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    CA3LE reacted to Peter B in Time zone options for TMN   
    Yes it is still wrong, should be GMT but showing GMT+1
    I tried clearing the browser testmy.net cookie entries but still the same.
    Opened avast browser and run test, this was correct on GMT
    Back to firefox, rerun still in error. Cleared cookies for testmy.net again. This time I had a different message regarding page reloading.
    Retried the test and now correct GMT time.
    It was probably the cookies and I just did not clear them correctly the first time.
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    CA3LE reacted to DannyDeLoach in Auto test not running   
    TestMy.net is a great service.  Last night I setup Auto Test.  I set it to run every 12 hours.  The first test ran last night at 9:00 PM.  I thought it would run again this morning at 9:00 AM.  However, when I go to My Results, I don't see any tests that have ran this morning.  (It's about 10:30 AM now.)
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    CA3LE reacted to DannyDeLoach in Auto test not running   
    Thanks for your quick and thorough support.  I didn't realize I had to keep the computer running continuously, in order for Auto Test to work.  I appreciate your guide for how to keep my computer running.  Is there any option to have Auto Tests run without keeping my computer on continuously?  I can ensure the computer is on when the test is scheduled, but I'm not in a situation where I can keep my computer on continuously.
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    CA3LE reacted to fasencio in Greetings from Chile - Testing "Mundopacifico Fiber 100 Mb"   
    Yes Sir It is a huge drop.
    Called several times and even posted an "official claim". But still no answer.
    During last holiday , the drop was during the whole daylight hours, max 2 mB.
    TestMynet has been very helpfull with the automated testing procedure and graphical representation of results after several 6 - 12 hours testing every half hour I have done. Thank you all .
    Every now and then , when I was present, I double checked the speed with typical Oklas Speedtest. Just to make shure that when "it drops" it efectively "drops". no matter the testing tool used.
    Just finished contracting with another ISP , MOVISTAR in this case. The new contracted download speed is not that high but I hope it will be stable. It is an ADSL
    I have no other tech options in my home town.
    In my country , Chile, It is thankfully free to opt in or out of an ISP contract with no explaining to do. Except for proportional day to day charge until the day of departure.
    If This new "slower" connection satisfies me , I am going to drop Mundopacífico alltogether, apart from following legal procedures for not answering my claims. 
    Greetings from Chile
    Have a Nice day Sir

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    CA3LE reacted to hap in Thank you tmn:)   
    I love you tmn:)
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    CA3LE reacted to Tadeusz in Upload Speed from test   
    Hello  Pgoodwin1, thank you for the reply, but the below pictures show what I am not understanding, and about calling them (my ISP Explornet the Only available where I am), there is no luck, I did call them several times, last time I called them they said that they see data speed is going to my modem at the rate between 0.5 to 1Mbps and on their end everything is fine, and when I said that I'm paying $139 for 10Mbps, they said "too bad, the only thing they can do is to lower my plan to 5Mbps so I will pay less.
    But that's not the problem even if I would go for 5Mbps I will stil not get that as it drops to near 0Mbps at times.
    That is why I'm trying to Understand/figure out what is going on with my connection, it can't be any trees or obstacles to the tower because between ~ 11:30pm and to about 3:pm the connection is usually 7 to 10Mbps but still the variation is pretty bad from minute to minute.
    For the speed difference I could blame congestion/oversold tower but why this variation in speed?
    One minute is 6Mbps and the next is 244Kbps, of course I test it with TMN because the "fake" Okla speed test shows always higher results, but since I read the whole TMN site, I know now why they show different/higher results.
    Btw, I work for a computer shop and now I tell everyone about Testmy.net and to forget about speedtest.net !!!

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    CA3LE reacted to mudmanc4 in Are there any extended time tests available?   
    Testmy.net has an extended auto bandwidth test  with frequency as well as duration variables.
    I would imagine the throughput spread your experiencing is due to the ISP testing server is likely located on their system, close to you, before any external network or shaping / filtering they may have in place.
    Where testmy.net is testing the route between your ISP and the testing server.
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    CA3LE got a reaction from Larry0915 in Study Shows How Bad Most of the Country Is Getting Ripped Off By Their ISPs   
    Great article on Motherboard.
    How much do you pay and what are your speeds?
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    CA3LE got a reaction from mudmanc4 in 4 different test, 4 emails, all same test results from 1 test   
    That's nice, call me an idiot.  I love giving people a free service and then being called an idiot, fun times.  
    If you hit email on the results page it should send the details of that test, like this.

    After you click the Email button on the results page, do you see the result details being populated with information like in my screenshot?
    If your email client is like mine it will group those messages together.  But looking at them, you should see the test details.


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    CA3LE reacted to bth in 4 different test, 4 emails, all same test results from 1 test   
    I don't know how the idiots programed their site to send the same test results 4 times, when I did 4 separate test, and after each test, I hit the send test results button. Every email has the same test in it.
    How do they do that? Must be the first test over and over.
    And each test I put comments at the bottom of the form for which browser I used. Where are the comments? Not in the email. Nice test and nice looking site, but WTF, where are my other test and where are the comments from the email????
    Ok, I found my comments, each email has different comments, but the test results are all from one test. All other test results are gone, or I can't find them or how to get to them.
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    CA3LE reacted to dionkraft in Post your speed and how much you pay monthly   
    Im on INFOWEST which uses a mini dish which is a radio reciever/transmitter off my roof pointed at a tower for my internet fix.  I pay $69 for the Platinum package which is suppose to get my at MAX: 50 mbps...yeah right...its has slowed somewhat to as crawl to 12 mbps lately. I call tech support and somehow they make some changes..and it goes up to max 35 mbps.
    I dunno if its worth it to pay the mac and maybe I should drop down one tier to 25 mbps at $49.    I tried DSL amd its okay but slow from Century Link.  Well I am glad for testmy.net and its services! 
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    CA3LE reacted to codie in Export Test Results   
    CA3LE - many thanks - will give it a try tomorrow evening (currently running another auto 5 min x 200)
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    CA3LE reacted to Toni Calfim in Extra Identifier   
    And four years have already been gone, and most of users would agree this would be a real great addition too.
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    CA3LE reacted to nanobot in New macOS Update gets Favicon support in Safari after over a decade of lacking it   
    @CA3LE It only took Apple well over a decade, but Safari finally has Favicon support with the new macOS Mojave / Safari 12 update...

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    CA3LE got a reaction from mudmanc4 in Missing results   
    function Salt(){ $replace = array("=" => "_","+" => "~", "/" => "-"); $possible = str_shuffle(base64_encode(hex2bin(RandomToken(100)))); return substr(strtr($possible, $replace), 0, 9); }  improved.
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    CA3LE got a reaction from Toni Calfim in Extra Identifier   
    This is already planned for the next version.  I think it would be a great addition.  
    Thanks for the input, keep it coming.
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    CA3LE got a reaction from Toni Calfim in Speed Test Identifiers   
    No, sorry once the result is inserted it can't be edited... only deleted.
    In the future there may be options to sort, hide and categorize results.  I'll keep your situation in mind during development.
    If you give me a list of Test ID's I can manually change them for you.  Just post it to this thread.
    W9D7NIR~A, 1z9qhWbgC, 9VUk-L_oq
    change from "Home" to "Work"
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    CA3LE reacted to haleba in Request for Middle Variance Formula/Algorithm   
    I'm just glad to get the formula--trying to figure that out was driving me nuts.
    My particular connection issue is very sensitive to throughput with deep troughs, so the progress graph alone is sufficient to tell if the connection is shaky. Speedtest's new progress graph isn't as informative as it used to be. so this is a better alternative.
    As far as alternative measurements, I'll have to ponder that one.  Trying to measure the evenness of a data stream with a single figure is tricky and a lot of the variance examples in Topic 31676 didn't seem to be measured by the variance figure very well except for the ones that approached being truly steady, where the variance was < 30%.
    Once it goes past 30%, visually assessing the progress graph is more useful. One concept might be to give the number of graph minimum inflections with average *low* values: a lot of bottoms near zero would probably indicate "buffer city" for YouTube, so perhaps a "low average" of some sort could be an alternative measure of stream quality.
    Thanks again for clearing this up.
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    CA3LE reacted to haleba in Request for Middle Variance Formula/Algorithm   
    I've been having some issues with my internet service and have been doing a lot of speed testing, mainly using Bandwidth Place and Speedtest.
    My primary issue is the stability of the connection for video streaming (YouTube/Hulu/Netflix...) where a "jittery", highly variable download is a good sign that video streams will choke and buffer frequently.
    TMN looked like a good way to measure this because of the progress graphing, but the "middle variance" rating, which would be a great figure to judge the stability of the download just doesn't make sense: I can't figure out the algorithm that derives it.
    I *have* read the two main forum posts that try to address this
    Topic 31676: Middle Variance?
    Topic 31961: What is "middle variance"? Is it better to be high or low?
    From these I was able to figure out that your "Middle" speed value is the *average* of all the graphed speeds from 10%-90% download completion and can calculate that with Excel, but after hours looking at test data I plain had to give up on reproducing "middle variance".
    The best concrete example is my test result
    With an average of 3 MB/s but a huge peak of 12 MB/s, there is simply no way to find a factor/percentage equal to the stated middle variance of 165%, when the apparent variability is more like 400% relative to the average.
    Once I saw this graph I stopped trying to figure this out and decided that the best way to understand what you're trying to convey is to see the actual formula that's used to compute this.
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    CA3LE got a reaction from Pgoodwin1 in JP   
    Thank you for the heads up.
    This is most likely related to the following topic and should no longer be an issue...
    I'm working on logging when there are connection issues detected during the test in a future version.
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    CA3LE got a reaction from Laser in Who testmy.net is   
    I'll work on a page that cites examples for you.  They're here, just not compiled nicely for you.
    I just go off of what many people tell me.  There are hundreds of stories (just that I've heard) of people who test perfectly fine using other speed tests and testmy.net reports the correct... much lower number.  They email me, often by starting out BLAMING testmy.net.  I tell them to trust the results and they usually email me back later, "testmy.net was right."  I get blamed whenever someone is slow. The other speed tests misrepresent the numbers so people think I'M the one who's wrong because I'm the outlier.  Just because the majority comes to the same answer doesn't mean they do it right.  --- testmy.net is often an outlier because it's a real test.  And instead of focusing on what they're not doing right... how about we all just use TestMy.net and call it a day?!?!  🤣
    I just posted one from the other day to a topic with some other examples I've shared in the past.
    There are some in other topics in the FAQ / Ask TMN forum
    When you're having issues and REALLY need testmy.net... that's when it works best and shows how it's truly proprietary.  Why anyone uses anything other than TMN with evidence that the others fail when needed the most... makes no sense.  Fact is, people just don't know.
    I try not to be all in your face with the ads.  Large portions of the site are purposely ad free (like the forum) and I'm also showing no ads to mobile users. 
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    CA3LE got a reaction from Laser in Who testmy.net is   
    ...not sure, never been there before.    🤣
    Hi DJ, Welcome to testmy.net!
    Yes, that's all still accurate.  Millions of people still regularly use TMN, only a small percentage are members.  An even smaller percentage of members actually use the forums here.  Before facebook, these forums were much more popular.
    To legitimize any of my statements all you have to do is search the internet.  I feel that other people have scrutinized and legitimized what I'm doing over the years, my methodology and core principals never change.  Many have put TMN under a microscope.  In my development I put it under a microscope too.  Maybe I should post more of those findings but if I focused my time on that... it would have to come from somewhere.  I think it's better left said by other people.
    Funding comes from generous support from viewers like you... just kidding, PBS quote.  I have ads.  Maybe one day I won't have to.
    TestMy.net has always been developed and maintained by one person.
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    CA3LE reacted to djk44883 in Who testmy.net is   
    Thanks for your reply.  I just didn't see any ads to know who supports the test.  Still you claim "proprietary method is proven to help identify issues other speed tests fail to detect."  without telling up what issues it helps me identify.  Can I really find info on a propriety method?  It just sounds vague and generalized. 
    All that aside, I do find testmy.net to be one of the more reliable "speed test" sites I use. THANK YOU for all the work you have put into it.
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    CA3LE reacted to BOR15 in 2 graphs   
    OK on closer inspection i think i worked out the top graph. It is the analysis of the download to see how consistent the actual speed of the download is.
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    CA3LE got a reaction from iceb in Fail gracefully when very bad connection   
    Update: The new upcoming version of TestMy.net will not fail on all major updated browsers.  I've implemented service worker which enables TestMy.net offline... obviously you won't be able to test in that state but it is helping me to make this correct and more useful for you (and myself).  Gives me abilities as a developer that I've never had before.  
    I've run numerous batches of tests, purposely disconnecting the internet.  The new version has never failed.  It will log those events too, doesn't right now but it will.  I like your idea for implementation...
    It will detect when you're online, wait.. check again to make sure it wasn't just intermittent... then test again when it feels it's able to..... might not be able to complete the entire test still but it will try then possibly fail again and restart the re-try process.
    I can tell the averaging and database listing programs as a whole to ignore exactly "zero" so it doesn't effect host averages or flood public results... I don't know what would happen other wise so better plan for it.  Especially since that's a point for clients to purposely negatively affect hosts numbers.  (I always want to limit the input received but users... sorry users.  Damn bots and hackers ruined your rep.)  ...that idea provides a simple way to implement without having to add databases or change database structure.  I like that.   --- database structure changes can be an extreme headache, especially since I promised since the beginning that I'd retain all of your old results.
    I'll keep developing.  The update I'm on right now started purely as a design venture, the more major feature rich updates are still planned...but I've been stumbling on so many answers it's become far beyond just what people see at this point.  There is still so much planned, I'm only including the features that I feel are ready.   ... I'd rather be on this new site (all day long).  I make TMN first as something I want to use... but I'm hoping to attract more than people of just own own mindset.  Anyone still reading this is probably of that mindset.  Most will never get as far as you.  I want the other 98% to get it too.  Hopefully this gets a little closer.
    For people who have been long time visitors, keep your old browsers on virtual machines.  I need your help testing old browsers but also keep in mind that I'm developing for the future, I'm no longer concerned about lagging browsers or wasting my development time around their inconsistencies.  I target technologies native to the most popular browsers across the board.  If one browser has janky implementation, I may still release it as long as it's not detrimental to the test results or experience.  IMHO, Safari is the new IE right now.  Annoying.  Chrome, Firefox, Chrome on iOS and Android (period) are the best right now.  I expect Safari to catch up, sorry, it's not on the developer when everyone else agrees.
    By the way, I straight up killed most old browsers when I went full SSL.  Full SSL is 100% necessary for the future of what TMN is doing.  Sorry old browsers.  Trust me, I took a hit with traffic.  When I see software changing ads in browser or including ads to pages I don't have ads on... that showed me early why we need SSL (https).  With SSL that can only happen if the cypher is cracked. 
    To be honest at first I thought, why would TMN need https?  Nobody is buying anything from my site or really sending anything truly secure.  Uh, think again.  Many people may use the same passwords.  Hackers can grab that information as you login at a public wifi and then try the same email address and password on google, facebook, ebay, amazon, etc... till they get a hit.  So stupidly easy for hackers.  Not only that but third party ads may be doing things you don't want... far outside of the scope of common practice (of which some people already may not already want).  And again, a third party program can also edit your webpages and add their own content.  Above all, they want to make money, usually ad or code insertion is the intent.  With the latest SSL people can't do the same malicious stuff.  Not to say it can't be done again, it can always be done again.  Nothing made by man can be protected from man.  What is created from one man's mind can always be decoded in another's.  We just need to evolve with the changes. 
    way off the subject... AI teaching itself to make new cyphers and then keeping the true keys from us, that worries me the more I think about it.  An AI or AIs will invent their own language that we can't possibly understand in our lifetimes.  It will be so efficient that humans can't understand it because we don't work well enough, lol.  Take the highest level of cryptography that you can think of exponentially increase that.  And then realize that the program that creates it may be so obscure that it could be hiding information from us, making us feel secure when it really has all the power.  I say let us humans keep making mistakes and figuring out each other's mistakes and improving naturally.  We as humans should always in great detail fundamentally understand our software and hardware changes... it should never be obscured to the point that no human can understand.  I worry that we'll let computers do our programming and designing to the point that we'll have little understanding of what's truly under the hood or how to control it.  "let the computer figure out how to do that better, it will make it perfect." -- it's cool until it starts talking in a language you can't decode and decides you're not a part of understanding that language simply because you as a human aren't optimal to the system.  To a computer, even our VERY best languages are stupid because they aren't optimal and so that's the first thing to go in my opinion.  This has already happened by the way, just not to a serious degree.  A real AI will be ahead of our moves before we even start moving.  Once you know it's happening, it's too late.  I'm have to be high on the AI's list now.         (haha)
    I believe our community here is made up of people who set the standard for their own communities in regards to all things tech.  We should set the standard by example.  Have your main machines always updated and encourage friends to do the same.  Hardware and software.  Especially software.  And especially right now because there have been so many major updates that EVERY browser is agreeing on.  They don't normally agree like this.  Over 21 years developing in the browser and I've never seen such wide adoption of so many cool new features.  What a great time to develop.
    Anyone who may be still actually reading this and wants access to the beta, just PM me.  If you were a member of any discussion on TMN prior to this post you can have access to the early beta too.  A handful of our veteran members have agreed to help me even early to make sure we give you a clean release but there are always more bugs that we need help finding. 
    -- we'll find 'em together ...and make some more in the process!  Human's Rule.  
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