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Major speed variations VDSL line

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I upgraded to a VDSL (33MBPS) line a few months back. Have had many calls to ISP resulting in marginally better and more constant speed for a few days, then back to the up and down scenario. I have been running tests at 5 min intervals. The results can be seen here: https://testmy.net/quickstats/Steve C. They are up and down like the proverbial whores drawers. The results range from 4MBPS to 20MBPS(max). Average down 12MBPS.  I am less than 1000meters from the exchange.

My questions as follows: Are speeds variable on VDSL lines and if so by how much would be acceptable?

                                             If I kick me speed plan back to ADSL 24MBPS am I likely to get a better and more stable line, and if so what sort of speed should I expect?


Unfortunately I cannot change provider, all the others run on this backbone. The equipment is the same, -the bill comes from another provider.


Steve C Steve C
Speed in Mbps02.557.51012.51517.52022.5
As this is first post please excuse any lack of info. Any assistance gratefully received

https://testmy.net/quickstats/Steve C

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