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  1. I never had that speed test, just got it from the results from the shared IP address.. I guess someone on the same base station have a good feed and everyone else sucked :( am I right? Do corporate accounts have their own IP address? if not then I'll never go corporate.. Sadly this is the only service available in town.

    BTW, those from my sig are the ones I got when I used coolbuster's advice from his blog some months ago.. thanx man! but now the basestation is simply toying with us, that's why i searched the speed tests of those around the same station. I was shocked to see this when everyone else sucked at 100kbps. :( I tried to call customer service and it said there's something wrong with my canopy when in fact it was monitoring 100% uplink and downlink when i checked the canopy page.

    Thank you for welcoming me to this forum guys :D its my first post and I hope it makes sense.. or i make sense.. in that sense.. watever..  :uglystupid2:

  2. I was wondering how did this speed result happen when i can hardly reach 200.. i got this when i viewed "my results" page on speedtest.net.. i checked my neighbors and others i know on our area and have very poor results but this one got me  :shock: how do they reach this speed? are there any higher plans on smartbro? its the only thing available in our area. if so, do they reach this high? and why same IP as residential? :sad3:


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