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    CA3LE got a reaction from ThylacineWings in Per test result notes?   
    That's a great idea and should actually be really easy to implement.
    About to start another round of programming, I think I'll start with this feature.
    Thank you for the kind words by the way.  I'll make sure you're in on the beta tester group.  I have a unique new tool I think you'll be very interested to try.
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    CA3LE reacted to mitchell12388 in Per test result notes?   
    Awesome wasn't expecting such a quick response and or planned implementation but I'm glad I could help and would love to help further via beta testing! Thanks again! You guys rock!!
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    CA3LE reacted to nanobot in Per test result notes?   
    You know this would actually be really handy feature, especially for the configuration note you mentioned. You can add "identifiers" to your tests right now but I think it would be nicer to have a 200-500 char memo field we could add notes to and see on the tables with our own results.
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    CA3LE reacted to mitchell12388 in Per test result notes?   
    I believe the ability to add notes to each completed test would be beneficial because some of my poorer test results have been due to firewall misconfiguration being able to note the configuration issue would allow me to confirm that I do not forget and make the same mistake again in the future as well as help me to remember why the configuration is such in the first place. The other advantage would be I recently upgraded my speed (and will most likely be doing so again very soon) being able to see this on my results would be beneficial in troubleshooting. Thanks in advance for your consideration! Also would like to note I absolutely love your service thanks and keep it up!
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    CA3LE reacted to TestTime in T-Mobile 100 for 50!   
    T-Mobile 100GB for 50 dollars. Wireless. Inseego MiFi 2000 5G Hotspot device.                 
    TestTime's Speed Test Results
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    CA3LE reacted to Pheelix in Ziply Fiber - 1Gig Connection   
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    CA3LE reacted to WIRED Starlink in Any possibility to get a service level app for continuous monitoring?   
    I would also be very interested in having TestMy.net run as a Windows service.  Also, include me in any beta testing.
    Thank You,
    Rick Jungerberg
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    CA3LE reacted to NickS in Any possibility to get a service level app for continuous monitoring?   
    Hi,  I would be very interested to know if there is a version that can run as a Windows service in the background.   Please add me to the testing if still needed.  Thanks, Nick
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    CA3LE reacted to Sean in Incorrect speed test?   
    The first two tests (Ookla and nPerf) run their tests multi-threaded by default, i.e. they typically make around 8 simultaneous connections to the test server to try to saturate the connection.  Ookla has a lot of test servers within the ISP networks, so there is a good chance your test traffic is not leaving their network unless you manually choose another server. 
    To get a multithread test here on TestMy, click the "Multithread off" at the top-right to turn it on.  Note that multithreaded tests don't realistically show what you would get streaming or downloading, which generally run over a single connection from the server.
    Google's built-in speed test is a single connection speed test (not multithreaded), but uses the new TCP BBR congestion protocol.  The TCP BBR congestion protocol is excellent at handling packet loss up to about 5% before it suffers significant speed loss.  As web servers don't have BBR enabled (or installed) by default, most websites use the legacy TCP CUBIC congestion protocol.  For this reason, TestMy does not use TCP BBR, apart from the Colorado Springs server at this time.  A few major web hosts such as Google and Microsoft and CDNs such as Cloudflare are TCP BBR enabled. 
    As Google's speed test uses Measurement Lab's servers, you can see how your speed compares with the widely used TCP CUBIC congestion protocol that Measurement Lab uses on its own website test: 
    If the "Retransmission" figure is not zero, there is a some packet loss on your connection.  If the speed is close to the 80Mbps what you got on Google, then your ISP may have congestion on its peering with international links as TestMy does not have any test servers in Italy. 
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    CA3LE reacted to Pgoodwin1 in Incorrect speed test?   
    Also, the latency times of roughly 10mSec (Rome), and 30 mSec (Milan), indicate that the route of those tests results of 80+ Mbps weren’t done over a very long distance or complex network like you’re typically getting when you test using TestMy. 
    I’m some 700 miles from the NY server. Milan and Rome are about 300 miles apart. I get about 60 mSec latency to NY. 
    It sounds from the 9mS delay that you’re close to Rome.  Your 30 mSec lag is roughly 1/2 of what I typically get and you’re roughly 1/2 the distance from Milan than I am from New York. Your real internet performance will be worse than the 80+ Mbps as for most of your online time, you’ll be connected over much greater distances and much more complex data paths.
    The test methods you’re using are telling you what the maximum sustained performance you can ever expect over short simple data paths. TestMy is giving you a much more realistic measure of what your internet experience will be.
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    CA3LE got a reaction from SpednSteve in Are these speeds expected?   
    Sorry I've taken so long to respond.
    Try doing a multithread speed test.  I'd be interested to see your results.
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    CA3LE got a reaction from ThrottlefixVPN-LB in TestMyNet CLI for Linux   
    Sorry I'm seeing this way after it was posted.
    You can do that but be careful that you aren't repeatedly hitting it... testing only seconds apart, over and over for instance is sure to trigger a blacklist.  But if you're testing using normal intervals you're fine.  
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    CA3LE got a reaction from Sean in Where did that go? Maybe it was never here! Your search returned zero results. You searched for...   
    Correct.  Thank you @Sean
    It's supposed to be disallowed on registration.  I'll look into that to make sure it's not an issue for users in the future.
    @Rebecas hose I modified your username.  Run a few tests and it will save under that new username (https://testmy.net/quickstats/Rebecas hose) correctly.
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    CA3LE reacted to dmnmay in would a repeater help me?   
    hey thanks Sean, this info helps a lot.
    i figured the repeater wouldnt help but i figured i would ask?
    i also figured everything else was good cuz i even saw 30 mbps one time @ 3:am before testing.
    i aslo just learned that my wi-fi is as good as ethernet direct plug in.
    i ran a test on each and both had same results. 
    both took 15 minutes to test.
    wi-fi had .233 & hardline had .217
    i know how to verify when all wi-fi devices are disconnected.
    i am hoping hughes will fix my problem and currently trying to communicate with them?
    my only other option around here is Viasat.
    they wanted $50 bucks more a month but i would gladly pay that for some decent Mbps.
    i havent heard anything about them since i have not meet anybody yet that has them here?
    maybe they are new my area like me?
    have you heard anything bad or good about ViaSat or any difference between the two?
    any insight would sure be appreciated.
    thanks again.
    P.S. ya i leaned how to download netfix movies on my tablet a few years ago.
    then screen mirror to my roku stick on any TV
    i learned how to do this for when i was on cruise ships!
    down load at ports & watch at sea LOL !
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    CA3LE reacted to Sean in would a repeater help me?   
    Unfortunately, a Wi-Fi repeater will not offer any improvement.  A Wi-Fi repeater would only help improve coverage to an area with weak or no Wi-Fi coverage.  It certainly does not improve speed to an area with good Wi-Fi coverage despite what the ads promote.  In fact, they actually cut the Wi-Fi bandwidth in half by repeating every piece of data between the Wi-Fi router and the Wi-Fi connected device.
    As you are able to get up to 25Mbps offpeak, this also confirms that your Wi-Fi connection is not at fault, but instead with your Internet provider limiting the speed during normal hours.
    Both Netflix and YouTube require a minimum of 0.5Mbps to stream in low quality.  Many of your speed tests are either under this or dip below 0.5Mbps midpoint during the test, so this explains the buffering issue.  I see a few are under 300Kbps, the equivalent speed of a 2G phone data connection.  Basically, the Hughes satellite spot beam you're connected to is oversubscribed.
    I suggest setting Netflix to download the episodes you plan watching before heading to bed.  Basically, pick out everything that you might watch the following day and this way you watch them uninterrupted.  A few years ago when I had a slow DSL connection, this was the only way I could reliably watch shows.
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    CA3LE got a reaction from xs1 in macOS Big Sur is a Fat Turd.   
    Just got a 30 second lock up switching tabs in Chrome. 
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    CA3LE reacted to Matthew Lowe in Any possibility to get a service level app for continuous monitoring?   
    Can you add me to the beta testing as we are looking for the same thing ;)
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    CA3LE reacted to Jovan in Geolocation Updates for Tests   
    I would like a feature to update the accurate location of the connection being tested or for the website to request my location. My country has repeated cities, towns, and villages. I would prefer if testmy.net gathered the data themselves vs an API. As the API isn't showing any updated information for my ip address. I guess that comes down to how often my ISP updates the information. 
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    CA3LE reacted to wiggy in Recognize daylight saving time   
    Sorry, but caveman here, so the screenshot is unavailable. It's at the top where the automatic speed test is shown. Right now (nearing 4:30 AM) above the bar that brings up " end test, force retest, wiggy's results"  it is set to re-run every 1 hour, then a bit further on it displays "Retesting at 06:11:17 am."
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    CA3LE reacted to wiggy in Recognize daylight saving time   
    Hi CA3LE.  I'm just west of Edmonton, AB, so I'm on Mountain Standard Time. 
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    CA3LE got a reaction from Laser in Why is Comcast saying they do not support your test site and results?   
    Good eve, I love your testing and results layout... Why is Comcast saying they do not support your test site and results? Thank you! Rebecca  
    Hi Rebecca,   Thank you for the kind words.   Oh Comcast... I don't get it, they were one of the ISPs that helped make my site popular in the first place.  If you were to dig deep enough in my forum and others... Comcast techs used to refer people to TestMy.net.  Their in home techs and telephone support.  People used to start with, "Comcast phone support sent me here...", "I saw my install tech using TestMy.net when my service was installed", etc...)  I had Comcast support techs tell me (well over a decade ago) that TestMy.net is not only their "go to" speed test, it's in their training manual.  Then ookla and speedtest.net come out, giving ISPs a platform that not only works in their favor... I've been told by speedtest.net hosts it can be manipulated if you pay the company enough.   http://testmy.net/ipb/topic/28902-why-do-my-results-differ-from-speedtestnet-ookla-speed-tests/   Anyway, so now they don't accept my results because their own BS Trumps everything else.  There are still many techs that work for Comcast referring people to TestMy.net but not nearly as many.  (Comcast is only one example)  Not always the employee's fault.  They're brainwashed into believing that any results outside of their network can't be trusted.  It's not true.  I've been testing Internet since 1996, long before ANY ISP had their own branded tests from ookla (or anyone else for that matter).  My methodology is the same today as it was then and the same things apply today.  My servers are extremely fast and hosted in the BEST places... and in real data centers where the websites you visit are hosted in.  Data being served to you in much the same way as you'd download it from any source.  The other tests are not made to benefit consumers.  TestMy.net on the other hand was invented by a consumer.   None of the ISPs really seem like me, anymore... but then they still send me emails asking if they can host a TMN speed test within their network.  I tell them yes, but that the client will always have the choice to test against outside servers.  And that I must retain full access to the server to ensure that none of the testing variables are altered.  Funny... for some reason they never email back after that.  Just silence.  They don't like an unbiased opinion, they want you to test in a vacuum.  Their vacuum.   Thank you for using my service, please spread the word with your friends.  TestMy.net has always been 100% word-of-mouth. - Damon - TestMy.net    
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    CA3LE reacted to MrSalty in Any possibility to get a service level app for continuous monitoring?   
    Oh very cool! I love the current app but am very excited to see what improvements you have in store!
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    CA3LE got a reaction from Pgoodwin1 in Tests over 2000 Mbps doesn't register.   
    Hi zneel,
    Sorry for the slow response.  I made a change to the max result.  In the future I'll increase test sizes to greater than 200MB to allow connections like yours to reach their full potential.  
    There is also a multithread upload test I'm developing which will be made available soon.  I imagine the upload on your connection will hit over 500 Mbps using that new test.
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    CA3LE reacted to Droolguy in Any possibility to get a service level app for continuous monitoring?   
    I have tried the automatic speed test, just looking for something that can be run locally as a service so that it keeps going without having to have a window open (or even be logged in).

    Let me know when you get those permissions fixed for the beta group.
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    CA3LE reacted to zneel in Tests over 2000 Mbps doesn't register.   
    That's much nicer thanks !
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