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  1. Removing HDD password?

    I have a friend that's an auctioneer who bought out a business a few years ago. I cracked several windows laptop passwords very easily with a bootable disk that I downloaded. But I cannot remember what it was called, and nothing I am seeing on Google rings a bell. But it was not tough, hope that helps... I am seeing "Cain and Able" often while searching, tho...
  2. Is it the wireless side you seem to be having the most issues with? I think you should stick with your ISP's provided voip modem and just disable the wireless side of that modem/router and then spend your money on a good wireless router, such as the brands TriRan suggested above. Then just plug that new router into the voip/modem and go that route. I think that the ISP want's their equipment installed when it comes to the voice side so they can keep a better handle on it. Anyone else like that idea?
  3. No Ads

    Not sure, but I'll tell you this CA3LE, your site is the only site that I disable Add Block on. Cuz I like to support you by clicking on them when I see something interesting.
  4. Ha, Arsebook and Twatter - will check them out, now...BTW, my new sister in law is from Yately. I'm enjoying learning the British cut-downs from her. I was at a loss while she was trying to describe an American station wagon : What do you call them again???? And, waiting for the thread to be shutdown, not....
  5. Hey CA3LE

    OK, I now understand. I guess I just recently noticed this, and don't worry, I would never test your safety system CA3LE as I believe in it. And thank you for trying to keep the "douches" away from all of us D.......
  6. Hey CA3LE

    What's this and how do I pick up some of those Warning Points?
  7. Been watching this thread since I noticed my upload was showing around 3.3mbps of my 5mbps upload. Now mine too is back to normal; And I just noticed I'm number 13 on the fastest members list? You guy's n gal's with the super-fast connections need to test more often! Before: http://testmy.net/vhmnYlk.png Now: http://testmy.net/4TEBplR.png
  8. I have not seen it on another site, CA3LE, but I also have not been to many sites on the phone. Of course testmy is one of those few sites..... Thanks
  9. That worked , Thanks TriRan!
  10. Not sure where to post this- I have Virgin Mobile and recently upgraded to the phone in the subject above, and testmy.net just comes up blank. Have not seen any other site have problems. I tried the default browser, Dolphin and Chrome. All the same, just blank. The site did work on my old LG Optimus G. Strange...
  11. Wow, I think you may have started a new fad CA3LE! Not and iPhone owner or fan, but I am impressed with the etching.
  12. DOCSIS 3.0 modem status

    Look good to me. 35-36 SNR. All levels actually look average, which in the digital world is good.
  13. upgrading ubuntu...

    Upgraded to 12.10 a few days ago and all is well Dive in.
  14. I hear you there. I did only read a couple articles, so probably didn't get the whole story. But it would certainly be Jeep suicide to move all their SUV production over. How many Jeep diehards do you know? Even though they are not American owned, necessarily Jeeps are still American at heart. Are any US sold auto's built in China today? I haven't checked the facts, but I don't think so. I do think the Unions have and still are deterring the US production scheme. The simple per hour cost to the employers for each union employee is detrimental to the owners, and to the consumer in the end. Kill the over priced labor, then maybe we could all afford a new American vehicle.... and not force them to move production over seas.
  15. You know they're talking about making Jeeps in China for the Chinese market, not our's. Not an Obama fan, but I don't think Chinese Jeeps in the USA would fly very long, and they know it.....
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