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  1. Sort of along the same lines as mentioned here earlier, I too find the auto test (my favorite feature and what makes your site superior to alternatives IMO) lacking in that it is vulnerable to service outages. I use the old version (new one just behaves oddly to a caveman) and find that whenever my service isn't working during a scheduled autotest, it gets hung. It displays "RETESTING AT _ _:_ _" displaying a time that has already passed. There it remains, so I have to "end test" and reschedule an entirely new test. Any time during it's fail and when I notice/fix it is untested. Even "Force Re-Test" only runs a re-test, but leaves the autotest in limbo and snoozing.
  2. Well, unfortunately I've decided to quit using your site for the combined auto test as my upload speed can vary from >1Mb to < 100Kb. (1Mb download is the lowest option you offer, despite your express test having many smaller options) I've tried setting it at 1Mb as well as just leaving it alone, yet still stumbled in and caught it taking ages (occasionally over a minute) for the upload portion alone. I try not to use my computer when tests are ongoing but often have to "end test" and come back if something comes up and I need to use my computer, hence deciding to quit using the combined auto test on this site as it serves so poorly.
  3. Obviously still a caveman here. I looked around a few times, yet still overlooked that. That's almost exactly what I was looking for except that a smidge lower that 1 Mb for minimal upload would be handy. (3/4 of a Mb would be ideal, but 1 Mb is still good)
  4. Us canucks (half hour west of edmonton) wouldn't mind a bit of turf down in the tropics. lol (at least didn't quite make it down to -30 C last night, so I shouldn't whine I s'pose) I can't help but wonder why combined tests can't be preset for size. It takes a lot of unnecessary time and data usage waiting for it to snoop, not to mention that it sometimes gets a silly huge number (several times the amount required) and takes several minutes to run. Auto testing can be particularly gluttonous, and it's often unattended so can become costly/risky. Most folks have a pretty fair idea what the ballpark they're in will be, and it would be nice to just set it there.
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