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  1. Best Free Anti-Virus

    Well, I for one wasn't a really big fan of avast prior to the Ccleaner floxif fiasco, but for an antivirus firm to be distributing a trojan on one of their products for a month has convinced me that disliking them was wise. Words don't even come close to describing the blatant incompetence in the field, that such a mess earns them. (very deservedly IMO) Now they've acquired AVG as well (another that I was never very fond of, really, but it seemed adequate as far as protection was concerned) I've added that to my "Beware, and steer clear of" list.
  2. Best Free Anti-Virus

    Yeah, I'm always prone to be a bit skeptical when things sound a bit too good to be true, and still haven't really messed with all that stuff. Warning bells went off prior to my initial post when a pop-up saying I'd been infected came up, but after phoning their helpline I could tell it was clearly a scam. I did a fairly decent cleanup suggested here (https://malwaretips.com/blogs/malware-removal-guide-for-windows/) and everything looks looks pretty clean.
  3. Best Free Anti-Virus

    Actually, it sounds to me like (caveman geek here, remember:) Bitdefender is just one of a few good antivirus search engines that it can employ in one package.... and even more appealing IMO is the fact that it's freeware.
  4. Best Free Anti-Virus

    I've been looking at a fairly new free antivirus by Qihoo called "360 Total Security", and I'm still snooping around for opinions of people that might be knowledgeable in the field, or even better have first hand experience with the program too. It sounds like a very competitive new player.
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