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  1. To Tommy Gorman re speeds on satellite/phone system Testmy,net shows upload at 19.4 which is a little low at this time because we have underground lines and spring always degrades line quality. Usually is 24 or thereabouts, that's why dial-up is miserable here. We live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, 9 miles out from a small city (Menominee). We are so sparsely populated that AT&T uses DSL just to get POTS (plain old telephone service) this far out, but we're too far for it to reach us as a subscriber. We've been here 10 years and have had to have 3 new sets of lines hooked up to keep operating at this level. But we're on a river and have a great quality of life otherwise. Download to me shows 276 Kbps, which is lower than normal, earlier tests have been closer to 450. This is probably due to the post on which the satellite is mounted having shifted slightly as the ground thaws. We have so many trees that I can't mount the satellite on a building, the only clear view is down by the river on a 4" x 4" post, just above where the ice shoves reach. I'm planning on building a stronger mount to eliminate this problem. The reason for the hybrid is that bidirectional satellite is expensive to purchase ($300), install professionally ($300) and pay monthly depending on speed up to $395/ mo. The professional installation is necessary to transmit a very low strength signal to a very small satellite target, whereas with hybrid, this is eliminated since I'm using 2 tin cans and a string for relatively small amounts of data. With mine, I got it for $50 after rebate, plus $50 shipping. It is easy to self install and gives adequate speed for streaming radio and (generally) streaming video at $50 month. I'll use Cablenut and see what that does for me. Thanks for the advice. Hope I wasn't too verbose, but generally people ask all these questions anyway. Old1
  2. I've recently installed a Skywayusa satellite dish for receiving data which uses the phone line for sending. I'm in the country side in the UP of Michigan. It seems to work well for me, although at times the responses are slow, which I think is due to phone connection. I know just enough to be really dangerous, I build my own systems and help friends with their problems, but haven't gotten into changing network settings, buffers, etc. I don't want to be a techie, I want to have reliable systems (2 desktops, 1 laptop, Linksys wireless router), all running XP Pro SP3, current on all updates. My question is; How can I increase the receive buffer size as recommended by one of the tests? Thanks for any help.
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