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  1. they got this new thing now. its called NEW YEARS 2006.0  All u have to do is install it, get totally wasted pass out in some girls pickup truck, go to her house,and do your thing. The best thing about this program is as long as your drunk you have no worries. (wife 1.0, girlfriend 1.0, murder 1.2, dr phil 3.0) is all gone until you get your lazy @$$ up in the morning. But being drunk and having all these problems your more prone to installing suicide 1.5. Your choice. And u can make a resolution that all the horrible stuff you did/done/doing is all in 2005 and you will never see it again!!!!!!!!!!

  2. get a wireless gaming adapter for your ps2. i have liksys wireless router, i have 4 comps, 2 pcs and 2 laptops at the house and my internet speeds are great. i use the linksys gaming adapter for my ps2, and i have no lag or no trouble while playing for hours at a time. the gaming adapter is bout $80.00 (linksys) not sure for a d-link

  3. I have a laptop. Hp Pavilion. has sum sort of virus in it. every time i login there is no desktop icons or nething. there is just the background. i cant use the recovery disk because the internal cd drive is broke so i have an external cd drive. but u cant use the recovery disks from that. laptop is not under warranty. just need to know what i can do do get the icons and stuff back on i have tried using safe mode and all that. didnt work. any info is aprreciated.

                                                                              Thanks JMR

  4. When he is out on the road he drives from south west florida to new england. the only time he coneects to the web is if he stops at a shopping center to pick up/ deliver a car and if they have a wireless network that is not password protected. And he goes to truck stops and they have their own wireless system that he has to pay to use. He has asked Toshiba over and over and they say that if theres a problem and they can fix it they will. They told him that they will not replace it. And that if he does pour water on it the warranty doesn't cover "Mis-Use." When he is home it is plugged in 24/7 and i told him when its on ac power to take the battery out. that still didnt stop the problem. no one at toshiba will replace the computer. It is a $1500 laptop and he has gotten so fed up that he is gonna go by another brand laptop if they dont fix it this time. He is sending it out again but i live in s.w fl, so by the time the hurricane comes it may be a while before we can do anything. And he stayed home this trip so if anything goes wrong with the house we can have his support. Since we got it back the last time from toshiba it freezes up but not as frequently. thats a good sign but the problem is still there. He is going to buy a Docking Station after the hurricane passes. Maybe that will sovle the problem. The fans might not be functioning right.

                                                          Thanks for all your help,  JMR 

                                                                    [email protected]

  5. Hello my dad is a truck driver. he has a toshiba laptop. Everytime he is home his computer freezes. When he is out on the road it has never froze once. only when he is home which is 2 days out of every 2 weeks. it is brand-new. still under warranty. he sent it back to toshiba 4 times. we have reinstalled the whole computer a bunch of times. toshiba changed the motherboard twice changed the WI-FI board and cleaned the coils. it works fine for a day after we get it back but then it would just freeze. we would restart the computer and when it gets to the login screen ( we have xp home edition) it would freeze. we would let it sit for a couple mins and not touch it and it would freeze. I told my dad to not leave it plugged in on ac power all the time, because when he is on the road he doesnt have it plugged in only when he is sleepin. so we tried that and still didnt work. This computer is a lemon and toshiba wont give us a new one. Just need any info on what might be the problem.

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