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  1. :haha: That is the best card I have ever got. :2funny: Thanks Pixie. Thanks Wyan and News.
  2. Shug7272


    :haha: I had that shit years ago, I feel for ya.
  3. Wow, that could save alot of lives. In developed countries its easy to forget that clean water is nearly impossible to get in many populated areas around the globe. If you watch the video he gives stats for how many children die, during the filming of the video, from lack of clean water...
  4. So I read on another site that www.esquire.com would spy on you and report back any text that you highlight on their pages. If you want to check this out for yourself install Firebug for Firefox and go to Esquire. Highlight some text and check it out. What do you guys think of this? Kinda creepy to me. Link
  5. Aww, thanks guys. Better late than never. :smitten: HAPPY B DAY MOMMA! :smitten:
  6. As long as its not cheesy shit like Demon Fucker or Satans Porn Hole.
  7. I wonder if the guy sitting on the bike in the sub to make it go gets tired?
  8. You guys are DORKS, maaan. In the voice of the infamous Jim Breuer. :evil6:
  9. No, Resop was not banned, no friction as far as I know but I know shit. I dont guess I remember Grizz.
  10. I like www.browseprotected.com. Works well for me and what I need and is usually fast. Thanks Dark, I will give yours a shot.
  11. Banned for being a dick... or not, hell I dont remember... And no Tommie, you cant and never will be allowed to have that position. You do well at your current job, nobody wants the top poster to be a troll. :haha:
  12. I have thought this since the first time I saw this thread and I must say it. I can not contain it anymore...... Every time I see the title of this thread I think of slang for masturbation. Dont ask... I dunno. :lol:
  13. Holy Shit! Good post man, very interesting. Rocs being our troll lately because Resop is gone, ignore him. Even though he is right, this is still very much news. Everyone is used to the US being everywhere, Russia off the coast is kinda a new trick.... I think. :2funny:
  14. Ok this crap is stopping now. The mods hinted around, tried to joke and flat out said to cut it out. One three day ban has already been handed out and if this is not dropped cold others will be. No further comments needed. From now on, if something offends you please report the post. Otherwise, stay civil.
  15. Friend has one, I wouldnt even call it "usable".
  16. http://download.cnet.com/Split-Join-Convert-Video/3000-2194_4-10413086.html?tag=mncol This is not bad for what you want. Its small, free, spyware free and is intended to do exactly what you want to do. No real bells and whistles but has always worked for me. Let me know what you think. There are others out there but I try to recommend free programs.
  17. Gotcha! Lemme see. What is the exact make and model of your computer?
  18. I must not understand. I thought he wanted to access the erecovery to erase it and do a clean install. He said he has a copy of Vista to do a clean install with so why the need to access the erecovery? You can get the drivers and anything needed from acer.com so I dont understand what needs to be done in the erecovery partition. If by clean install we are talking about just reinstalling the acer crapware filled OS then I misunderstood. I thought the end desired result was installing a clean, retail version of windows...
  19. Nice man, RF is good shit!
  20. As I said before DBAN should do that for you. I used it on my acer and wiped it all out.
  21. I have an acer laptop, as soon as I got home I made a driver disk, formatted the hard drive and downloaded Windows Vista Lite off of BT. DL the same version of windows you have now, ROM/Retail, and use your windows key that came with your Acer, then activate. It will work fine and you are not doing anything illegal as you are using your legal key on the same version of the software. That is what I would suggest. Sped mine up about 30% too. Vista lite is great, it is only about 300 MB and is fast as shit. I also partitioned my HDD. ] DBAN is free and will format your hard drive for you. Once it does it there is no getting the info back though.
  22. This topic has been moved to HELP! With Other Stuff. [iurl]http://www.testmy.net/forum/index.php?topic=26773.0[/iurl]
  23. Shug7272


    Whats with all the chicks here lately. We are going to have to limit our female members, if we get outnumbered were done boys! Welcome Juliet, our newest and perhaps last female member. :2funny:
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