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  1. You have seriously destroyed this once great website. It is now a barren wasteland in which you spew your rediculous garbage to only a few old faces, as everyone else has moved on. You can not even keep it in off topic anymore but what does that matter when you have no visitors or active memebers? This place looks like a lunitic half way house with all the paranoid government posts. You do remember this is a tech website and has nothing to do with your dipshit conspiracies or political propoganda. You and a few others, you leading the charge, ruined this place and CABLE sat back and watched. Testmy is now a joke, a seldom used tool with no social group present at all.
  2. Shug7272

    A Couple More Sigs

    I love the one in the middle. Nice work Ryan!
  3. Shug7272


    This place was much different before politics was allowed and encouraged even by staff just for more hits. I miss it alot but zalt ur fighting the staff on this one and you will make no difference at all. The people who started the political BS here said on other forums how they wanted to hurt testmy but it was ignored. It has hurt testmy. A lot. Its obvious to everyone all the way up to ca3le but what needs to be done wont be.
  4. Shug7272

    Message To All Anti-Americans

    Lol me too! You all forgot how fucking fat Americans are. Makes me sick. _
  5. Shug7272

    Message To All Anti-Americans

  6. Pronto!!!! El patrulla fronteriza!!!!!! Someone get Speedy he's the only Mexican worth saving!!!!!
  7. Shug7272

    Droid Speed Test

    Nice man, I have ran several tests on my droid1 but never over wifi... So off I go to do that now.
  8. Thanks for sharing guys. Not as many as I hoped for but the lighting story was great. Thanks biggles!!!
  9. me too! Bout to get fios and can't wait to test here Wow what was getting struck like? How did it feel?
  10. When your work on the site slows down write us one out. I know your busy as shit now though. Site looks great man.
  11. Please share with me your most creepy story that you personally lived through. I dont want he said she said and I dont want embellishments. Tell it as it happened please. I know some of you have some good ones especially the old ass people here like Tommie and Cok. This is my personal story that I posted on another site per another members request and thought I would share here. I left the spelling errors and all.
  12. Shug7272


  13. Shug7272


    I only put on testmy what means something to me. Everything else I shrug off and go on. This was important to me and I wanted to share it here with the few other people on the net I consider important. Just little pieces of my journey left here for you. Although most people dont seem to grasp the concept of this video, at least out of the few I have shared it with.
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