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  1. FINALLY, they have started fixing it, 6 weeks after I started calling them. If you have patience, it seems to be a good connection otherwise. Their tech support is far too slow for my liking though
  2. Don't get their service. By the off chance you have a problem, say good bye to your cable service. I've had bad bandwidth and connection problems since early summer. The bandwidth was fixed by reallotting our connection with the correct bandwidth (why would it have the incorrecct : ), but the connection problem has never been fixed. After 5 weeks on and off the phone with Charter, wasting at least 10 hours after all was done and told, and it ended with an e-mail "sorry that's all we can do". My neighbour and I both get massive packet loss every 2.5 hours, at the same time. About 50%
  3. Ethernet cable, to a 4 port switch Linksys router.
  4. Western Massachusetts, area code 01007 to be exact.
  5. Here are my results, both down and up. They look horrible, they are horrible, I don't know what to say. I tried cablenut's tweaks and they didn't help at all. Even outside of knowing that I'm at 25% of the average, the cable itself doesn't seem that good. We get bad latency a lot, bandwidth shrinks a lot, the service goes entirely down a little too much to be 'seldom'. Any ideas? Any time I e-mail Charter, they just give me a bunch of crap on how to disable spyware and antivirus and clearing the cache and all sorts of useless tips. :::.. Download Stats ..::: Connection is:: 734 Kbps abo
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