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  1. Nice man, I have ran several tests on my droid1 but never over wifi... So off I go to do that now.
  2. http://www.testmy.net/ipb/index.php?app=core&module=global&section=login Try this link.
  3. Me being a mod not only never stopped you it didnt even slow you down.
  4. Shush Tommie, you always tell everything you know!!! I have been trying to get CA3LE to lock my post count at something like 4 forever... he wont do it he doesnt love me enough. But he will, I will stalk him..... Paparazzi.
  5. You ***Damned right!!!!!!!!!! Didnt figure it would stop Tommie from blaming me for shit though, which I wouldnt have any other way.
  6. Jeff!!! Where the hell did your pic go? I love that pic. BRING IT BACK!!!!!
  7. It could be a Chinaman, it dont matter!!!! Epic Beardman he heh he
  8. Well then Scribd and donate it to a historical society.
  9. Perhaps save it to Scribd or something like that then sell it as antique. Some local museum just might be interested. Sounds cool. http://www.scribd.com/
  10. Damn tommie, not only do you back me (WTF?) but you also are very VERY smooth. Since when do you agree with me and since when are you so smooooth. When it comes to me Momma knows! Of course Im not mad, If I were this would have been handled in PM to CA3LE. Just a slow day at testmy that needed a post IMO.
  11. I use 14 in a post on a bad day....... Shit..... CA3LE!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. LMFAO!!! Momma asked me to elaborate. There is a limit or some filter on emoticons. I have hit it a few times. It says you have used too many emoticons and wont allow a post.
  13. Alright I will seriously burn this mother fucker down if one of three things does not happen PDQ. 1 - The limit on emoticons per post is drastically increased. I need those, badly. See like this shows you I am pissed off. 2 - The exact limit and filters on smileys is explained to me so that I may circumvent said limits and or filters. 3 - My account is set for unlimited emoticons per post. That is all.... Titties. And I am serious.
  14. The way I understand it you would basically get a fat pipe to the net with no isp between. You could use/set up your own web based tv and phone but it would be some work and you probably wouldnt get "tv" like you are envisioning.
  15. I heard Netmasta left for giving WaterRTBH the Herps!!! True? Not true?
  16. Great explanation by Zalt. Like he said if you cant figure it out put it in General. Nobody will bitch at you here for duplicate questions/wrong section and that kinda crap.
  17. Shug7272

    new here

    Howdy, west texas here.
  18. Dont forget this IS America.... Your never really safe from being sued.
  19. http://trueslant.com/kylebrady/2010/04/08/be-your-own-isp/ I found this pretty interesting. Made me think about what me and my 10 neighbors could have with no isp to bother with.
  20. I have suddenlink and LOVE them. They were awful at first but fantastic now. I pay for 5 down and get 10 down with 50+ down available but it is way too expensive at this point.
  21. SUP FUCKER!!!!! Welcome back. :grin2:
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