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Northland Communications

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Northland Communications is a very small player in the US cable market. They "fill in" where the big players don't see a viable market. Unfortunately, they also see themselves as above the law, since we subscribers have no other choice. I have been battling with them for over five years for both cable TV and internet. They consistently provide internet service below the legal minimum/paid for service of 24Mbps. At this very moment, I am getting 1.0 Mbps according to Fast.com.  I have MANY contacts with their tech service people with no improvement. I need your help on how to move forward to prepare the case against them to submit to the FCC. I have made multiple "informal complaints" to the FCC with no effect. Consumers need to prevail, please provide some guidance so I can be a part of the solution. Peter Skewes, Clemson, SC.

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