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  1. Btw...my sister had the same problem on a newly bought and formatted computer...it ended up that she was infected with a few backdoor trojans, but she had the exact same problem..so we did a virus scan and found that out and removed it...now it works like a charm

    I have read about some trojans that try to blast your connection, first on one computer, then the others on the network. The names of the trojans I heard about were Sasser, Blast, and Welch. I downloaded individual tools from the Norton website for each and scanned the computer with all three, but they found nothing. I will definitely run another virus scan though to see if anything else is picked up. And perhaps I should do the same on the other computer because it could be possible that one's affecting this one. It's worth a shot. Thanks.

  2. Meh, still no luck. I can't understand what could possibly be the problem. I'm using Mozilla Firefox and a half hour ago it worked fine. Now I just came to my computer and when I open Firefox I don't get an error or anything, it just says "Done" in the bottom left corner and that's it, the screen remains blank. The Bittorrent Client I'm using also lost its connection. I restart my computer though and then it works fine. I'm stumped. If anybody has any ideas left let me know, but if not, don't worry about it. I realize you guys have run me through pretty much every test there is, with the usual troubleshooting, and I am thankful for that.

    P.S.- When the connection was not working just a few minutes ago I tried to ping the internal address and the results were fine. Nothing was lost and everything was completing in <1ms.

    EDIT: When I used Internet Explorer rather than Firefox it would say "This page cannot be displayed."

  3. I've assigned a static IP address to one computer on the network. Should I do the same for the other and my Xbox 360? I also reset any changes I had previously made to my router settings to default and upgraded the firmware. I have a good feeling we may be getting somewhere. I'm assuming I should assign static IP addresses on everything on the network so I'll do that now, and then, I guess we wait.

    EDIT: Should I change the setting under my router control panel that says "Obtain IP Automatically" to "Static IP" or will that only set up a static IP for the router itself? Also, should I disable the DHCP server in my router settings?

  4. No  :uglystupid2: I forgot the command to use in the prompt to ping the connection. Just now, however, it was down for about 5 minutes. When I tried to go online with Firefox I would get the error saying, "Your connection has timed out." I have seen an error that says there is an IP address conflict with another computer on your network before however. I do not see this every time the connection drops though, I've only seen it a few times, probably less than 1 out of every 25 times it drops.

    Right now I'm leaning towards a router issue. This is not, however the first router I've had this problem with. I bought this router simply thinking that the old router was shot, but this one makes no difference. I've noticed that when the connection drops briefly, both computers on the network do lose the connection. I've also noticed that I was able to network my Xbox 360 and computer before, when I didn't have this problem, whereas now the 360 does not pick up my computer as in the network any longer. Next time my conncection drops I'll be sure to ping the internal gateway. Once again, thanks so much for the help, you guys are quick!

  5. Here are my results from the modem page. This morning was the same old deal, meaning my computer lost connection overnight, but once the computer is restarted it worked fine.

        Downstream                          Value

    Frequency                             723000000 Hz

    Signal to Noise Ratio                   36 dB

    QAM                                       QAM256

    Network Access Control Object   ON

    Power Level                             -1 dBmV 

    The Downstream Power Level reading is a snapshot taken at the time this page was requested. Please Reload/Refresh this Page for a new reading

    Upstream                     Value

    Channel ID                       3

    Frequency                       31000000 Hz

    Ranging Service ID           447

    Symbol Rate                     2.560 Msym/s

    Power Level                       42 dBmV

    I hit the reset button on my router today, and I'm still waiting to see if I experience problems.

  6. It very well could be a modem or splitter problems as well as many other things. I would start by looking at the diag page of your cable modem. For Motorola that web address is You will want to post your results so we can get a look at that.

    Since there is also a router in the mix it would be informative to attempt to ping your internal gateway and external gateway at the time you are experiencing loss of service to see if and where the traffic is getting dropped at.

    The community on these forums is unbelieveable, probably the best I've seen! I will definitly try pushing the reset button on my router when I get the chance. I am unable to access the room with my modem and router because family members are sleeping in there right now. How can I go about pinging my internal and external gateway when my connection is dropped? Sorry about asking so many questions, but networking is just not my strong point with computers and this problem could be caused by so many different things.

  7. My modem is the Motorolla modem by Comcast. I'm unable to check what the exact model is right now. The splitters, I'm quite sure, are above ground. However, as I said, Comcast installed them so I'm not exactly sure. Could a splitter simply go bad? And if it did, are these the types of problems I would if it did? I mean, like I said, usually it's not that big of a problem, but it can be if I'm doing something important that uses the internet. I believe there is a splitter that runs from the telephone pole to the back of my house, but I think that is a part that can only be replaced by Comcast. I am sure though that there is/are splitter(s) before the cable reaches my house. Would you suggest I try replacing this to see if it resolves the problem. Also, could it have anything at all to do with the settings on my router? Thank you for all the help thus far!

  8. Thank you for the very warm welcome! Well, I just tested my connection and it seems fine. It was actually a little bit slower than usual but it was still fine. Here are the results:

    :::.. testmy.net test results ..:::

    Download Connection is:: 4654 Kbps about 4.65 Mbps (tested with 5983 kB)

    Download Speed is:: 568 kB/s

    Upload Connection is:: 690 Kbps about 0.7 Mbps (tested with 1496 kB)

    Upload Speed is:: 84 kB/s

    Tested From:: https://testmy.net (Server 1)

    Test Time:: 2007/01/12 - 12:57pm

    D-Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-WNAM3K7ZQ

    U-Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-AZ0M5LB7H

    User Agent:: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20061206 Firefox/ [!]

    I ran the other test as well, but I'm not sure what it does. I suppose it might have something to do with ping? However, the test did complete successfully. Perhaps it could have something to do with how many times the wire is split before it gets to my modem, but the Comcast technician installed it. Could he have messed up? Like I said, randomly the internet goes out for periods of 30 seconds to ten minutes, but it usually comes back on. However, when I leave my computer on overnight, my connection is always lost by morning. When I start Mozilla rather than going to my homepage it will say Done in the bottom left corner and that's it; it never loads. I guess I'll probably just give Comcast a call. Thanks for the help.

  9. Arghh, this is killing me. I have no idea what the problem is. Ok, I'll start off by saying that my internet connection is quite good, when it works that is. For the past few months, I have been losing connection constantly. I haven't even been able to narrow it down to a problem with the service provider or something like wires in the house, or hardware. Something gives me a strong feeling that it has something to do with hardware though. Every single night, if the computer is not left on standby, it will lose its connection to the internet. Thus, if I'm trying to do anything that involves the internet while I sleep, it will be not much further than where I left it when I went to bed. Also, if I'm playing on my Xbox 360, I frequently lose connection in the middle of a game, but it comes back shortly. Does anybody know anything I can check to pinpoint my problem? My router is a Linksys and my ISP is Comcast. I am very appreciative of any and all help since I clearly cannot fix this on my own.

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