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    The same logic where more people are likely to post negative reviews than positive ones. You're probably right, to a degree. I think there are also plenty of people who test here on sunny days. If that is true, it's true across the board with all providers. They're all being judged using the same method. In my experience, the better providers always perform better and rank higher here. Is any of this perfect, no. Will it ever be perfect, no. Will I try, definitely. After TMN's recent full switch to https (SSL) settles in with the search engines I have an upgrade to the host stats pages you mention. It aggregates a much broader range and I think it better represents the highlighted ISP, city or country's speed because it won't just be showing you the logs like it does today. It will unlock a huge amount of information that TMN has been calculating and storing in private databases for a very long time now. So look for that tool to become higher resolution in the near future.
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    $89.99 Cable and TV. Xfinity Massachusetts
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    It is ironic that you can only get 1990's era speeds at a luxury $400/night hotel, that is a short days drive from silicon valley. The only place I've had worse internet recently was in Cuba. (The food is just as overpriced and substandard as well BTW)
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    If ISPs decide to throttle traffic, they would need to do this all services to be effective, in which case it would probably be easier for them to charge by maximum speed like many ISPs did in the post, e.g. one price for 10Mbps, a higher price for 50Mbps and so on. Otherwise, it would be relatively straight forward to overcome with the use of a VPN. Let's say an ISP prioritises port 8080 to deliver fast speed tests while throttling everything else, just use something like OpenVPN over port 8080 with a VPN privacy service. To the ISP, all your traffic would be seen and treated as speed test traffic. For example, about two years ago the Irish cellular networks Three and Vodafone were doing something similar, i.e. throttling most traffic over the standard web ports (e.g. HTTP port 80), while letting port 8080 run at full speed to deliver fast speed tests, at least with the well-known Ookla Speedtest App. At the time, it meant one could get 4G speed tests over 20Mbps, yet faced slow browsing speeds similar to a 1Mbps connection. All I had to do was make a VPN connection over port 8080 (same port # as Ookla uses for its speed tests) and everything performed a heck of a lot better. A few months later, Three changed their tactic by prioritising certain services such as YouTube when the network is congested. This means YouTube can potentially play 4K fine even when the speed tests (including Ookla) deliver low test result figures.
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    Happy Birthday!

    Okay, so I was just going through forums topics and profiles, and just realized,.. It's @CA3LE's birthday today! Happy Birthday Damon! Hope you have a good one, I don't know if you celebrate or not but I wanted to wish you a happy birthday and show some gratitude! It's on a Friday, so this might be a fun weekend for you, if not ... MAKE IT ONE! Wohoo!
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    Happy Birthday!

    The fact that I have realized the power of GIF here... I am going to be having fun. Trolololo Haha yea I read the PM first, habit of reading PMs before Posts on Forums Wait. I JUST realized YOU MADE MY LABEL "this guy's cool" LOL
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    Australian Servers?

    @barney79, Welcome to testmy.net forum. If your testing to a specific server such as the testmy.net Australian server, and the test is originated from the same continent, that is where the test is run. Full stop. The reporting server has no bearing on the test results. The test has already been completed before results are sent anywhere, the Australian test server simply reports findings to the main testmy.net server, records them into the database, and reports back to you, after the test has been taken. If you were to run the multi threaded test ( selecting more than one server, then yes there would obviously be more variables involved) but that is not your question or case it seems. Not sure where the provider is getting this information, but generally speaking, that theory would not be viable in any test environment. As you may well already be aware of.
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    Thank you!! Now I see the download test packets payload with alphanumeric characters and no-transform directive in the http response.
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    It would make life easier if the date and time for each test record was separated. That is, when the csv file is loaded into a spreadsheet, the date and time loaded into separate columns. This would allow ready examination of connection performance by time. Otherwise, extremely valuable tool.
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    Very useful site. Good to hear time/date is being thought about.
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    $49.95 a month Money well spent.
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    No .csv Results

    Until yesterday I could Download my results (all results from the beginning of my membership) to Excel. Starting yesterday I started getting: I can see the Data and take Screen shots by cannot DL the data for use in Excel. I have attached a current and Prev Excel file. Any help appreciated 20171111 TestMy Data.xlsx Joesolstice-testmy.net-stats(8).xlsx
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    Building my own testmy.net server

    iperf is working pretty well, thanks for the pointers!
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    When I look at your results I see that when you're signed in you have selected the United Kingdom locale. This sticks to your sign in, it also remembers this setting when you're not signed in. And these settings are separate. The way the program sees it, when you're not sign in your ID is you "COMP_ID" this is a mathematical computation on your IP address. If you share that IP address, you'll share the comp ID. When you sign in this switches over to using your username as the primary key. You're still stored by comp_id but primarily stored by username. In future versions I may make it share the settings or import the settings. For now, keep in mind that your sign in has separate settings. Once you sign in your settings change to the settings you had set last time you signed in. https://testmy.net/stats/?&t=c&d=01072018&x=1&l=25&q=228656468992 See the UK flag next to the faster result. Your results will vary based on the selected mirror.
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    Posting image on the interwebz is scary.
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    Intermittent Drop Out

    For the past year I have been running Net Uptime Monitor (netuptimemonitor.com) on Windows. I find it excellent. OK, it costs USD 10, but it really works. Every 10 seconds it pings Google, and if no response it will successively ping two other servers of your choice. If no response from any of the servers pinged it logs your internet connection as down, logging the time it went down and its duration. Over the past 24 hrs, for example, it logged my internet failing 84 times, the duration of the fails ranging from 10 secs to 1 hour !
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    Speed test wrong?

    No idea what any of that means. Are there other speed tests I can check that are more reliable? I use to use the Ookla speed test but I heard since it runs the test with Flash it's not reliable or accurate.
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    differance to negative with hughes net

    Welcome to testmy.net forum @mudman59 , Looks as if the connections speeds are rather sporadic, chances are there are a lot of other customers in the area.
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    Hi - this is for your technical support group I do a lot of wifi performance testing on airplanes and use testmy.net from time to time. I've noticed a change recently with your manual version of testmy.net for UL and DL testing. When I am in systems with small latencies, it seems to work fine, but for satellite-based systems where the intrinsic latency is 600 -1000 ms on one particular vendor, your test always comes back with a DL speed of between 1.7 -> 2.2 Mbps. These links we are testing are typically 10 -> 50 Mbps and so I know something is wrong. In the past it worked fine, but lately it seems like it clamps everything to about 1.7 Mbps. Last year, testmy.net did not have this issue and reported speeds similar to other speed tests. The problem is that not only I am using this but end customers are as well and I think the results could be misleading. I run other tests on the planes like; fast.com, dslreports.com or our own tput tests and they come back with the expected data rates. I've also run our own tput tests using curl and file sizes up to 100 MBytes capturing packets with wireshark and am confident in the data rates we are seeing with the other tools. The data rates do vary over time due to link usage but each time I've tried testmy.net on the past 6 or so flights, its always giving me the same results. Could you please look into this for me and let me know why this is acting this way? Here's another set of tests from another flight: thanks very much 'mark
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    Down & Up Combined Score

    Or... better yet... use a 10G adapter on my Mac Pro...
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    clear all present data

    Instead of deleting you can also change the "Date / Days" fields so that it doesn't show your old results. In your case most of your older results are taken before you registered, so you could also hide those by scrolling down below the result list (details). There's an option at the bottom, you'll see that mine is already toggled to only show the results I logged under my username. Hope this helps. I personally prefer altering the query to display what you want vs deleting because I like to look back at my old results over time. Will especially be true in the future. The program deletes the result across all databases, the next major release it will instead hide the result, allowing it to be recoverable. For those who have thousands of results or just want help clearing old results I'm happy to do this on request. Just shoot me a PM.
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    Hello from Australia, the land of droughts, floods, fires, deadly creatures and poor internet speeds!
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    Just been upgraded to the secret VIVID 350 by virgin media; and here are my results; I want to beat the 350 marker soon! Other's have scored 380.
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    AS a new user I like this service, but would appreciate it more if I were able to access the data for download so I can do some local processing on them and produce long-term statistics on my connection. It may be this feature is already available, but I couldn't find it. S
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    I'm measuring two pcs at the moment (jxpontig2 are the results I need help with). It is running off TalkTalk on an Ethernet cable. Here is an extract and you should see that I get intermittent issues as described... 84935422942 Talktalk history qWwhfBU43 share history Mon Apr 10 2017 @ 10:14:13 am Dallas, TX GB arrow 6.2 MB 6.39 Mbps 799 kB/s 84935422942 Talktalk history xsQSPgCXO share history Mon Apr 10 2017 @ 10:03:56 am Dallas, TX GB arrow 6.4 MB 6.99 Mbps 874 kB/s 84935422942 Talktalk history 4H1F9UzN7 share history Mon Apr 10 2017 @ 9:53:41 am Dallas, TX GB arrow 4.5 MB 4.17 Mbps 521 kB/s 84935422942 Talktalk history GHBU9aIvo share history Mon Apr 10 2017 @ 9:43:09 am Dallas, TX GB arrow 1.3 MB 1.37 Mbps 172 kB/s 84935422942 Talktalk history I2pt1SsK7 share history Mon Apr 10 2017 @ 9:37:36 am Dallas, TX GB arrow 6.3 MB 6.34 Mbps 793 kB/s 84935422942 Talktalk history oa90TGvp3 share history Mon Apr 10 2017 @ 9:27:18 am Dallas, TX GB arrow 6.2 MB 6.91 Mbps 863 kB/s 84935422942 Talktalk history 4RynX0S6L share history Mon Apr 10 2017 @ 9:17:02 am Dallas, TX GB arrow 256 kB 77 Kbps 10 kB/s 84935422942 Talktalk history jpT9VoX1s share history Mon Apr 10 2017 @ 9:06:30 am Dallas, TX GB arrow 6.3 MB 5.79 Mbps 724 kB/s 84935422942 Talktalk history 0wLFpYf3v share history Fri Apr 07 2017 @ 8:30:56 pm Dallas, TX GB arrow 6.2 MB 6.33 Mbps 792 kB/s 73067234271 Tiscali Uk Limited history K8c4hXxvF share history Fri Apr 07 2017 @ 8:20:40 pm Dallas, TX GB arrow 6.2 MB 6.46 Mbps 808 kB/s 73067234271 Tiscali Uk Limited history wniAxbHt1 share history Fri Apr 07 2017 @ 8:10:25 pm Dallas, TX GB arrow 6.2 MB 6.55 Mbps 819 kB/s 73067234271 Tiscali Uk Limited history nK0WJ6pIe share history Fri Apr 07 2017 @ 8:00:08 pm Dallas, TX GB arrow 5.9 MB 6.45 Mbps 807 kB/s 73067234271 Tiscali Uk Limited history tiVoGSD5c share history Fri Apr 07 2017 @ 7:49:49 pm Dallas, TX GB arrow 6.2 MB 6.96 Mbps 870 kB/s 73067234271 Tiscali Uk Limited history pltYFU72B share history Fri Apr 07 2017 @ 7:39:34 pm Dallas, TX GB arrow 256 kB 81 Kbps 10 kB/s 73067234271 Tiscali Uk Limited history arUfkYQHd share history Fri Apr 07 2017 @ 7:29:01 pm Dallas, TX GB arrow 6.3 MB 7.52 Mbps 940 kB/s 73067234271 Tiscali Uk Limited history YZysncOpk share history Fri Apr 07 2017 @ 7:18:46 pm Dallas, TX GB arrow 256 kB 80 Kbps 10 kB/s 73067234271 Tiscali Uk Limited history ILd9Us0Oc share history
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