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  1. OH DEAR GOD!!!! Your NOT going to school to be a nurse are you? DONT DO IT!!! RUN FAST AND FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  2. Well welcome. We all posted little crappy pictures here too till we realized everyone here is equally ugly... Except me.. Im hot. Glad to have you.
  3. Im also with Tommie though, if it is going to be installed immediately I dont save it.
  4. Think I found my new homepage. I like it. http://keyboardr.com/
  5. HEY! F YOU BUDDY! Nano what the hell, I cant keep Karmaing you! :haha:
  6. :haha: Nano I "assisted" him too.
  7. 1 Karma point is redeemable for 0.0001 cents each and are not interchangeable with any other offers from Testmy. Testmy.net is not responsible for any STD's contracted through the Karma process.
  8. You just want more Karma... Well you got it!
  9. Hey I have been having tons of fun with it!
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