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  1. Any good articles there about SPAM and how it works, How it's generated and what sort of algorithm/other is used to generate sender name and subject name etc. How does the ISP sort out the wheat from the chaff that goes in the BULK folder ? :icon_pale:

  2. Worked for NTL for several years but don't generally advertise the fact now. Some folk like to offload their frustrations on you. And they're right of course because the NTL support is still rubbish. Maybe once the Virgin brand gets a hold on them things should improve but this doesn't help people pulling their hair out now!. I've had a couple of problems with the BT broadband but generally get straight through to someone in their call centre in India. Give them their due, they normally have an answer or solution fairly quickly. Don't like the yahoo toolbar though, too distracting. What've you got?

    If I had the choice, I'd have BT. I only take the NTL since I have cable anyway and I was too busy or too lazy to change at the time.

  3. I recently replaced my BT Voyager205 router (ISP =  BT) with a wireless router and a plug in BT Voyager Wireless adaptor card. All went well and my laptop can now pick up my BT account remotely. The connection from router to PC is made by inputting a product key (supplied with the router)

    Feeling all pleased with myself, I trundled down to another house where I have a different ISP (ntlworld) and bought a Linksys Wireless G router to attach to my cable modem.

    When I configured the Lynksys, I was asked for a passphrase and I chose WEP (not knowing what else to choose?). I chose a phrase and this was scrambled into an alphanumeric code which I took to be the equivalent of the Voyager Product key.

    The problem is that although the PC can see the Linksys router, I cannot seem to get connected and wondering where the error is.

    that the product key is not the same as this passphrase code or is it something to do with the naming of the SSID?

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