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  1. The Clumsy Ninja should be a movie with Chris Farley and Will Ferrel. :haha:
  2. Isnt muddy dreamy! :smitten: Of course Zalt is too, but hes too good for man loving.
  3. Hes a mod and he can trace your IP address back to anyone in the past who has logged in from it or browsed from it. :haha: He likes to seem mysterious.... Hes nothing more than the nicest OLD man you will ever meet... OLD.... LIKE OLLLLD. If you need help getting that account back let us know. PS If I were any gayer than I already am, Cok would be my husband.... You know, after I got rid of his hot ass wife...
  4. :haha: You keep telling people that and I keep telling you that I ONLY use that one on you. ONLY YOU. :haha: Thats a great line, I WILL use that somewhere.
  5. Bing is great for video search. I love the bing commercials though. They are great! The one where everyone is talking and making no real sense.
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  7. Shug7272


    We should be able to understand you. Just so you know English is the only acceptable language for posting on this particular website. Just do the best you can and we will help you along. I doubt anyone here will give you any grief over it, other than light hearted joking. Welcome! :grin2:
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  9. Thats cause not everyone stalks him like I do. Put out some effort Tommie... for pete sake.
  10. Yea that or just threaten CA3LE. Either one works.
  11. :welcome: <------- Took me forever to find that fing welcome sign emoticon from the list.
  12. Now THAT is a response. Ten Hundred TestMy bucks for you.
  13. im from texas, we cook goat in the ground here. lol its great! thats awesome thanks. u should visit our post ur best photo threads and show us some pics, i would love to see it. i would give a link to the thread but im on my phone.
  14. Dont lie to the girl, of all people here she knows you best anyway so I doubt youll get away with it.
  15. Hey, Saudi Arabia thats cool. I would love to hear what life is like over there, nothing political just day to day stuff.You know like what is the best restaurant there and what is their best dish. Im just curious. You know you can read about it all day but unless to you talk to a real person living there you never know. Welcome.
  16. Shug7272

    yo all!

    Gotta love Bender!
  17. Welcome to the asylum.
  18. :haha: :haha: That baby is hitting that shit like a man!
  19. I dont know about going broke though. They have pretty nice corporate earnings. They could even out the pay some, it would help. Keep the tech support local for crying out loud.
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