I personally hated SMF 2 so that's why I switched over to IPB. Thanks for letting me know of MYBB but I've paid for IPB and I'm really happy with it so we'll be running this for a while.

    I've never really like vB that much. It was cool back in the day but I've heard of allot of users hating the new version.

    Stick around, I have allot of new stuff coming down the line. When all is said and done the entire site, including the speedtests will be new. I'll most likely offer the old version of the tests for a few years to anyone who doesn't like change. About 60-65% of the traffic here is repeat visitors so I figure I must be doing something right... but it's 2010 and time for the latest and greatest. I've completely rewritten the site about four times in the sites history and I have a bunch of ideas of how I can do some things better... not to mention each year the bar on my programming skills gets raised. I know at least 10 times what knew the last time I did a major rework. So the new tests should be pretty sweet.

    Once I finish my brainstorm and get a plan together the code should fall together fairly quick... I'll throw it in beta (for our registered users to test) then once we're happy we'll get it launched. I have allot of work ahead of me.

    Thanks for the feedback,
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