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hey everyone,

i've got an old celeron 533 gathering dust, and was wondering if i could turn it into a server? (i'm bored...)

i think its got 320Mb ram, 8Gb hard drive, and a 100mbps network card.

how would i go about making it a server? do i need a particular operating system?

if it helps, the current hardware in the house is this:

sattelite broadband modem, printer, and 3 computers (2 XP, and 1 vista) connected to an 8port switch.

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Yeah you could run a distro of Linux on it and turn it into a file server..  Maybe spend $50 on a new hard drive and you would have more than enough hardware to run a fairly decent file server.  You would also be able to added the network drive to all of your PCs.

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