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  1. Tommie doesnt wear underwear to bed. :azn:
  2. Oh kids are bastards... Little monster bastards. But you love em anyway.
  3. Sorry, shes already mine. You can look though. She is beautiful... but so is her mother. Her brother on the other hand dresses like a San Franciscan if you know what I mean. Where is that pic of CA3LE? God I love it.
  4. WOW! Beautiful! Stunning!
  5. There I fixed it for you.
  6. Hey boss, when accessing TMN from a mobile phone there is no way to stay logged in forever. TestMy is the only site I go to on my phone that I cannot stay logged in from one visit to the next.
  7. How did you know? :evil6: :haha: I have done that exact same shit myself. Yea, you can find anything on the net. Gotta love it.
  8. Fucking awesome man. Congrats. I will give you some of the best advice you can get. Quit worrying, you will be able to provide just fine. People tell horror stories about how much they cost but its really not that bad aside from birthing the lil bastards. I would say buy diapers NOW! Buy them in all sizes. Tell others to get you diapers. That will save you so much. This may be a little personal but Im a nurse and a teacher so I cant resist. Have mom breast feed. If nothing else for at least a month. She will pass along immunities and breast milk is just far superior to formula. Breast fed babies are smarter, live longer and have fewer health problems on average. If she cant stand it for 6 months to a year at least the first month. The colostrum is very important for the child. DONT sweat it. Enjoy it! :grin2: :grin2: I remember bringing my first home from the hospital, laying her on the floor all bundled up and staring at her thinking "Now what the fuck do I do?" The answer is nothing. The kid will let you know when they need something, including discipline and guidance. Just smile alot and be patient. Oh and encourage a pacifier. I know some people will yell no but it is the best way to go. Let them have it for the first year and then at age one they get to trade it for a toy. If that doesnt work just snip the end of the pacifier with scissors and the kid will not want to suck on it. If you DONT give them a pacifier and then they start sucking a finger or thumb good fucking luck getting them to quit before age 6.
  9. This is indeed a true yet silly little story. Grab something to drink and sit down. Our adventure begins last night, it was a warm night and I was feeling frisky. I decided to chill out and watch Baseketball. A stupid movie? Yes. A splendidly stupid movie? Hells to the yes. Anywho, I go to the video store. The clerk is a nice young woman and after picking her ass for ten minutes decided to ask me if I needed something. Mind you I was standing at the counter the whole time staring at her and breathing heavy. It was obvious that I needed her, what it appeared I needed her for is debatable but the fact that I needed her remained. I ask for the movie and she starts typing in the computer. Five minutes and three calls to her cell phone later I get the answer. "We dont got it." "Oh, yea" I say, as I eye her up. "You mean you dont have it in, or you dont carry it?" "We dont carry it." "Okie dunky, chunky! Thanks!" I reply. I come home and think to myself. "Ah ha! I know, surely it is available on demand." I have Sudden Link and they have a VERY impressive on demand lineup here. I smugly pick up the remote and check. No dice. "Shit" I say. About that time I remember the XBOX marketplace. SURELY they have it. I turn on the 360 all the while praying it doesnt overheat and die on me..... waiting.. waiting... SUCCESS! The machine turned on without the RROD. Ok now to check... lets see... YES!!!! They have baseketball for rent. Not only that but in high def!!!! SWEET!! I click to rent the movie. The machine thinks for a second before freezing like George Bush at a press conference and then just goes fucking back to where I started. I tried for a good 20 minutes to get it to work. Then I realize, I didnt have enough points! SHIT! So I add some points. Anyway that didnt fix it either. I can download anything on X FUCKING BOX Live but fucking Baseketball. Ok I am getting annoyed. This shit has spanned two nights. So I did what I should have just fucking done in the first place. Downloaded a perfect DVD rip off of BitTorrent in literally 49 minutes, one that will stream to my xbox and play on my big screen in high def JUST LIKE A REAL DVD. I am just about to sit down to enjoy my freaking Baseketball with the Mrs. I just thought you guys might like this story..... If anyone from the RIAA is reading this.. or anyone in the movie industry. This is Fucking why people download shit illegally! Make it as easy to get legally as it is to get illegally and you will fix your own damn problem. Half dead mother fuckers!!! :tickedoff: :tickedoff:
  10. Ma bung hole itches.... I wonder why. Im looking at you here Tommie.
  11. If you would quit following me around you would have no problem.
  12. We dont have newbes here. We have alot of great members though. Welcome!
  13. I KNOW that I should know how to do this but I cannot remember. I hooked my new phone up to my pc BEFORE downloading the driver, now that I have the driver on the pc, when I hook up the phone it wont find and install the driver, it goes strait to looking online for it. So how do I make my PC look at this phone like it is the first time it has ever been hooked up to the PC? Thanks Guys! Never mind, I figured it out. Duh!
  14. I think I would have made that boy my husband instead of brother in law...
  15. Well lets just say we all have things come up that are unavoidable. I think he would have liked to be here more. You know, they throw you in jail and you dont get internet... Nah Im j/k.. or am I...yea I am.... am I?
  16. I will watch everyone of those. Thanks so much. Great post! We need more tech stuff around here.
  17. What this site is doing is probably no illegal but I fail to see you getting into trouble for watching things there. www.hulu.com is a great site. I mean they have to start somewhere and this one is legit. Run by the Studios. Of course it doesnt have everything but it has some great quality stuff. I like to support them so that they dont just give up on providing it in a legit form.
  18. I suggested games a long time ago but apparently it is against CA3LE's religion. j/k Some great suggestions, from what I hear The Man will be around more in the future.
  19. I agree pixie and member like you make it that way. If you cant tell Im an addict by looking at post count well... Plus I have posted at least another 1000 in off topic where they dont count!!!
  20. I browsed through some but I got sad so I quit. Brave young men! There are some amazing pics if you dig through there.
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