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    You probably don't have Utorrent setup right, as thus get poor speeds.

    Below is a step by step guide to ensure utorrent is set up right.

    Utorrent tweaks.
    For starters, get rid of the latest Utorrent (that you probably have), it's slow and bloated and a POS in my opinion.

    Download 2.2.1, it's the best version in my opinion. (I have tested a lot)
    You can get it from here. (see link below)


    Once installed, follow these settings.

    1/ Open up Utorrent and go to Preferences.

    2/ Go to Connections in the list.

    3/ In connections check these settings.
    Port used for incoming connection 45682
    Enable UDnP port mapping
    Enable NAT-PMP port mapping
    Add Windows Firewall exception.

    4/ Go to Bandwidth and pop in these settings.
    Maximum upload rate – 1 (best speeds) or 22 (legally best speeds)
    Maximum download rate – 0
    Apply rate limit to transport overhead – Uncheck
    Apply rate limit to uTP connections – Uncheck
    Stop transfers on user interation – Uncheck
    Global maximum number of conection – 1890
    Max number of connected peers per torrent – 2329
    Number of upload slots per torrent – 14
    Use additional upload slots – Check

    5/ Go to BitTorrent and check all these settings:
    Check everything except limit local peer bandwidth.
    Outgoing: Enabled
    Allow incoming legacy connections – Check

    6/ go to Queuing and pop in these settings:
    Maximum number of active torrents – 60
    Maximum number of active downloads – 63
    Seeding Goal minimum ratio – 100%
    Minimum seeding time – 0

    7/ Go to Advanced -> Disk Cache and pop in these settings:
    Check everything in this section.
    Override automatic cache size – 500

    8/ Go to Advanced and pop/change these settings:
    bt.allow_same_ip – True
    bt.connect_speed – 20
    bt.enable_tracker – True
    bt.no_connect_to_services – False
    bt.send_have_to_seed – False
    dht,rate – 2
    gui.bypass_search_redirect – True
    gui.delete_to_trash – False
    ipfilter.enable – False
    net.outgoing_port – 50
    net.wsaevents – 150
    peer.disconnect_inactive_interval – 900
    queue.dont_count_slow_dl – False
    queue.dont_count_slow_ul – False
    rss.update_interval – 20

    Click Apply and restart Utorrent.

    Good luck with it all and let me know how your speeds are afterwards.
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