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    Deltamusic reacted to UnfriendlyBG in Why are my results here so much lower than with other tests?   
    I don't think this is accurate.  I'm looking at the windows resource monitor while i do tests elsewhere (speedtest.net, the one from my isp, shaperprobe) and they will get up to 70 Mbps in the resource monitor.  I'm not even talking about the final number im talking about what windows is saying the traffic coming to/going from my computer is.  I can use shaperprobe and it connects to a server somewhere around Miami which isnt close to me and see it get a constant 70mpbs on the windows resource monitor.
    The speed test here says im getting 22 Mbps down, which just isnt true, ive downloaded stuff at a higher rate than that. im supposed to be getting 105 down.  Im trying to troubleshoot an issue with my upload.  This site says I have between 2-5mpbs upload.  I should be getting 20. Again I think the results are on the low side. I think there is some sort of issue with my upload but its not 2mbps regularly. I stream content at 2.5mpbs all the time.  I'm not saying that speedtest.net and my isps test are accurate, im just questioning the accuracy of this one when its obviously inaccurate in my case. 
    I got the same results trying the multithreading test so its not that.  I just dont get why I can run other tools while monitoring the network bandwidth and they go much much higher, and they arent just on my isp's network.
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