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  1. I bought an Asus rt-n66u to replace a Dlink di-624 which I thought had died. After a power outage it just stopped working so I shoved it in the closet. Curious as I am, I took it out a few weeks later, and what do you know, still works. Anyway, I haven't dug deep into the settings, but there are a lot. Currenly have it set up for two wireless LANs, one N only mode and the other G. N is very fast (Just got 25mb down a few minutes ago), but the range is not better than my old router. Apparently it's because oft the 5Ghz band. G coverage is a lot better though.
  2. Hey, why isn't there a mobile viewable version of the test yet. I can view it on my screen. But, yea, kind of hard to read. Btw, that's a wi-fi speed test. Not 3G Oh, and yea 5 bars. Note: TestMy.net now has a mobile speed test at https://testmy.net/mobile
  3. Looking over my posts, last one 10/2006! It looks like it was a stupid argument over Zone Alarm. Probably other things too? I must have been having a hard day or week or whatever. No, I didn't leave because of a job reason. I do live in the northeast though.
  4. I'm not sure if I really need to or even should post this, especially seeing as I'm not a new member, but whatever, I guess. This is just a quick note to let people that have been here a while, know that I'm back. I pretty much remember why I left. I don't remember all of the exacts though. I hope that if anyone does "decide to remember" exactly what happened, they realize that things happen and the past is the past. At least hopefully. -Peter
  5. This topic has been moved to Non-public Deletes. [iurl]http://www.testmy.net/forum/index.php?topic=16545.0[/iurl]
  6. Yes, your ISP does have the ability to see everything you do online. Some ISP's do keep records of their customers internet usage. They probably won't be able to see your passwords, but they can, technically see your usernames.
  7. That's true with some pc manufacturers too. Some will only let you get your (under warranty) computer repaired at authorized stores.
  8. I've never had any problems with my WD drives either. I am glad I got my drive OEM though. If I got it retail (with a computer) the warranty would be one year vs. three.
  9. Oh yea! I've been getting good speeds lately. Remember people, you can, if you want, show your results as an image rather than text.
  10. They probably won't care. They probably get dozens of returned drives each week. Half probably have illegal stuff on therm. Besides, they need solid proof that you stole the music. They can't tell where the files came from.
  11. Is it under warranty? I bet it is. Also, you never know how quickly you'll use that space. I used to think 1gb was too much. You should buy the biggest drive you can afford.
  12. Anyway, I doubt my provider, Comcast will have much better speeds a yearn from now.I'm not really sure. I had 3Mb in 1998, 4Mb in 2003, then 6Mb in 2005, all on Mediaone Roadrunner (Express), ATTBI Comcast. I have been getting nice speeds lately, though.
  13. Hard drives are mechanical devices, they have moving parts.You have platters, where the information is stored on, that almost constantly spin around while the computer is on, especially when the drive is in use. There are also read/write heads. They are just above each platter and the swing back and forth when read/writing. Think of a record player and you'll get the idea. Your problem (getting louder and louder) sounds like, to me atleast, the drive was wearing down. The bearings the the platters spin on might have worn out. Less likely but ,it could also have been a problem with the heads. When they wear out, sometimes the heads smash onto the platters, destroying the drive. Replacement is the only option.
  14. If you have Comcast with tv, then you should be getting ~6Mb or ~8Mb. edit: url removed from image
  15. I use NSL and it doesn't seem to slow me down. My speeds are about the same with and without it.
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