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    The same logic where more people are likely to post negative reviews than positive ones. You're probably right, to a degree. I think there are also plenty of people who test here on sunny days. If that is true, it's true across the board with all providers. They're all being judged using the same method. In my experience, the better providers always perform better and rank higher here. Is any of this perfect, no. Will it ever be perfect, no. Will I try, definitely. After TMN's recent full switch to https (SSL) settles in with the search engines I have an upgrade to the host stats pages you mention. It aggregates a much broader range and I think it better represents the highlighted ISP, city or country's speed because it won't just be showing you the logs like it does today. It will unlock a huge amount of information that TMN has been calculating and storing in private databases for a very long time now. So look for that tool to become higher resolution in the near future.
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    $89.99 Cable and TV. Xfinity Massachusetts
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    No longer detecting my provider?

    Testmy.net is not detecting IPv6 address correctly. Disabling IPv6 fixes this issue. If your using the MaxMind DB there are different databases for IPv4 and IPv6 depending on how you have them stored on your end.
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    You may be seeing the same thing I experienced when I tried to upgrade a while back. I'll have to do some digging to find the topic. What ended up happened in my case... I reverted back to my old package. Although the new package was faster on the top end it had such a slow ramp up after the upgrade that I favored my old package. The new package required a new modem (16 channel). As with many previous cable internet speed upgrades over the years I was excited to upgrade, newer modem usually means great things. But that's just not at all what I observed with TestMy.net. Other tests, especially speedtest.net, will show higher results. They don't work like TestMy.net... they combine threads to achieve the highest possible speed. Good to know but it only shows part of the performance picture. For a multithread comparison within TMN you should try TestMy.net's multithread speed test - make sure you disable the option when you're done to test as you normally do. My conclusion was that the newest, "fastest" packages from Comcast we're not what I was expecting. Again, fast top end but really slow starting out. It's like having a Lamborghini that can only drive in 4th-6th gear... eventually it will win a LONG race but for most stuff it just didn't stack up to the slower package with less threads. The "slower" package jumps off the line like a Tesla. Instantly up to speed with little ramp up at all. By the time the 16 channel modem would ramp up my "slower" modem/package was already done with the race ...and the next one. Sometimes higher package speed doesn't equate to higher results on a single computer. It might just equate to more computers and devices that can be aggressively pulling resources without affecting each others speed as much. Personally, I favor my off the line performance more than the top end or being able to serve more devices. Especially with how bad it was in this case. I switched back and my results instantly fell back into line with the performance curve I expect. By the way, I'm still easily able to serve over 20 devices on my connection. That was the first time a cable upgrade disappointed me and needed to be switched back to previous settings. Hey... at least I saved money because I no longer needed a new modem and the "slower" package is cheaper. TestMy.net saved me money by showing me that I actually performed better on a cheaper package.
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    What does your username mean?

    It started out Rustycrew . At Pocono race rusty wallace signed my shirt . To my honorary crew member Rusty Wallace. Then later I shortened it to Rustcrew. My weimeraner tore the shirt up when she was a puppy.
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    Wow guys, looking at the speeds here makes me wonder what kind of country I'm living in... I joined this site because of it's ability to automatically run tests... here's my first result at 10:30pm! Optus Net Sydney Australia Paying $120 p.m
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    Proof of Network Throttling

    So, after thinking about my slow download speed that only occurred during specific times, I got to thinking. What was the common denominator? Street lights! I contacted my electric company and asked if they could disable the closet street lights to my location. Friday night, I checked my speed, but it still dropped shortly after 7pm. The next week, I had both the phone linesman and one of the electric company linesman come to my house just after my speed dropping again. The had me hook up my modem directly to a generator, and run my laptop by battery. Still no change. Then the electric company guy cut power to the area where I live. Still no change. Before they left, they discussed the option of a planned blackout further away from my house sometime that week, after getting permission from the town. Soon after they departed, I went and checked my download speed again. Lo and behold, it was back! The phone man called from his office shortly after, and I asked if he was seeing what I was. He stated that after leaving, he and the electric company guy got to a street light that wasn't operating except for a very faint glow. It was unhooked from the town power, and I got my internet back! So, if any of you have an issue like this, tell your phone company/electric company to start disconnecting street lights!
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    Welcome to the forum! Cheers!
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    Gympie QLD

    Hello from Oz

    Greetings from QLD Australia. I've just read through some of the FAQ's in your forum, and am impressed by your responses to the usual questions regarding different speed test results from different testing sites. Very informative. I have been using mostly ozspeedtest.com. I have just upgraded from a 25Mbps plan to a 50, and have been enthusiastically testing my new speeds (FTTN, some copper in my street). For your information, the ozspeedtest and Testmy.net results correlate very closely in multiple tests . . . they also confirm what my ISP (Telstra) said I could expect (about 46 Mbps). After reading through your forum, I have decided to use Testmy.net as my go to speed test from now on, with an occasional reference to the other site for comparison. Thank you for providing this valuable, independent service.
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    Hi swantesty, I'm using the correct conversions, please see https://testmy.net/understand-bandwidth. In your details you can see next to the result in Mbps is also the result in MB/s. You may not be getting the same results as other tests because TestMy.net is not the other speed tests. Other speed tests draw resources in multiple streams. Although TestMy.net can test that way (enable the multithread speed test and test again as you normally do, keep in mind it remembers the setting next time) it does not work this way by default. As a community we found right away that the multithread testing method that everyone uses often masks issues. You can achieve higher results in multithread even if you have an issue affecting your bandwidth. You should instead be tuning single thread performance, if that performs at it's full potential the multithread results will always fall in line. Multithread speed test results favor the ISP. They'd rather you had 10 pipes at 10 Mbps than to draw that all down one pipe. In that example you will appear to have 100 Mbps when you aggregate the result into one but in TMN's eyes... you have 10 Mbps. TMN isn't here to make it easy, it's here to help you improve. It will only call it how it sees it. I've seen it on my own connection and my own mother has seen it on hers. Both times (separate instances) we knew we had an issue at the time so we went out and used a bunch of other speed tests to compare what members had been telling us for years. speedtest.net and others reported 10X higher result when we had modem issues that were physically limiting the single thread performance. If we had only used the other tests we could have thought, "well it must just be the websites I'm visiting." --- The only test that gave indication to the issue was TestMy.net. Modems were swapped and both times and instantly performance returned on TMN results. Re-testing other speed tests had pretty much the same results as before so again, no indication. We had many other factors that were tested outside of speed tests to prove the performance was in line with what TMN was reporting. That was probably over 7 years ago, the same is true now. The methodology here is the same as it has been since TMN's inception in 2001.
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    Zero Speed results

    I ran an automatic test and the provider service was so bad at times that the test timed out. But this is not reflected in the results. I copied the results into Excel and made my own graph with the results including zero speed when the test timed out. (See included image of results with zero results included) The graph with those zero results included shows a true picture of the service while the website graph show a better level of service. I think zero speed (timeout) results should be included... Noel
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    testmy.net perfection

    Let this sink in for a moment. Now have a look at setting in squid locally:
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    It is ironic that you can only get 1990's era speeds at a luxury $400/night hotel, that is a short days drive from silicon valley. The only place I've had worse internet recently was in Cuba. (The food is just as overpriced and substandard as well BTW)
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    If ISPs decide to throttle traffic, they would need to do this all services to be effective, in which case it would probably be easier for them to charge by maximum speed like many ISPs did in the post, e.g. one price for 10Mbps, a higher price for 50Mbps and so on. Otherwise, it would be relatively straight forward to overcome with the use of a VPN. Let's say an ISP prioritises port 8080 to deliver fast speed tests while throttling everything else, just use something like OpenVPN over port 8080 with a VPN privacy service. To the ISP, all your traffic would be seen and treated as speed test traffic. For example, about two years ago the Irish cellular networks Three and Vodafone were doing something similar, i.e. throttling most traffic over the standard web ports (e.g. HTTP port 80), while letting port 8080 run at full speed to deliver fast speed tests, at least with the well-known Ookla Speedtest App. At the time, it meant one could get 4G speed tests over 20Mbps, yet faced slow browsing speeds similar to a 1Mbps connection. All I had to do was make a VPN connection over port 8080 (same port # as Ookla uses for its speed tests) and everything performed a heck of a lot better. A few months later, Three changed their tactic by prioritising certain services such as YouTube when the network is congested. This means YouTube can potentially play 4K fine even when the speed tests (including Ookla) deliver low test result figures.
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    Happy Birthday!

    Okay, so I was just going through forums topics and profiles, and just realized,.. It's @CA3LE's birthday today! Happy Birthday Damon! Hope you have a good one, I don't know if you celebrate or not but I wanted to wish you a happy birthday and show some gratitude! It's on a Friday, so this might be a fun weekend for you, if not ... MAKE IT ONE! Wohoo!
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    Happy Birthday!

    The fact that I have realized the power of GIF here... I am going to be having fun. Trolololo Haha yea I read the PM first, habit of reading PMs before Posts on Forums Wait. I JUST realized YOU MADE MY LABEL "this guy's cool" LOL
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    Australian Servers?

    @barney79, Welcome to testmy.net forum. If your testing to a specific server such as the testmy.net Australian server, and the test is originated from the same continent, that is where the test is run. Full stop. The reporting server has no bearing on the test results. The test has already been completed before results are sent anywhere, the Australian test server simply reports findings to the main testmy.net server, records them into the database, and reports back to you, after the test has been taken. If you were to run the multi threaded test ( selecting more than one server, then yes there would obviously be more variables involved) but that is not your question or case it seems. Not sure where the provider is getting this information, but generally speaking, that theory would not be viable in any test environment. As you may well already be aware of.
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    Thank you!! Now I see the download test packets payload with alphanumeric characters and no-transform directive in the http response.
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    It would make life easier if the date and time for each test record was separated. That is, when the csv file is loaded into a spreadsheet, the date and time loaded into separate columns. This would allow ready examination of connection performance by time. Otherwise, extremely valuable tool.
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    Very useful site. Good to hear time/date is being thought about.
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    $49.95 a month Money well spent.
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    Spectrum 100 Mbps↓, 10 Mbps↑ $40.00 per month/ No Data Cap :::.. Internet Speed Test Result Details ..::: Download Connection Speed:: 112269 kbps or 112.3 Mbps Download Speed Test Size:: 89 MB or 91136 kB or 93323264 bytes Download Binary File Transfer Speed:: 14034 kB/s or 14 MB/s Upload Connection Speed:: 9035 kbps or 9 Mbps Upload Speed Test Size:: 6.2 MB or 6304 kB or 6455296 bytes Upload Binary File Transfer Speed:: 1129 kB/s or 1.1 MB/s Timed:: Download: 6.65 seconds | Upload: 5.716 seconds Tested At:: http://TestMy.net Test Time:: 2017-07-26 15:12:34 Local Time Client Location:: Target:: Dallas, TX http://dallas.testmy.net Validation:: http://testmy.net/db/z9h7cr4ns.Cu2VIK5x3 TiP Measurement Summary (Download):: Min 100.76 Mbps | Middle Avg 113.39 Mbps | Max 127.1 Mbps | 21% Variance TiP Data Points:: 107.72 Mbps, 114.52 Mbps, 121.57 Mbps, 127.1 Mbps, 115.11 Mbps, 105.19 Mbps, 111.11 Mbps, 112.6 Mbps, 120.92 Mbps, 114.72 Mbps, 106.86 Mbps, 117.53 Mbps, 103.24 Mbps, 106.86 Mbps, 114.72 Mbps, 112.03 Mbps, 116.71 Mbps, 106.86 Mbps, 100.76 Mbps Client Stats:: http://testmy.net/quickstats/TexasmadeJ http://testmy.net/compID/22483708363669 User Agent:: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/59.0.3071.125 Safari/537.36 [!] http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/a/2472499248
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    cleaning a pc with air compressor

    As ridiculous as it sounds, most computer components such as the motherboard, PSU and certain expansion cards can survive a full dishwasher cycle. Obviously that's not how I recommend cleaning a PC. The following 8-year old video is an example. The internals were covered in cigarette smoke residue, so he decided to dismantle the components and put them through the dish washer, with the exception of the case, battery and the hard disk. I also enjoy watching videos on old hardware such as restoration videos. I have come ones where such hobbyists put components through a dishwasher cycle to clean extensive debris build-up from being left for 10+ years in storage such as a dusty shed. As long as no moisture remains when the PC is powered up, it should be fine. I generally clean my PC with an air duster, which is basically an aerosol can filled with propellant gas. Here in Ireland, humidity is usually on the high side, e.g. I run a dehumidifier to keep the indoor level below 60%. The only component I may wash is the keyboard. I have a Corsair Cherry Red Mechanical keyboard that I accidentally knocked a glass of cider on. I immediately unplugged it, tried wiping off what I could and let it dry. Once dry, many of the letters were sticking. When I started removing the keys to try cleaning below, I realised the mechanical switches were jamming. With what appeared to be a ruined keyboard that I only purchased a few months before the incident, I figured I'll try giving it a bath as we don't have a dishwasher. I partially filled a wide container with water from our dehumidifier (since it's effectively distilled), soaked the keyboard and pushed each key multiples times to force water through the switches. I left it to dry for about a week. It's fully functional again, all keys work and no sticking or other issue since.
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    Our very own @nanobot or EBrown has been interviewed by the BBC on Net Neutrality, here is what he had to say. Very nicely worded Elliot The full story can be found here To get more information as to the issues regarding net neutrality, visit or even join the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation)
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    I am posting this as an example to show how to successfully get a credit for speeds you are not getting. Depending on the ISP, the results could vary, however, the trick is to let them KNOW that you are not stupid, nor will you tolerate their fraudulent practices. Here is a copy of my last chat with Comcast/Xfinity Customer Service. I do apologize for not having the first half of the conversation, as I was disconnected on their end before I could print it. I only ask that you use this as a reference, and not as a script, for they tend to catch on quickly: chat id: b75e3f6a-95a8-4c48-bac7-cfd290d497f6 Problem: I got disconnected. PLease read notes and then apply my credit. Harvey > Hello JOHN_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Harvey. Please give me one moment to review your information. JOHN_ > My Issue: I got disconnected. PLease read notes and then apply my credit. Harvey > Hi, John! Harvey > I hope you are having a wonderful evening. Harvey > How much was the credit? JOHN_ > Two weeks at his or less speeds: http://speedtest.xfinity.com/results/J592QAT4WMFBXA3 Harvey > Sorry we are unable to access links that is non-Comcast. JOHN_ > I get 50% or less speeds, I pay only 50% or less for my bill. JOHN_ > That IS Comcast Harvey > Please allow me to look into your account Harvey > For security reasons, may I have your full name? JOHN_ > It is the Xfinity Speed test, only I ddid not log in to take the test to eliminate prioritizing the results. JOHN_ > John ________ Harvey > Thanks, Harvey > Since you are already logged in to your account, we can now skip the verification process. Harvey > Please give me a few minutes to check. JOHN_ > I have already been through the tech departments attempt to fix the issue, as you can see.. they were once again unsuccsessful. I will call the tech myself tomorrow so he can also verify that this issue is not the router/lines, ect. Harvey > So you expect a credit for half of your current package price, correct? JOHN_ > Yes. I do not pay for service I do not recieve, especially when that issue is recurring within 24-48 hours after "repair". Harvey > I'll do my best to be help you out here. Harvey > Kindly give me a couple of minutes. JOHN_ > This continues from m0onth to month, so I will gather the test results accordingly and keep getting discounted for every month Comcast does not live up to their end of our agreement. JOHN_ > Whether you do or not, is going to reflect in the survey. The issue will still be made public as long as it continues. Harvey > That is Comcast. How about me assisting you? Would it also reflect? JOHN_ > Comcast had their chance to do right by me, and they continuously fail. As long as that occurs, I will not pay for service I do not receive, period. JOHN_ > The survey will only reflect your service to me. Harvey > Well, please allow me to give you a positive customer service experience. JOHN_ > I will not take my frustration out on you, however, I do expect the credit. Harvey > I am now doing my best to fulfill you request. Harvey > I am now coordinating with our Support Group. Harvey > I understand, please give me more minutes. JOHN_ > Certainly, just do not disconnect. Harvey > Of course, I won't do that. JOHN_ > And I have made arragements already to have a Comcast Tech supervisor to come out and test the lines/router ect. JOHN_ > So that will not be necessary on your end. JOHN_ > I made that arrangement alst time I had this issue. JOHN_ > last* not aist* , I apologize for my typographical errors. Harvey > Oh, not that's fine. Harvey > *oh, that's fine. Harvey > Sorry my keyboard is acting up. JOHN_ > Mine is just old. I keep it around because I like the clickety sound it makes. Harvey > (smiles) Harvey > Your current monthly rate is $49.99 + $10.00 for modem rent = $59.99. Harvey > I am glad to inform you that I was able to get you the credit for $30.00. Harvey > I already applied it myself and it will reflect on your online account within 24-48 hours. JOHN_ > Thank you very much. I do appreciate you and all your fellow chat reps for trying to fix the issue, it is too bad that I know it isn't actually the equipment doing this. Harvey > You are most welcome. I just did my part John. Harvey > Glad to have you on chat this evening. Harvey > Also, Harvey > I see you have an email address on file of _____________@GMAIL.COM. Is this still a good email to use if we have important messages concerning your Comcast account like appointment confirmation or changes to your account? JOHN_ > And for that, I am grateful. I know you all do not get to hear that enough, so here is me saying it. You are appreciated. Harvey > Thank you for the kind words. JOHN_ > Oh yes. I keep that email address current. I use it for research as well. Harvey > Yeah not everyday that we'd hear appreciation, but I'm glad I was able to this evening. Harvey > Thank you John. Harvey > Was I able to answer your inquiries and met your expectations for today? JOHN_ > Yes, and anytime. Also, let me just say before I go that I know how hard your job is, as my wife did that for years, and she also appreciates you. Harvey > Thank you so much! JOHN_ > Have a wonderful day/night/week. I hope that I am the hardest situation you have to deal with this week. Harvey > Is there anything else that I can help you with? Harvey > You take care my friend. Harvey > Have a safe night. JOHN_ > No, you've been great. Now get me to that survey so I can give you your great review!
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    TMN Test Fails To Start

    TMN one-shot, combined test fails to start. Have experienced this today on two computers (Dell Inspiron, i5 CPU, Win 8.1 and Gateway SX2801, 3 GHz Pentium, Win 7). In about 15 minutes, the attached screenshot is all that happened. Is the problem mine or yours? Note the very small, periodic transmissions of ~0.01% network utilization on the Task Manager display. My ISP speedtest says connection is 82 Mbps down and 19 Mbps up and CNET speedtest shows 52 Mbps down so I do have a network connection
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    TMN Test Fails To Start

    Here is another screenshot of a successful single-shot, combined test. The first transmission in the Task Manager display occurred when I initiated the test. Minutes later, the second transmission occurred when the test was finally run. What caused the long delay?
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    Just new here.

    Hello all, My name is Jim and I'm just new here. Great community you guys have here. I hope I'm pretty much welcome though.
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    Funny Stuff

    This one made me lol.
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    Sticky thread outdated.

    I wanted to follow the steps provided on the Sticky, however It's from 2004 and has windows Vista? Get with the times Just looking for info on Win 10 x64
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    On the Home page there’s an Identifier button just above the Test My Internet button. Set the Identifier to something different for each computer. Then later you can filter results on those Identifiers
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    Building my own testmy.net server

    iperf is working pretty well, thanks for the pointers!
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    The most common question that people ask us is why their results here differ from speedtest.net. I want to explain something that may help you understand why this is. According to the Ookla Wiki the following is true about your tests taken at speedtest.net... The fastest 10% and slowest 30% of your results are DISCARDED The remaining data is averaged together to determine the final result Throwing away the fastest 10% and slowest 30% of the results in my opinion does not make for an accurate test. Isn't THAT the data that you're here to see? Also note this isn't only true for speedtest.net. Ookla is huge, most of the speed tests online run their software. Source: wiki.ookla.com Multithreading makes your connection look better Ookla speed tests are also multithreaded. Meaning that they open more than one connection to the host and combine the speeds. This often can mask congestion issues. For instance, imagine that you have a pipe along your route that's limiting you to 10 Mbps. If you open more than one connection through that pipe you'll be able to achieve a faster speed... but testing that way will not clue you in that there is actually a problem along the route. Remember, you shouldn't have to multithread your connection to pull your full speed. Multithreaded speed tests, like the majority out there, are designed to benefit the Internet provider not the consumer. They often display your maximum throughput not your throughput over the course of an entire upload or download. Omitting the worst portion of your test resulting in inflated scores that may make you feel warm and fuzzy but aren't going to help you see and resolve connection issues. Multithreading can show that you're able to max out your connection by combining the speed of concurrent connections but a great connection can max out without having to multithread. So, if you have to multithread your connection to get your full speed, you should be asking why that is. With TestMy.net it's instantly apparent if there is a congested route. Your speed here reflects the actual loading time of data within your browser... not the combined efforts of multiple threads being altered (dropping the top 10% and bottom 30% of the results) and added together, all through a plugin that isn't suited for the task. :: EDIT :: If you'd like to multithread with TMN, I offer that as well. Try the multithread speed test. TMN's multithread test gives you the option to select from an array of servers. Allowing you to test across multiple routes, to more than one server at a time. TestMy.net is the only Internet speed test with this ability. So THAT'S why your results differ. -- TestMy.net is a harder test to ace and a lot less forgiving than other speed tests. But isn't that what a benchmark should be? :: EDIT :: Another thing to consider is if you're running windows, particularly if it's older than Windows 7 you may need to tune your TCP stack to see your full speeds. Windows doesn't always come out of the box optimized for fast connections. Flash based speed tests fail to detect this problem. To make this change for free I recommend TCP Optimizer. This makes changing those settings very easy and nearly fool proof. Just open it, slide the bar over to your speed that you're supposed to have, check "modify all adapters" ...apply the settings and reboot. You should have faster speeds after your re-test if that was the problem. Here's an outside source talking about exactly this issue, I'll hunt down more examples. >> Download Speed Test - Something fishy? A few related topics :: Accuracy.. Slow upload, drastically different from other speed tests Resuts Vs. Actual Download speeds? TestMy.net shows different results than other speed tests TestMy v Ookla Difference Between Speed Test Sites? Satellite Service Testing Locking at around 14Mbps Questioning speedtest.net resolved with TestMy.net Outside Sources :: Internet providers caught inflating speed test results [myce.com] Use Testmy.net or else!! NO MORE speedtest.net posts will be allowed!!! by the Admin on [xplornetsucks.com] Accurate Speeds Or Speed Test Error? on [wildblueworld.com]
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    Change the display name

    @29930130 but what if the offense was given in a form of a cake?
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    Posting image on the interwebz is scary.
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    ISP Comcast Xfinity at $64/mo before taxes. BTW I'm in Houston, Tx. I own my modem so I dont have to pay them for equipment rental which is $10/mo.
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    Sorting Posts

    The top posts in many forums may be "sticky" which forces them to the top even if they're old. Look for the little pin next to the topic. After you're used to that you'll glance at those and automatically move your eyes down a few topics to see the new content for the forum you're looking at. see the green pins Some of the topics that are sticky (pinned) right now don't need to be. When I get a moment I'll go through, revisit the topics and see what's relevant right now. With less of them pinned will be less confusing.
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    No .csv Results

    @CA3LE mine doesnt work either - on an iPad or a Mac.
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    When running download tests with testmy.net I observed the payload of the test packets are all 0's & 1's which is highly compressed by our gateway/routers/proxies. Because of this we see unrealistic rates which does not match with our network link capacity. Also, more importantly I observed the http response from testmy.net does not contain the "no-transform" directive which if present would have notified the intermediate proxies to not compress/modify the test packets. Is there any plans to update your http responses with "no-transform" directive?
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    arden sarsalejo

    Compare your Download Speeds!!!

    here's mine
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    Hi - this is for your technical support group I do a lot of wifi performance testing on airplanes and use testmy.net from time to time. I've noticed a change recently with your manual version of testmy.net for UL and DL testing. When I am in systems with small latencies, it seems to work fine, but for satellite-based systems where the intrinsic latency is 600 -1000 ms on one particular vendor, your test always comes back with a DL speed of between 1.7 -> 2.2 Mbps. These links we are testing are typically 10 -> 50 Mbps and so I know something is wrong. In the past it worked fine, but lately it seems like it clamps everything to about 1.7 Mbps. Last year, testmy.net did not have this issue and reported speeds similar to other speed tests. The problem is that not only I am using this but end customers are as well and I think the results could be misleading. I run other tests on the planes like; fast.com, dslreports.com or our own tput tests and they come back with the expected data rates. I've also run our own tput tests using curl and file sizes up to 100 MBytes capturing packets with wireshark and am confident in the data rates we are seeing with the other tools. The data rates do vary over time due to link usage but each time I've tried testmy.net on the past 6 or so flights, its always giving me the same results. Could you please look into this for me and let me know why this is acting this way? Here's another set of tests from another flight: thanks very much 'mark
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    Down & Up Combined Score

    Or... better yet... use a 10G adapter on my Mac Pro...
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    Hi from Shelley From Down Under S.A

    Shelley I would try and sign onto the nbn service if you can. It will work out cheaper in the long run and your phone calls are free using voip service that they provide. Also they can offer fast downloads and or speeds. Some isp's are offering up to 100 Mbps service. Also although the nbn uses the same old copper cable to the premises it should be within 400 metre to the Node where it connects to the fibre cabling. This should provide some help with copper cable connection problems. Hope this helps Ross
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    I'm in France and I got the Jet Fibre package from Orange, offering 1 Gb/s down, 250 Mb/s + TV with I don't remember how many channels with some in 4K (I don't watch TV but you cannot skip the TV package) + unlimited phone for 43€/month.
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    Why is TestMy.net not showing up in Google?

    One possibility is that Google sees too many versions of the index, e.g. uk.testmy.net, dallas.testmy.net, etc. and only lists a few variants. I remember this being a pain in the past in the Joomla 1.x days where it would show the same page under various URLs and Google usually ended indexing obscure URL variations of some pages. Both Bing and DuckDuckGo have the main test.my homepage URL indexed, so it doesn't seem to be something preventing crawlers from indexing it. One thing I suggest is adding a Canonical meta header tag to the home page to specify "http://testmy.net" as the preferred URL, as explained here.
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    Europe Connections Italy Outdated

    Hello guys I am trying to find out solutions to improve my connections understanding all complexty would be that argument, Now I am here to ask about any. I want to understand the causes of my connection every year Loose so much quality and stability , company don't get any providence to fix it out ,In Italy We have cooper wire from central over broadband cabin to home. My contract is for a 20mb in Downl and 1up. I thinking I am about 600mt from central from calcs, but another site gives me it's about 37km in another city, on central assistence they tell me it about 3km last year We made over 2.0 mb/s of download speed average was 1.8 and up 0.8up over 1.2 up now is 7-1,2mb/s on down and 0.3mb/s over 0.7mb/s some time get 1.0mb/s we changed twice modem I change tripolar Pins socket to RJ11 Updates soon http://testmy.net/db/kSRLMicq2
  47. 1 point

    Auto test keeps stopping

    The revert seems to be working. I'm on Test #14 of 100 and forcing a re-test didn't open a new browser tab. Thank you.
  48. 1 point

    Super fast upload speed ! ! !

    32 channels bonded wide open run on latest Arris hardware on Mediacom network. Tested over 7-8 tests and for some reason they removed me from the ranked results--though.
  49. 1 point
    I'm measuring two pcs at the moment (jxpontig2 are the results I need help with). It is running off TalkTalk on an Ethernet cable. Here is an extract and you should see that I get intermittent issues as described... 84935422942 Talktalk history qWwhfBU43 share history Mon Apr 10 2017 @ 10:14:13 am Dallas, TX GB arrow 6.2 MB 6.39 Mbps 799 kB/s 84935422942 Talktalk history xsQSPgCXO share history Mon Apr 10 2017 @ 10:03:56 am Dallas, TX GB arrow 6.4 MB 6.99 Mbps 874 kB/s 84935422942 Talktalk history 4H1F9UzN7 share history Mon Apr 10 2017 @ 9:53:41 am Dallas, TX GB arrow 4.5 MB 4.17 Mbps 521 kB/s 84935422942 Talktalk history GHBU9aIvo share history Mon Apr 10 2017 @ 9:43:09 am Dallas, TX GB arrow 1.3 MB 1.37 Mbps 172 kB/s 84935422942 Talktalk history I2pt1SsK7 share history Mon Apr 10 2017 @ 9:37:36 am Dallas, TX GB arrow 6.3 MB 6.34 Mbps 793 kB/s 84935422942 Talktalk history oa90TGvp3 share history Mon Apr 10 2017 @ 9:27:18 am Dallas, TX GB arrow 6.2 MB 6.91 Mbps 863 kB/s 84935422942 Talktalk history 4RynX0S6L share history Mon Apr 10 2017 @ 9:17:02 am Dallas, TX GB arrow 256 kB 77 Kbps 10 kB/s 84935422942 Talktalk history jpT9VoX1s share history Mon Apr 10 2017 @ 9:06:30 am Dallas, TX GB arrow 6.3 MB 5.79 Mbps 724 kB/s 84935422942 Talktalk history 0wLFpYf3v share history Fri Apr 07 2017 @ 8:30:56 pm Dallas, TX GB arrow 6.2 MB 6.33 Mbps 792 kB/s 73067234271 Tiscali Uk Limited history K8c4hXxvF share history Fri Apr 07 2017 @ 8:20:40 pm Dallas, TX GB arrow 6.2 MB 6.46 Mbps 808 kB/s 73067234271 Tiscali Uk Limited history wniAxbHt1 share history Fri Apr 07 2017 @ 8:10:25 pm Dallas, TX GB arrow 6.2 MB 6.55 Mbps 819 kB/s 73067234271 Tiscali Uk Limited history nK0WJ6pIe share history Fri Apr 07 2017 @ 8:00:08 pm Dallas, TX GB arrow 5.9 MB 6.45 Mbps 807 kB/s 73067234271 Tiscali Uk Limited history tiVoGSD5c share history Fri Apr 07 2017 @ 7:49:49 pm Dallas, TX GB arrow 6.2 MB 6.96 Mbps 870 kB/s 73067234271 Tiscali Uk Limited history pltYFU72B share history Fri Apr 07 2017 @ 7:39:34 pm Dallas, TX GB arrow 256 kB 81 Kbps 10 kB/s 73067234271 Tiscali Uk Limited history arUfkYQHd share history Fri Apr 07 2017 @ 7:29:01 pm Dallas, TX GB arrow 6.3 MB 7.52 Mbps 940 kB/s 73067234271 Tiscali Uk Limited history YZysncOpk share history Fri Apr 07 2017 @ 7:18:46 pm Dallas, TX GB arrow 256 kB 80 Kbps 10 kB/s 73067234271 Tiscali Uk Limited history ILd9Us0Oc share history
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    It would be nice if the graph had a proper time axis on it. This way if you are testing a satellite link with several tests back to back, followed by several hours of nothing, they would show up properly. It also allows you to pick out the best times to run large downloads. Big key feature however is so taht you can give the small claims court a printout showing how screwed up your ISP is at meeting the terms of your agreement. Yeah, I could do it myself in excel, but having the online version makes it easy to show a general trend, and gives it more credibility. Having vertical lines for days, weekends shaded in a somewhat different color, and dates running on the bottom for long range plots.
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