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  1. I am trying to sell my laptop but I know there are programs that can recover deleted files and programs on the hard drive. I don't want to install a new hard drive because the laptop still has a recovery partition. I don't want my buyer to be able to recover any important documents that I previously stored and deleted on the hard disk. thanks
  2. Tried that and it didnt work lol..they tell me its not their problem and that it is of the game server's. I can't play any online games for the last 3 days. And i suppose every online game that i play with totally different servers all started to lag like crazy at the same time. What I don't get is that I have over the maximum D/L and U/L speeds when i ran tests..yet I lag like crazy in games. Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6001] Copyright © 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. C:UsersAdministrator>tracert yahoo.com Tracing route to yahoo.com [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 1 ms <1 ms <1 ms 2 7 ms 7 ms 6 ms 3 8 ms 7 ms 6 ms dstswr1-vlan2.rh.nyk4ny.cv.net [] 4 * * * Request timed out. 5 12 ms 11 ms 9 ms rtr3-tg10-3.wan.hcvlny.cv.net [] 6 11 ms 10 ms 11 ms 7 16 ms 16 ms 18 ms 8 * * * Request timed out. 9 18 ms 16 ms 21 ms ae1-p151.msr2.re1.yahoo.com [] 10 18 ms 17 ms 21 ms te-9-3.bas-a2.re4.yahoo.com [] 11 17 ms 16 ms 15 ms w2.rc.vip.re4.yahoo.com [] Trace complete. what does the asterisk mean?
  3. Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6001] Copyright © 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. C:UsersAdministrator>tracert www.yahoo.com Tracing route to www.yahoo-ht3.akadns.net [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 1 ms <1 ms <1 ms 2 7 ms 6 ms 9 ms 3 7 ms 7 ms 7 ms dstswr2-vlan2.rh.nyk4ny.cv.net [] 4 * * * Request timed out. 5 133 ms 230 ms 8 ms rtr4-tg11-3.wan.hcvlny.cv.net [] 6 9 ms 8 ms 10 ms rtr4-tg10-1.in.nycmny83.cv.net [] 7 15 ms 14 ms 16 ms 8 * * * Request timed out. 9 15 ms 15 ms 15 ms ae2-p151.msr2.re1.yahoo.com [] 10 16 ms 15 ms 15 ms te-8-1.bas-a2.re1.yahoo.com [] 11 15 ms 15 ms 16 ms f1.www.vip.re1.yahoo.com [] Trace complete.
  4. I have optimum online. First I thought it was my firewall or spyware program, so i turned them off. Yet I still lag in whatever online game I play. I tried calling customer support to check on my connect..they tell me they aren't having any problems on their end. I tried removing the router. Still no luck. None of this happened before until that last few days that I started getting lag spikes. In warcraft 3 I would get dropped with in minutes of joining a game. In counterstrike, my guy freezes for like 10 seconds and before i know it im dead. It's frustrating and I am out of ideas. I don't know what to do. I hope someone can help me out here. thanks
  5. I know nothing about jumper settings. The hard drive was previously used as a C: drive in my old broken desktop computer. There is a windows still installed on it. I am running vista on my laptop and when I plug the drive in with the usb..it automatically installs. I haven't given it a drive letter yet. How do I run diskmgmt.msc? How do i know if it is set to basic and not dynamic?
  6. Here i took a few pics of the hard drive and the wires
  7. it powers up I can hear the sound of the drive running.. but when i plug it into my computer via usb..it doesnt show on my computer
  8. I have a few IDE ATA hard drives lying around from my old computers. I want to get the content out from the hard drives so i purchased a usb 2.0 to sata/ide cable. WHen i connect my hard drive to my laptop it doesn't show in my computer. When I check the hardware everything is installed correctly. How do I make my hard drive appear in my computer so I can access the data in it?
  9. I knew about the dell inspiron mini 9 before I brought the Eee. I was comparing them before I decided. Sure the Mini 9 can be as cheap as $349 thats with less storage(4GB), half the amount of ram(512MB) and Linux. If you were to upgrade to 16 GB and 1GB ram with windows xp it would cost around the same as the Eee pc. When you weigh both laptops with their battery and ac adapters..the Eee weighs around 3lbs total and the Mini 9 weighs 6lbs. The Eee comes with a 6 cell battery. Whereas, the Mini 9 comes with a 4 cell. They both have the same integrated videocard. Eee's video card is 128MB and the Mini 9's is only 64MB. Dell Inspiron Mini 9 - $449 Windows XP Home Edition SP3; 1.6GHz Intel Atom; 1,024MB DDR2 SDRAM 533MHz; 64MB Mobile Intel 945 Express; STEC 16GB SSD. Asus Eee PC 901 - $499 Windows XP Home Edition SP2; 1.6GHz Intel Atom; 1,024MB DDR2 SDRAM 400MHz; 128MB Mobile Intel 945 Express; 12GB Phison solid-state drive. I decided to go with the Eee even though it has less storage than the Mini because I can always change it to a larger ssd. But the integrated graphics cannot be changed. Oh, and the Mini 9 has a glossy display, making it kind of hard to see in a well lighted room. If you add bluetooth and built-in camera to the mini 9 it would cost the same as the Eee.
  10. I purchased the one with windows xp + ssd. My first impression was that it was lighter than I expected. The battery weighs more than the laptop itself. Since it is windows xp it took less than 45 seconds to boot up as opposed to the 5 min boot up on my core 2 duo laptop running on vista. In terms of battery life, it runs for around 7 hours with wifi on. I was able to install and play WoW on it..The video card is pretty decent but not high end. Lol this laptop is great. i would highly recommend this to any college student.
  11. The basic stuff like taking notes, web browsing/researching, checking my email, listening to music, streaming videos, and doing my homework. It shouldn't require much space anyway. So guess ill go with the one that is more expensive, the one w/ the SSD. There is a SD card slot available, I can get a 32GB SDHC card for additional storage. In terms of data writing, I hope SSD is fast and not time consuming. Yeah, I should probably go with Win XP and if possible I can find a guide on dual-boot XP and Linux.
  12. I am looking to purchase a ultra-portable laptop for school and at the same time I do not wish to spend too much. I have been looking around local computer stores and on the net.The Asus Eee Pc 901/1000/1000H with the new Intel Atom processor caught my interest; ultra-portable and long battery life. Its less than 3lbs and its perfect for me to bring it to to class with me. Because there are two different Drives(HDD or SSD) and OS(Linux or XP) to choose from, I do not know which combination would best suit my needs. Here are the specifications: Intel Atom 1.6ghz 1GB DDR2 SDRAM 80GB Hard-disk drive(HDD) OR 12-20GB Solid-state drive(SSD) Linux OR Windows XP Home Edition 7-8hrs battery life. 5hrs for video playback 8.9'' screen Should I go with HDD or SSD? I know HDDs will give me more storage space. However, HDDs are not as sturdy as SSDs. How about performance and power consumption wise? Should I go with Windows XP or Linux? I know nothing about Linux but I wouldn't mind trying it. Any comments or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
  13. hello every1 it's nice to meet you all
  14. Yeah, they announced that gmail will increase to 8 gigs. very nice
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