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  1. Juliet


    One actually does not need to get used to it, as even knickerbockers would not keep you warm. You need some sub zero temperature control suit to swim in the North Sea. Unless you were meaning getting used to things standing up...hmmmm
  2. Juliet


    Oh dear no! I am British!! we wear knickerbockers on the beach!! It's cold here you know.....
  3. I really love this site, first time in years I haven't been spoken down to on a website just cause I am "female" Thanks for the really warm welcome
  4. Hello, Thought I would join in, I know I am a newbie but here goes... This was taken a few years ago or was it a few decades..hmmm This is me dressed as a "Lady" for a game I used to play. My profile pic....
  5. Juliet


    hello again.... oh yes I am back muwhaha!!! Ok, I think they may have sorted it out..... although I am not going to hold my breath. I just ran speed test with bt and I got at 11am UK time today Down-stream - 8128 Up stream - 448 - (I have been told by BT this will never get any higher) Ran test on here Ok cool It worked (wasn't sure how to add the "pic" (No I am not blonde!) Highest test so far..... FEMputers all the way!!
  6. Juliet


    Hello to you all and thanks for the warm welcome... Sorry to take so long but work and my Mum not being well is making things a bit hard at the moment. Anyway enough of the small talk (for now) I am with BT (British Telecom) and I have been getting the "up to 8mb" (according to them) and the bt connection tester says I am getting between 1.3 mb and 6.2 mb. When I run it on this site I only get about 600kb to 700kb.(I must add a very nice site) Anyway I was running 5 wired pc's and 1 wireless laptop for quite some time, Then about 6 months ago it dropped to 2 x pc's and 1 xbox, only ever either 2 x pc's or 1 pc plus 1 xbox (you get the picture) Anyway about 3 weeks ago if you have for example the xbox on and then you turn the pc on you get logged off the internet on the xbox and vice versa. We are all on ethernet plugged into a home hub 2.0 (the kind man at BT let me have a new one for free and I didn't even bat an eyelash....) It's ADSL Numerous line tests and still waiting for the results to come back... I hope I covered everything oh and I vote for the FEMputer too!
  7. Juliet


    Hello, I am from the UK, having major net connection speeds with my ISP, who keep telling me theres nothings wrong.. Anyway, once I read the rules page, I will be back. Hope to speak to you soon. Juliet xx
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