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    Hi Robert, You can export to CSV by visiting My Results then click "Export" below your graph. Whatever search options you have selected will be used in the export. Open CSV in a text editor or spreadsheet program. In spreadsheet you can convert the data to your own charts and manipulate the data in a number of useful ways that TestMy.net's website interface isn't able to do, yet.
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    Test Mbits of informations

    Welcome RoamerUA, The test information is automatically cleared from your cache as soon as the test completes. Nothing to worry about.
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    Tested a week ago, I was getting >90mb. In the last few days, I was getting between 5 & 25mb. I have been testing with a cabled connection & wireless switched off. Tried some other speedtests tonight, and the were indicating c. 90mb. So I switched my server to the DE server and tried again - and got 90mb! So it appears to me that there is an issue with the GB server. Either that or my host (VirginMedia) doesn't like it.... Anyone else encounter this problem? Update: Actually it appears that at one stage I had changed to "Global multithread" and that was where my results became inconsistent. reset to London now, and it is better - though still slower than my Dusseldorf tests. (I'm In Belfast, Northern Ireland). Regards Kennen
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