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Windows phones send user location to Microsoft


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Add Microsoft Windows Phone 7 to the list of mobile operating systems that silently transmit the precise physical location of the device back to a central database.

CNET reported the location tracking on Monday, almost a week after reports of similar tracking in Apple's iPhone and Google's Android mobile OS raised concerns that smartphones could be used by police, civil litigants, or abusive spouses to track an owner's movements over extended periods of time. [more]

No surprise at all!!

Im glad i dont own even a basic cell phone! (I havent ever liked any of this newer stuff,its all spying garbage)

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You know , if you turn on a computer, your location is marked.

If you do not have the connection in your name , it's put off on someone else, but the exact location of the computer turned on , will never go away.

The computer you made the connection with , is marked by the mac address of the network card. It is tracked by that set of alpha numeric sequences for the life of the card / laptop. It goes further.

Nothing is private, unless you were born in a house or otherwise , never recorded by government . Then you would not be reading this because you have no power let alone know how to type.

But then again , I'm not naive enough to think there aren't those out there in that exact situation that are pure genius and can roam the earthen net going unnoticed.

Get over it people. You want technology for everything you do , but you expect to be a ghost the same . The two together are impossible the way we have developed every aspect of technology , all the way down to society structure.

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I saw a story where a news team downloaded some software and were able to pull some co-workers children's pictures off of Facebook, then they found out the exact coordinates where the children's pictures were taken with the smart phone.

That is scary.

I went thru my phone and found that the location service for the camera was off by default.

Moral of this post, be sure your smart phone's photo location stamp is turned off, unless you want people to know. :rolleyes:

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Technology = Lack of privacy. Its that simple. 99% of "cool apps' for our smart phones require " location data" to use the nifty features we all so love. Therefore, were always on the map.. or so to speak :D

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The way I understand it , the mere name of a " cell phone " , comes from the term cellular , which in the sense that the towers are placed. The signal is caught in " cells " , triangulated between at least two towers and most optimally three. This gives the device a unique address as well as location, as the device is moved " you and I travel " the device connects between other towers for connection.

My point , this is all nothing new for the last 20 years. My first cell phone was a massive bag phone, weighing approx 5+ lb and sported a full sized corded handset. The antenna was on the device connected to the massive battery held within the bag.

I'll never forget the looks I got driving down the road talking on the phone, I do remember one group of peers yelled out the window at me something to the effect of " get a life looser , why did you tear your grandmas phone off the wall PSHYCO " hahaha , not knowing I was talking to my girlfriend lol

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