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  1. I agree with that, I just dont see this going anywhere but to the next election for the Repubs to use to get back in power. Thats what I see this as and nothing more. That will help nobody. The only thing that will is a real movement. That is not what is happening. You can look at the political threads here (theres a TON) and most of them are just filled with the same couple people going back and fourth and playing politics. Those are the same people (myself included) that posted in this thread. Its just more politics, the same old people playing the same old politics.Once Pixie, Water and Cok post in here it will look identical to the other political threads, I am not saying that in a bad way, just matter of fact. Nothing new here at all. People dont get it yet. They are still playing the game and being played by the game. When that changes I will have hope. There are hundreds of political threads here and I would say at least 80% of the posts are by the same people in ALL of those threads. Just us political junkies.
  2. I said in my op that I agreed with muds concept. I think its great. I also think people have been used in this case. Like I said a real movement is not started by someone in the media and then encouraged by the media. That is not anywhere close to a grass roots movement. Santelli started this in early Feb then more and more people talked about it and only after it got tons of coverage did it "blow up". But again, the number of people at the tea party did not come close to other movements. Its not fair to say yours is a movement because you are involved and the others arent. There are other huge movements and protests we hear nothing about. It should strike people as funny that not only was this one covered by the networks it was PROMOTED by the networks. I guess I am the minoritiy on this subject... Well most every subject. Thats ok though. Bottom line, this is one subject I would honestly LOVE to be wrong about. Time will tell. The reason I bold the part about Santelli is that it should say alot that these tea parties were started by a rich white guy that is a talking head for a major network. That right there takes grass roots out of it. Maybe astro turf. Grass roots movements cant have big corp sponsors or by definition it is not grass roots.
  3. It was "started" BY the news networks. How is that a movement. Rick Santelli said it on CNBC then Fox started promoting the hell out of it with other news orgs carrying it some. It was started by and encouraged BY the news networks. Like I said, there are plenty of on going movements that are tons bigger than this. You can say they got a little coverage but I remember NO national coverage. This was all day news on April 15th... That doesnt seem odd? For the first time in decades a protest is covered like real news when they have been ignored for years. Cmon. There was no real talk of "tea parties" until it was said on national tv by Santelli. If the American people are so lazy that they need the news orgs to start their movements for them I dont know what to say. If you can show me this movement before Santelli encouraged it on national tv and then it got plastered ALL over the internet then I will be impressed. CNBC/Santelli started it and Fox helped. No movement. Just bullshit that people bought into.
  4. Hes crazy for not going. He should have gone and said exactly whats in that vid to Obamas face. I would have. In a heartbeat.
  5. Sure buddy. I think (in my opinion) that America is waking up and noticing what is going on. But the tea parties (IMHO) are a sham. Why did they get such coverage when the other side of the coin got no coverage? Yup, and a movement is not one day of people standing out side with racist signs in their hands. Now the anti war movement. THAT is a movement. You can look at the list and the number of Americans and know it. So why was that movement not covered? If anyone thinks the MSM will support a REAL movement with coverage they are crazy.... IMO of course.
  6. There were Iraq war protests that got more people in one area than the tea parties gathered nation wide. There was no coverage of them. The tea parties are a joke and I am surprised you of all people were sucked in. Protest is great, but not when its sponsored by a political party or news org. So lets see, Fox covers the tea parties tons. Nationwide, the estimates put the tea party totals to 100k-200k. Not bad. http://firedoglake.com/2009/04/14/fox-news-sponsors-anti-tax-tea-party-e-mail-collection-drive/ Ok how about Iraq war protests. Hmmm Fox/Mainstream Media doesnt cover them at all. They must have not been that big. Oh wait, hell yea they were. They were huge, some of which had 100k at ONE CITY and more. Here is a list of all the war protest nobody got to hear about on the news. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Protests_against_the_Iraq_War I just cant believe you dont see yourself being played when your eyes are open more than most. Here is a list of the war protest nobody got to see. On the other hand you got to get live daily ongoing coverage of the tea parties. But you know, black dem president and NOW after the last 8 years of shit people say enough.... LMAO Im not buying it.You should follow the link and see what the pictures look like, after you see the Iraq protest pics and compare them to tea party ask yourself which was a bigger movement. Which deserved more coverage. I agree with what you are saying, but I do not think that is what the tea parties were. We have had MULTIPLE movements with MANY more people involved than this before. Hell just in the last few years we have.
  7. I have been told I look more like this MANY times.
  8. Screw that crap. Dont lurk. Jump in! Welcome.
  9. They dont work anymore anyway. I was snipped so who gives a shit. BTW I was born with 3. Loud mouth.
  10. I would pay that... plus my left nut for that speed.
  11. Hello and welcome. That 42% just means that you are running at 42% of the average speed of all other users of your isp that have tested here combined. What speed are you paying for, what speed are you advertised to get?
  12. I gotta go kill some nazi zombies on XBOX. IM OUTTIE!!!
  13. I believe people are making progress everyday, and with the aid of the internet we may make it yet. On testmy.net I dont see black or white, I dont see your culture, your physique, your level of attractivness. I see you. People are doing better. I wanted to post some of my favorite inspirational videos. They should at least make you smile. It began in 2007 when Paul Potts, an unassuming cell phone salesman, took the stage on Britain's Got Talent. Unlike American Idol, the show is a true talent show unencumbered by "marketability" and more toward finding the hidden talents of the common people. Paul Potts emerged on the international stage not as a potential "idol", but as a chubby, disheveled man who had been ridiculed and bullied in his younger years and had found his real being in his voice. He had the guts to share that real person with others. When asked why he was there, he stated "to sing opera". The dread of both the judges and audience was palpable. But what emerged when Mr. Potts began to sing was breathtaking. And now there is Susan Boyle. A 47 year old woman who has never been married, never been kissed, ridiculed as a child and teenager for a disability, who has revealed her transformation before judges and the world. She has sang her being to us, and moved us. Then there is my personal favorite.
  14. We didnt start the fire. :grin2: Me too. :haha:
  15. :evil6: I KNEW you would like it because I figured you liked the original song.
  16. We didnt start the flame war.... Yea heres the language warning. LANGUAGE WARNING! http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1907543 I liked it.. alot.
  17. My ass would be on dial up. Thats not a joke either.
  18. That will fix it. Its always the easy solution.
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