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  1. To all my old friends here hello it has Ben a long time, The question I have is about a new pc I built i have 3 wd re4 500 in raid0 short stroked to 125 each as my os/game/app drive and I have a seagate 1tb 7200k.12 as my storage drive My question is I want to first make a small partition on the seagate drive for the page file and then partition the rest for storage and backups. What should I do about the page file on the os drive? Should I disable it? Or leave vary small one? and should I just let windows manage the page file on the different drive or should I manually set the min/max and if so what should I set it to? Old rule of thumb 1.5-2x the amount of ram I have installed? Pc specs a AMD 1090t oc at 4.1ghz Asus crosshair IV 890fx 8 gigs of G.skill 1600 ddr3 3x wd500 re4 short stroked to 125 each raid0 Seagate 1tb 7200k.12 Antec 750 tp new blue Zakman 9700 Any help would be welcomed
  2. fattymcbluff

    Mandatory H1N1 (swine flu shots)

    hmm 7 reported cases in cali 3 are in ventura county, the county where i live. and 2 of them are in the city of oxnard witch is 10 mins away from me just lovely
  3. fattymcbluff

    Your Processor Speed

    amd Phenom x4 9600 BE 2.4 gigabyte GA-MA770-DS3P
  4. fattymcbluff

    California is in trouble.

    noo the countny with the most collectives and dispenceys would be the richest
  5. fattymcbluff

    California is in trouble.

    or maybe we should start taxing our largest cash crop
  6. fattymcbluff

    DVD Drive Problem

    i had the same problem i turned out to be a reg key that was messed up, the thread is somewhere here on the bords
  7. fattymcbluff

    Nanobot's Signature Shop

    i rember when artworkguy was doing this
  8. fattymcbluff

    need help

    i got everything runing now i installed on my sata wd drive
  9. fattymcbluff

    need help

    so i poped in hirens boot disk and ran super fdisk deleated the mbr and after the vist install i was able to boot to the drive that i installed to
  10. fattymcbluff

    need help

    300 hours left so i stoped, maxtor drive is about 7 months wd is about year and 6, i got a new mobo and cpu because on the 26th i went to get on my computer in the morning and tryed to boot it up it would boot then restart then it would restart befor it would even start to load the os so i went in a restarting loop, and that gave me the incentive to get a new cpu i ran superfisk it said my boot sector was on line 33 on one hard drive and on the second one it said 2043 and it asked me if i wanted to fix it and set it back to 1 and i did
  11. fattymcbluff

    need help

    pass 1 of 3 and it was writeing
  12. fattymcbluff

    need help

    so after 5 hours and 8 mins its only at 1.86% on boot and nuke
  13. fattymcbluff

    need help

    bios has found all 3 drives both harddrives and dvd drive
  14. fattymcbluff

    need help

    well its nukeing the maxtor i just hope after this i can install
  15. fattymcbluff

    need help

    allright i also tryed to make a logical partition onm y drive to install to it let me install this time but when i tryed to boot to it i got a disk boot fauler i downloaded darik's boot and nuke, it only finds my maxtor drive not my wd drive
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