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  1. I have spent all day attempting to do this. I am totally warn out. I have worked on this non stop, without eating, drinking, or taking a break for 5 straight hours. I think I'm going to ''''''''upgrade'''''''' to the DW6000 because of all this. I have tried every single combination, I set the CLIENT to and the HUB to but they always conflict or some bull crap. Even though it says its connected at 54 Mbps, with 80 as a signal, I still have problems.

  2. I just bought a brand new NetGear wireless router, and a wireless adapter. I installed both, and from my leaf computer with the adapter, it says it found the network with a signal of 80, and that its connected just file. It says its SENT and received packets. On this main computer (host), It says its sent packets but hasn't received any. I've been working on this for 3 hours, any ideas?

  3. Hmm.. I like that idea, but it sounds like it would cost a lot more.. Figuring buying the HUB and the Wireless access point AND the wireless card. I am VERy new to this, and I like the way you have yours setup. I'm not sure what models go with which though, thats my problem.

  4. Wow thanks for all the wonderful help. The computer I'm going to be linking isn't a laptop, is this a problem? The more expensive model you pasted is a little too expensive for my blood, as of now. I don't do any gaming, I just need something to get my other box on the net. I was also wondering from the LEAF computer if I could have another crossover cable going into my other computer (running Gentoo). I think I'm going to go with the 624 and the 44 dollar wireless card. Thanks A LOT!

  5. I just checked both phones, and both are Panasonic 2.4ghz. I need to add a card to this 3.4ghz because it didn't come with a wireless card. Does the wireless card go into the slot next to the Ethernet card, or plug into the USB? I saw some 'cards' that plug into the USB,  and 'catch' the signal. Could you please point out a wireless card model thats compliant with the D-Links you pasted. I would greatly appreciate it, as I'm totally new to wireless.

  6. I do have 2 cordless phones. I am basically going to be going about 50 feet from here. Money doesn't matter too much, but I would like to try to purchase something not so expensive. I live out in the sticks, I have about an acre on each side of me to my next neighbor,  and then from there the others are about a mile or more away. So basically the DW4000 modem is going to go into a 2000MHz, which then goes into the D-Link router with a crossover cable. From there its going to send the signal  to the wireless card in my other computer? As of now I have neither a wireless card or a router. I'm still looking for the right product to purchase.Thanks for the help!

  7. I am currently about to setup another computer to go through this internet connection, but first I have a few questions. I plan to have it setup like this:

    [DISH] -> [MODEM] -> [HUB]---crossover---D-link wiireless- ``````````SIGNAL````````` [Wireless card]--[LEAF]. Will this work?

  8. I just recently reformated and ran new cable to the modems. I never tweaked anything, and never installed any of the windows updates (I planned on installing gentoo as soon as DSL was available). They have it like 1/2 mile up the road. I was getting around 1700kbps when I was tweaking everything. If you want I can login to my mydirecway account and show you my test speeds.

  9. I finally found out there is a WISP in my area, and a tower that I can almost see from my roof. I don't know whether to switch to this company (Redmoon). They offer 768 kps both ways for 39.99 a month. The ping latency is fast enough to play games. I have asked people who have their service what their ping latency is, and all have been between 20ms - 90ms. There is no installation fee, and they install a free linksys router. The dish that goes on the roof is 4 inches in length and width. Should I switch?

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