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  1. Hold down the option key then click the WIFI logo on the menu bar and post the info.
  2. If you go rid of plesk and used cPanel it would make this so much easier. cPanel has remote MySQL options built in that make it super easy.
  3. The planet doesn't exist anymore. Softlayer bought them. For domain registration. Hover is really good.
  4. dlewis23

    What browser is the fastest?

    Wether you like it or not. Everything "phones home" now. Its not just google and web browsers. Every OS (Computer or Phone) does it just about every application does it now. Phone apps can send crazy amounts of information back with out you ever knowing.
  5. dlewis23

    Website Template

    They are doing stuff about it. IE10 kinda works. Its about 1/2 way there. The most common CSS3 stuff works really good. A few more of the advanced things need some work.
  6. dlewis23

    Website Template

    Its not a browser war, its just this one stupid browser (IE) that keeps screwing web developers making our lives so much harder and holding back what the web really can do. Its the only real reason why we still have flash sticking around and nothing works right in it. If Microsoft would just switch IE to a web-kit based browser and pull a chrome with forced updates in the background the problems would be solved overnight.
  7. dlewis23

    Website Template

    The hole thing is screwed up how CSS3 stuff is supported in IE9. Gradients are a joke, you have to use a SVG but in IE8 you could use filters. I hope people rapidly switch to IE10 when it comes around if you stick with IE. If everyone would just use Web-Kit we wouldn't have any of these problems... The best solution is to make your CSS dynamic. Makes IE fixes so much easier.
  8. dlewis23

    Website Template

    PM Sent.
  9. dlewis23

    Apple Decision HELP

    This Macbook, would I be familiar with it? Anyway never buy a PowerPC Apple anything anymore. Actually never buy any Apple anything that doesn't have a 64bit EFI. If you do you won't be able to run Anything 10.8 + Apple already dropped PowerPC support across the board, they are dropping all 32-Bit legacy hardware with 10.8. Sell the iPhone since you have another phone to use and repair the Macbook.
  10. dlewis23

    Windows 8 Ugh!

    It gets even better. Bye Bye Areo.... http://www.theverge.com/2012/6/14/3084563/windows-8-desktop-ui-screenshots-no-aero
  11. dlewis23

    New Macbook Pro - What do you think?

    I can't wait for a 27" iMac with a retina display. If they keep the math the same as they have it will have a res of 5120x2880 thats 14.7 million pixels. Sadly tho I don't think it will happen anytime soon. I may end up with this new Macbook Pro.
  12. dlewis23

    New Macbook Pro - What do you think?

    On a desktop its been easy but on a notebook, typically you only get one video out (Sometimes two VGA + HDMI) but then a lot of the times the notebook display sucked as far as resolution goes. I do completely agree this should have happened years ago now we gotta wait. Maybe once Intel finally figures out how to make a intergraded GPU that is somewhat close to a dedicated card of the day it will happen.
  13. So what do you guys think about this new Macbook Pro with the Retina display? This thing is pretty insane, the display really makes it at a resolution of 2880x1800 that means over 5 million pixels on a 15in notebook display. So if your editing video your preview window can show the entire 1080p clip. Some Specs: 15.4in Retina Display 2.3 GHz Core i7 Ivy-Bridge 8 - 16GB ram 256 GB SSD - 768 GB SSD Nvidia GT650m 1GB Dual Thunderbolt HDMI Dual USB2/USB3 $2199 The laptop has so much power it can drive the laptop display at 2880x1800 and 2 external displays over thunderbolt at 2560x1600 at the same time. Hopefully it doesn't take 5 years for this display tech. to come down enough so everyone can get it since Windows 8 is retina ready it should help.
  14. dlewis23

    What browser is the fastest?

    This is something that just consistently swaps around. Chrome is the "fastest" next month it will be Safari 6 and who knows the month after that. I personally use Safari and Chrome can't stand IE or Firefox plus webkit based browsers tend to be more stable and quicker.
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