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  1. bigw

    what's your favorite browser...

    I love chrome because it is the fastest for me also love the ease of use. The kids use Firefox because it does not have as many problems as chrome. IE just seems slow and always CLUNKY to use plus uncle bill has enough people on his team have to do something outside of the box!
  2. bigw

    New Member

    I have found that through out the day my speed goes up and down and then when it is VERY slow that the router needs a quick reboot. Just for out of my own curiosity are you using wi-fi or wired? Welcom to one of the two places that make me feel at home!!
  3. bigw

    TMN Official IRC Join Us!

    no one is home right now will try to find you all next time
  4. bigw

    DeWALT makes computer cases now?

    I think it looks cool. As for chip speeds you can not go faster than the speed of light so that will be the limit. I have always wanted a case that was dust free and a liquid cooled. As for the tool that are liked disliked.... I use dewalt everyday they work great for what I use them for... I like the fact that the battery seem to last a while. The best hand tools for me ( I am a mechanic,or tech however you want to say it) are snap on or mac. Craftsman I have a ton of but I break them all the time! The good thing is the warranty is good on all of those tools!
  5. bigw

    Do you like our tools?

    That made me LOL have not done that for a bit thanks
  6. bigw

    Funny Stuff

    Uhhh... That makes a guy think... I have nine children so did he die happy?
  7. this is me http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1115509497637&set=t.1653780717&pid=287648&id=1523942869
  8. bigw

    What does your username mean?

    there are rules??
  9. bigw

    Make 1 wish...

    I wish all nine of my children would see that the family is the greatest thing to have!
  10. bigw

    A New Member Here

    Welcome to the boards!! I have been around for a while and been treated like a king around here.
  11. bigw

    Newb Here...

    I have found this to be a place to call home... Everyone is helpful and nice. Welcome to the boards!!!
  12. bigw

    Hi Guys Been A Long Time Need Help

    Seems odd to have a live chat to go with the boards to me. Let me know though and I would love to hear all of your voices!!
  13. bigw

    Holy Cox.net! 50 Mbps / 5 Mbps

    must be nice having choices! Our provider has the monopoly on the net here so we have to stay with them. The only plus is that it is cheap. 99.99 for cable net and phone.
  14. you would think the pope has a direct connect know what i mean!! I wonder what the lag is from Antarctica!!
  15. I am the guy in the middle with red hair! I am the one in the middle with red hair ever have one of those days where nothing goes right? ya i am having one of those decades!!
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