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  1. I love that boy. Hey its not like he cant remove them if he wanted to.
  2. Not really, Im just thinking if someone gave me a 10 dollar gift card Id be like WTF??? 5,000 dollar gift card. SHIT YEA! TALL CANDY!
  3. Afraid its too late for me. I have smited the shit out of CA3LE.
  4. Did the bitter hatefulness in his post give it away?
  5. You expect me to remember in 3 hours!
  6. Pictures always help idiots. Thanks man. Id karma you again if I could.
  7. Welll then a smi... I mean a Karma for you. You mean like this :uglystupid2: Edit WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THE SIZE! IT KEEPS DOING THIS TO ME!!!!
  8. If anyone gets their feelings hurt this time tough damn titty. Im not losing this shit again cause somebody can not handle having a number below "smite". Its all in good fun and seriously if a few people have trouble being adults about it they are the ones who should lose out and not everybody.
  9. Thats what men do... .... thats what men do.
  10. If you really cared you would order somthing online so you dont have to leave her to shop for her.
  11. I already have way more than I deserve, same to you Roco.
  12. One for you. And three for you.. :kiss: Two cause I love you and one cause of how much Smite I have given you.
  13. Speaking of Karma, someone better smite your ass before you hit 20 karma or im taking you down old man.
  14. Shes a tease. She talks that way to all the boys.
  15. I would agree as well. Sunshine is vital to mood and health. Im in Texas and happy as a clam.
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