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  1. A woman called my house from SBC, gave me a number and choose maintenance extension, and gave phone number, and proble, and shes fixed my sync rate with ease 3008 by 512, and now I get about 2.5 and 435 upload or around there, I am so happy, just had to call six times, 2 online chat sessions, and piss one lady off, and had 3 people make me tickets, lol and then find I already have one.  Damn I am good, and thank you all that helped me, they can just adjust sync rate, she said it optimizes in 10days, but if you feel it is slow just give us a call.  And call back in 24hours if after monitoring it you lose speed and we will lower the sync rate.

    Thanks okeedoke

    have a nice day



  2. They said a ticket has been made and our line engineers are working on it now, please keep your modem and computer connect and left online.  Can you be called back at this number, no please put the number where you can be reached in now or say it thank you.  Currentley all our agents are busy please stay on the line to talk about your trouble ticket with a representative. 

    Crap like that, they just dont take the hint and try to change the sync rate on my line, they said they found a problem with it, but 3 other people before tested and it was fine.

    I really starting to not like SBC, even dish network owned by them are more human and non computer then these guys are.  If I keep on having problems then I am going to do online chat support and keep that lady on the computer forever.

    Please help me omg how do I get tier2 people that arent from outsourcing stations?



  3. Hello all I am new and come with baggage.

    I have had SBC dsl for a while now and had express package, which is up to 1.5mbps max, and was never getting that only like 800 or so. 

    Now I changed to Pro package from 1.5-3.0mbps, but heres the problem.  I have called them several times and used multiple speed test sights, and have even generated more then one under the same circumstances to insure an accurate reading through averaging. 

    I have tried without router, only one computer online, routed, no AVG, no Zalarm, no phone on filter with dsl line.  power cycle, checked all filters, dsl line plugged right into wall jack for phone and here is the depressing results I got.

    Test#1 (all connected, routed, program avg, zalarm on, and dsl filtered with phone on other port.)  1652mbps download 422kbps.

    Test#2 (same as above conditions)  1651mbps download, 435kbps upload.

    Test#3 (see above for conditions) 1651mbps download, 435kbps upload.

    The packages says from 1.5-3.0mbps for download and I am not even getting that any ideas?

    The line techs are supposed to be doing test and call me in 24hrs and then consult for an appointment to my house, which I have to pay for.  Or can ask for a solution.  What should I do or what do you think happened.

    I know others who had this I read one from here and decided to come help me.


    Another disatisfied DSL high speed internet SBC suscriber.


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