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  1. I have a friend that's an auctioneer who bought out a business a few years ago. I cracked several windows laptop passwords very easily with a bootable disk that I downloaded. But I cannot remember what it was called, and nothing I am seeing on Google rings a bell. But it was not tough, hope that helps... I am seeing "Cain and Able" often while searching, tho...
  2. Is it the wireless side you seem to be having the most issues with? I think you should stick with your ISP's provided voip modem and just disable the wireless side of that modem/router and then spend your money on a good wireless router, such as the brands TriRan suggested above. Then just plug that new router into the voip/modem and go that route. I think that the ISP want's their equipment installed when it comes to the voice side so they can keep a better handle on it. Anyone else like that idea?
  3. Not sure, but I'll tell you this CA3LE, your site is the only site that I disable Add Block on. Cuz I like to support you by clicking on them when I see something interesting.
  4. Ha, Arsebook and Twatter - will check them out, now...BTW, my new sister in law is from Yately. I'm enjoying learning the British cut-downs from her. I was at a loss while she was trying to describe an American station wagon : What do you call them again???? And, waiting for the thread to be shutdown, not....
  5. Been watching this thread since I noticed my upload was showing around 3.3mbps of my 5mbps upload. Now mine too is back to normal; And I just noticed I'm number 13 on the fastest members list? You guy's n gal's with the super-fast connections need to test more often! Before: https://testmy.net/vhmnYlk.png Now: https://testmy.net/4TEBplR.png
  6. I have not seen it on another site, CA3LE, but I also have not been to many sites on the phone. Of course testmy is one of those few sites..... Thanks
  7. Not sure where to post this- I have Virgin Mobile and recently upgraded to the phone in the subject above, and testmy.net just comes up blank. Have not seen any other site have problems. I tried the default browser, Dolphin and Chrome. All the same, just blank. The site did work on my old LG Optimus G. Strange...
  8. Wow, I think you may have started a new fad CA3LE! Not and iPhone owner or fan, but I am impressed with the etching.
  9. Look good to me. 35-36 SNR. All levels actually look average, which in the digital world is good.
  10. Upgraded to 12.10 a few days ago and all is well Dive in.
  11. OK MamaT, I reset my user name back to dn0. I actually feel better now, being recognized once again, hopefully
  12. Guess I never added to this topic. I was trying to come up with a user name about 7.5 years ago with my 18 month old son sitting with me. The kid kept mashing the keyboard as I was trying to type in "danno" and it eventually came out as dn0. I just kept that username for years until I recently changed it to dann0. Now that little punk is a 9 year know it all , but love that little smart ace to death.
  13. Feel free to make fun of me, as the only cacti around my area are small and full of needles; but are there fake cactus needles installed on that tower?
  14. I still like Firefox, but have been using Chrome most often lately as I like how easy it is to log into it thru my existing Google acct and my bookmarks follow me around between PC's and it is quite fast for my uses.
  15. How can I get a hold of Windows 7 Home Premium without buying a new full copy? I need only to reload it on to a new hard drive (original HDD is DOA). My brother never burned the backups from his HDD when he got this laptop, and of course there was no disk included with the PC. I have searched and searched, but have not yet found a viable option. I would love to just be able to contact Microsoft and give them the key in turn for a download, but that does not appear to be an option that I can easily find either. It is an ASUS X373E Thanks-
  16. Have you checked to see if there are any available firmware updates for your router? Just a thought before you punt it out the window, Spudler.
  17. dn0

    Bug, or is it me?

    Thanks CA3LE. You are always right on it. And you work too much, you may take a break now.
  18. I have gotten a "Sorry, no new content found" message on the New Content page for the last day or so. Is there something up? Thanks-
  19. There can still be an issue. The numbers being reported are from a $40 cable modem that does not have a true power meter built in, it is just using an algorithm to make a best guess at what the SNR and levels are. So a tech with a good digital meter and/or analyzer could possibly spot something. Can you post some tracerts for us? Say one tracert from you to one of your local ISP's DNS servers, and another tracert to testmy.net. I'd like to see the what the times look like. TrRan, when it come to Signal to Noise; you really can't be too good. there is a theoretical limit, I believe it is in 70's, But I have never seen it. And think of it as it sounds, signal to noise ratio. Let's use a radio tower for example (as it looks like this on a spectrum analyzer); the farther that signal peak (tower top) is away from the noise floor (ground), the better the signal quality will be. But, you can't just increase the power level of the carrier as there are consequences regarding other non-linear distortions (blah, blah I won't go into it). And lastly, there will always be noise, it is coming at us from all around the cosmos. http://en.wikipedia...._Gaussian_noise
  20. Actually those levels look pretty darn good. The SNR cannot be too high, I would love to see 39dB SNR myself, just one time . The higher, the better. (20 years RF experience). But, just because the levels look good does not mean there is not some other problem. There are many factors such as how much traffic on your particular interface (this being the point at the head end/hub site where your particular node interfaces with the CMTS). At some point the data traffic funnels down to a congestion point (yes, even the God given, beloved FTTH has a point where it all comes together) and that is where we may be slowed down. All we can do sometimes is just keep on complaining until some manager says "re-configure this node so this guy stops calling and/or writing". So, keep it up, that me be your best bet.
  21. Sorry TriRan. I guess if you stream a lot that will eat up your BW quickly. Didn't mean to sound flabbergasted
  22. Good Lord. Your worried about 400GB??
  23. Sounds like a repeater may be a good option, but they aren't cheap generally. They will pick up a WI-FI signal and then rebroadcast it locally. http://hawkingtech.com/index.php/products/wireless/repeaters_&_extenders/haw2r1.html
  24. Welcome t91930- It looks like your area is covered 100% by Verizon Wireless. Here is a link to their 3G data plans: http://www.verizonwi...mobileBroadband this would require a data device either that plugs into your PC via USB, or they also sell a WI-fi device that would create a hot spot in your home to connect to. This link will show you some of their devices: http://www.verizonwi...ceCategoryId=13 And here are their USB modems: http://www.verizonwi...ceCategoryId=15 You can also check with all of the other wireless carriers in your area like Sprint, AT&T, etc. One plus to this service is that you can take it on the road with you when vacationing, etc. And from what I have heard about Hughes Net over the years, you are much better off with a cellular carrier. And their expensive plan is only $80 a month. Good luck! Let us know what you decide and/or come back to give us a review if you do switch.
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