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  1. Dont feel that way man. Feel free to be yourself. You didnt do a damn thing wrong, I just wanted it out there. :grin2:
  2. As long as your not asking how to get around copyright protection or about illegal files it is fine. Its none of my business what movie you downloaded. We can discuss it all day long as long as nothing illegal is discussed. That being said it is probably in rar format inside of the folder. You can download vlc media player to play the file or get a program for free from www.download.com to convert and burn the movie to disc. Convert X To DVD is a GREAT program. It takes video and just makes a DVD from it. VERY easy to use. It does cost money but look it up if you are interested. It is about the only program I use anymore. http://download.cnet.com/Ashampoo-Burning-Studio-Free/3000-2646_4-10776287.html http://download.cnet.com/Apex-Video-Converter-Free/3000-2194_4-10656439.html
  3. TS? And to be clear, we will not help anyone do anything illegal. I have not heard of TS and I download a lot.
  4. MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Sams Club. The ONE store I never mind going to. We buy alot of shit from them so the old ladies cant take a dump about me eating 4 of each of their samples. Yea if they have more than one type at the same station I eat 4 of each of those. They are like "Sir.. Sir." Me steadily jamming them in my mouth, closest described as Homer like in nature. "Wook at muh buiskit" I say with a mouth full of deliciousness. She cant say nothing. I just dropped 200 easy, every trip. They just watch me eat while they restock the supply and fire up their mini ovens. Suckers...
  5. Oh BS. Porn takes me longer than Disney. I assure you I BT more Disney than porn.... Emules for porn. Great amateur stuff.
  6. Damn your persistent. I give up in about 4 hours unless it is really big.
  7. Shug7272

    front panel jacks

    :haha: We called BK from inside BK and then listened to them page. We thought we were so clever.
  8. :haha: I would agree. Apparently Tommie had one of the few good ones.
  9. True, VERY true. As Zalt said I believe most all of the major antivirus can catch and remove it. I believe AVG can do it just fine.
  10. If it is seeded at 100% sometimes it will get a corrupt piece of the file through one tracker. You will try to dl from multiple people until you get it. I imagine Tommie is right though, probably not seeded to 100.
  11. What is it a disc or a file? If it is a disc that should be easy enough if it is a file like .avi I believe you can rip subs out with OCR Scanner...
  12. Shug7272

    front panel jacks

    The Jack Off fixed it huh. Your welcome. So cmon man, tell us how you fixed it.
  13. Hell yea it sucked. I lived in the sticks.... it was much better than dial up both ways though. You sure she gets that wireless?
  14. What torrent app are you using?
  15. Shug7272

    front panel jacks

    Did you try using Jack Off? I think they sell it at K Mart.
  16. :grin: With the Prof. Farny avatar and jlaws message I dont know why but I just pictured... a lost old man. :haha: Ah that was great... Yea Im a dork... Suck it Tommie!
  17. Just a heads up, you can (as of may 1st) use your old Circuit City Card at Best Buy. They will be sending out new cards shortly.
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