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  1. Might you have a talk with our government? You hit the nail on the head. But then again, our Government is two years behind in all their data anyways. So it's like talking to a outhouse. It stinks and isn't of much use other than slinging your crap in it.

    It is amazing how easily a pair of old socialists agree with each other.
    The conspiracy of ignorance masquerades as common sense.
  2. WildBlue has all of the tools needed to proactively identify each one of the legion of poor installations, SVT/modem history and uploaded Pulse data, and those files are bursting with data. WildBlue is interested in servicing the minimum number of squeaking wheels only.

    Remember the requirement suggestion that all new installations be photographed? How much would it cost to evaluate all those incompetent photos?

    The ISS contains adequate requirements for a fine installation but it has no teeth.

  3. Whoo, 128Baud, that's the slowest that I ever heard!  And to a sysop, too!  How do you put up with such poor service, with your obvious experience and enough connections to threaten a "Class Action Lawsuit"?  Maybe, finally, WB has scrood with the wrong customer.

    I have Platinum WildBlue and I'm at 9,00 ft in the mountains with a clear shot at the sky....My download speed is 128Baud....I have threatened a Class Action Lawsuit and frankly I will NEVER pay Wild Blue for such crappy service.

  4. Thanks for bringing up WildBlues' favorite ignorance.

    Microwave attenuation is a function of droplet size and number in the path.

    For the total number = volume, look to the definition of dBZ used in Doppler weather radar.  It is a meteorological measure of equivalent reflectivity (Z) of a radar signal reflected off a remote object. The reference level for Z is 1 mm^6 m^-3, which is equal to 1 μm^3. It is related to the number of drops per unit volume and the sixth power of drop diameter.

    The topic is, in general, directly related to Glow-bull Warning.

    Cloud cover with heavy moisture will loss the signal do to it's short wave length,

    Gets much shorter with the KU birds.

    I also use the formula 2808 divided by the freq in MHz equals a 1/4 wave in inches.

    So there is a better understanding how big raindrops will absorb intelligence.

    With digital you either have a perfect signal or you don't have one.

    A slight signal degradation means nothing about speed.

    I love your forum, I'm learning or it was a wasted day, as usual haha


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