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Internet Speed Absmally slow on only one device according to only test my.net and streaming programs. HELP!

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Hello! I have no idea how to fix this. My streaming PC, an Alienware X51 R1 was working perfectly fine with no issue until i reset the pc and wiped my files for a fresh install of windows 10. Once I did that, the internet speed for only this device is horribly slow. Every other speedtest says I get my optimal upload speed of 35mb/s but testmy.net is the only one that says i get 1.7 - a maximum of 4mb/s. How i know this is true is from OBS never allowing me to broadcast due to insufficient bandwidth. Do you guys have any idea what could be causing this? Is my motherboard failing? Every other device can reach 30 upload so I know its only my streaming PC. This is tested from ethernet and wifi. same result. Any ideas to remedy this would be greatly appreciated. 


ISP: Cox Communications (Gigablast - 1000mb/s download | 35mb/upload, COAX) 

Modem: Technicolor CGM4141

Connected using cat 5e ethernet cable. 


Alienwarer X51 R1 Specs:

Intel Core(TM) i7-3770 CPU 
RAM: 16.0 GB 
Nvidia GTX 660 

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