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At IINET your voice is your Password

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The phrase in the title of this post will stay forever imprinted in my mind as I must have now called IINET over 100 times over nearly 4 months of not getting anywhere near the speed I am paying for or should be provided.

I was made to test every possible angle and technique, even resorting into testing Ping and TRACE via PC line Commands which have been proved difficult for me that I am computer literate.

At the time of writing, I am about to call a new relation manager assigned to my case after I have escalated the complaint to level 2 with the Ombudsman.

I can feel it in my bones that they will offer me to release the contract and let me go reimbursing the 4 months of no service but not accepting my request of reimbursing 100s of dollars spent using my mobile as a hotspot.

I attach a screenshot of my speeds in the last month

The pick you see at the end is from today when just to prove a point about the functionality of the MDF and cabling I have run a speedtest by connecting to my campny's intranet via remote access which have generated upload speeds of 16 Mbps and download speeds of 34Mbps this over a normal  naked adsl line.

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 15.59.46.png

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