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comcast gigabyte issues

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I upgraded from the 250 tier that was rock solid very consistent in connectivity.

The only reason I changed to the gig tier was the modem had a hardware failure of 2 of the Ethernet ports.

The rep up sold me the gig service.

When it was installed That evening for 4-6 hours it was rock solid at 966 down and 45 up hardwired multiple devices.

Wireless range was reduced from the previous model but the speeds across multiple devices were consistency 450 mbs down 40 up.

In a weeks time the speeds have degraded to the point of being unreliable and unusable.

Wireless drops off completely.

When i wake up the modem will be offline.

I had the modem set by Comcast x10 time roughly multiple tech saying the wrong file was tied to the modem, then they would re-provision the modem.

2 factory resets later by Comcast i was told a tech would be scheduled to come out and exchange the modem.

Fast forward to last night the modem was exchanged, speeds were ok but nowhere near where they were when it was installed.

540 down and 40 up wired

128 down and 40 up wireless.

This morning I woke up to modem off line

6 techs, 4 disconnected calls, all 6 techs told me the modem wasn't set up right and the previous modem file was incorrect.

Now they are sending a "Specialist" to analyze the node.

Billing said they would issue a 15 dollar credit (rotflmao) seriously I took off time to meet the tech last night, now have to meet them back here tonite from 5-7 pm pst

The line quality and speeds are nowhere near what the old service was.

In recap

There is a brand new overhead drop (I cleared trees and branches for a straight shot to the house)

Brand new wire from box to the modem

All brand new cat 6 from the modem to the computers, and hubs etc.

Just noticed the the last tech on the phone changed modem settings

They were now they are using

When I can get back into the modem settings I will upload the info

Frustrating as heck





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