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  1. I have seen tweaking help others allot. With dsl as long as you have xp you are pretty tweaked to the max. With cable It does and has help people. We all recomend all the time. Back up your registry in case the tweak turns bad. I have seen times when spyware was the problem and or hardware setup. So yes tweaking your settings in some cases help. Just keep in mind what did not work for you may work for others.

    Good deal helloimtim. Thanks for the reply,I may have made it sound like I hadn't tweaked before,but I have dabbed a little here and there. The conclusion I've come to is less is best for the speed end of it (tweaking registry) I mean i can go d/l lets say 180 mb file and never go any lower 625 kb a sec. I go and tweak my registry and what not I get amazing speeds on small d/l's ,I killer speeds on the first minute of anything bigger than the test on here. I'd rather keep at 600+ then never really knowing medium or average to go by.The funny thing is, this sh*t isn't keeping me from sleeping at night so I guess its not that important. Thanks again though,Let me know if you have time what you've have done to your reg and whats you results.

  2. RR in Texas around 40 a month  no tweaks of any sort,never touched registry either.

    :::.. Download Stats ..:::

    Connection is:: 4724 Kbps about 4.7 Mbps (tested with 2992 kB)

    Download Speed is:: 577 kB/s

    Tested From:: https://testmy.net/ (server1)

    Test Time:: Wed Jun 15 14:54:08 CDT 2005

    Bottom Line:: 84X faster than 56K 1MB download in 1.77 sec

    Diagnosis: Awesome! 20% + : 22.54 % faster than the average for host (rr.com)

    Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-DIJXRE4T9    :-|

    ::.. Upload Stats ..:::

    Connection is:: 368 Kbps about 0.4 Mbps (tested with 579 kB)

    Upload Speed is:: 45 kB/s

    Tested From:: https://testmy.net/ (server1)

    Test Time:: Wed Jun 15 14:54:45 CDT 2005

    Bottom Line:: 7X faster than 56K 1MB upload in 22.76 sec

    Diagnosis: Awesome! 20% + : 31.43 % faster than the average for host (rr.com)

    Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-XCTNQRKJ0  :-|

  3. I used cablenut for awhile messed around till i found what was best for my comp. it had its moments, then i reformat and did not d/l Cablenut or anything else for that matter (have not touched my registry in anyway) and i get Very consistant speeds that are at least 3 to 10 % higher on my test and actual d/l's. So what I'm getting at is Changing, tweaking ,or any registry adding doing that big of diff. in the long run or does most of the tweaking just make small d/l's peak real high and make your speeds seem incredible.I know some of you are thinking is this guy kidding or even know anything about it. I do I just would like to see what any of you all really think about the "tweaking side that everyone jumped on to ride with like its Fort Knox.


  4. i luv man boobs so squicy

    Ok lets keep that to ourselves next time.I don't want to have to come out and tell everyone I have the biggest tits you've seen on a man. Don't let that out, you know that I have gigantic man boobs, ok.


  5. the way things were and are going i agree but even if he is proven innocent it will take forever (if ever) for him to regain his status if things are going the way they are now....maybe.....that is just my oppinion. but look at the world today(not trying to single anyone out but...) look at how many people are suing each other for no apparent reason...a while back a man tried to rob a pizza hut and burned himself on an oven and sued and sure enough he won the case and pizza hut lost and had to pay him......stupid i think

    Man true that on the issue with people today. I mean here in Texas a Registered SexOffender who's

  6. SANTA MARIA, Calif.(AP) The family accusing Michael Jackson of child molestation and other crimes is trying to pull "the biggest con of their careers," the pop star's lead attorney told jurors Friday in the second day of closing arguments in the trial.

    "They just need you to help them," attorney Thomas Mesereau Jr. told the panel of eight women and four men.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, it only takes one lie under oath to throw this case out of court," Mesereau said to the jurors. "You can't count all the lies under oath by (the family). How many does it take to let you know this case is a fraud?"

    lets find out what "The people" think

  7. Man this has to be some kind of joke, I'm sorry for saying this if it offends anyone ,but that labels them as some of the biggest Crashdumbies I ever come across. I'm mean : 

    "Giggling helplessly, high school student Chen Yi-lin gulps down a chocolate ice-cream sundae served in a miniature Asian-style squat toilet, and admits that she is smitten.

    "This is fun," she says.

  8. Four of us are in your field

    But our differences keep us at yield

    First, a one that is no fool

    Though he resembles a gardener's tool

    Next, one difficult to split in two

    And a girl once had one as big as her shoe

    Then, to the mind, one's a lovely bonder

    And truancy makes it grow fonder

    Last, a stem connecting dots of three

    Knowing all this, what are we?

  9. :confused1: KAOHSIUNG, Taiwan(AP) Taiwanese restaurateur Eric Wang has given new meaning to the traditional revelers' cry of bottoms up. His eatery in the southern city of Kaohsiung delivers its food not on conventional plates and dishes, but in miniaturized Western and Asian style toilets, both the flush and non-flush variety.

    For anyone missing the point, diners are encouraged to stir up mushy, earth-colored offerings like curry chicken rice and chocolate ice cream to conjure up _ well, the real thing.

    Located in a downtown area with a variety of competing eateries, Marton _ the name means toilet in Chinese _ attracts its customers through its dazzling bathroom decor.

    Walking in through an arched door, diners are greeted with a giant toilet bowl sitting between two urinals. White ceramic toilet seats comfortably accommodate their bottoms, and urinals grace the walls.

    Giggling helplessly, high school student Chen Yi-lin gulps down a chocolate ice-cream sundae served in a miniature Asian-style squat toilet, and admits that she is smitten.

    "This is fun," she says.

    Wang, 26, opened the Marton last year after a roadside prototype _ a stand offering toilet-shaped ice cream cones _ achieved runaway success.

    Now, he says, he has moved decisively upmarket.

    "Diners come and walk away with the special experience," he said. "Many try to create more fun, stirring up curry and rice so it looks exactly like when you forget to flush the toilet. Then they gulp it down." :confused1: :confused1:

    For all its scatological excess, the Marton is following in the noblest tradition of Taiwanese novelty restaurants.

    Other successful ventures have purposely confined scores of contented diners to coffins or jail cells, or exposed them to full-scale pictures of Chinese dictator Mao Zedong, Taiwan's political nemesis until his death in 1976.

    courtesy of

  10. I not having any problems with lauchcast or  yahoo's music engine for Firefox.bananallama.gif

    I have my mp3 players console as a tool bar at the bottom of all my tabs. So when through d/ling yahoo's great "free" music it just puts the play list in my player and I do nothing but listen to the music :evil6:

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